Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1582


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The time stepped into 8 o’clock, and “The Legend of Fairy Sword and Heroes” played on time.

At the beginning of the movie, a smoky mountain range appeared, and a young boy stepped on the Flying Sword between the mountain range.

The effect of the whole scene looks great, and at a glance you know that it is the top production level.

The fans who watched the movie were very devoted.

Chen Shanmei usually loves to watch romance movies. She rarely watches martial arts, but this “Fairy Sword and Heroes” attracted her deeply.

Unconsciously, invested in the Xianxia world inside.

The climax of the movie, the bloody fighting scenes, the grand and magnificent cultivation technique, and the fans almost exclaimed and stood up from their seats.

Such special effects are comparable to Hollywood productions.

The fans present will not know that such shocking special effects come from the technology of SoftCloud technology.

Before the establishment of the film industry group, Fang Tian emphasized that special effects must be made. The world’s best special effects software must be made to build a top special effects production team.

It is no exaggeration to say that this movie is a milestone production, opening the era of domestic Peak special effects.

The 90-minute movie ended with passion.

Electric influenced the ending song, just then, a woman appeared in front of the big screen.

Everyone looked at it and suddenly screamed loudly. “Tianhou! Tianhou! Tianhou!”

Shen Yanyi is here. She holds the microphone and sings the ending song of this movie.

The sound is ethereal, the illusory feeling of Xianxia world.

A song ended, and the fans present applauded.

Shen Yanyi smiled into the microphone with a charming smile: “This movie is very exciting. The production of Gold Jade Film did not disappoint us, and hope that more excellent works will be born in the future.”

A movie fan said: “Tianhou, it’s better to be the heroine 2, let’s be the heroine.”

This statement was echoed by all fans.

Shen Yanyi said with a smile: “Can be considered.”

Next, the director of Immortal Sword and some actors appeared, interacting with fans and distributing prizes.

Fang Tian looked towards Chen Shanmei next to him asked: “How are you feeling?”

Chen Shanmei said with a laugh: “It looks good, really. I have never watched this type of movie, but the level of production of this movie is too high, there is a feeling that makes me deep forest Immortal Realm.”

5 billion, in this year, absolutely great production.

At this moment, Shi Jun came over and sat beside Fang Tian with a potato chip bag in his hand.

He handed over a bottle of Coke: “The film made by Gold Jade Pictures is so beautiful! I am looking forward to when my novel will be made into a film.”

Now Shi Jun is the platinum god of Jin Yu Novel Network, the number one person of fantasy. He has several works that have been sold out by the website.

“et cetera, it will be your turn soon.” Fang Tian was drinking cola and said with a smile.

Suddenly a girl appeared and stood in front of her, she looked over and said: “Fang Tian, ​​it’s really you, long time no see.”

Fang Tian looked up and down at the girl in front, wearing a purple suspender skirt. Feeling puzzled, I can’t remember who she is?

Shi Jun whispered, “Cousin, you forgot, this is your former college girlfriend.”

Fang Tian indifferently smiled: “Forget! For those who I don’t care about, I never take seriously.”

The girl’s name is Cui Ling. The two spent some time in college and then broke up.

The reason for breaking up is actually very simple. The girl thinks that Fang Tian has no future, and he will not be happy following him.

At that time, Fang Tian had no money and would only write novels on the Internet, which belonged to the kind of dead street, and did not make any money.

In a blink of an eye, a few years later, I met in a movie theater.

Cui Ling’s seemingly concerned tone asked: “Fang Tian, ​​I haven’t seen you all these years, what are you doing?”

What do you say? Or is it necessary to tell her? “It has nothing to do with you?”

Cui Ling smiled: “Are you still writing your online novels? Hehe.”

Fang Tian did not want to respond to her, silently drinking Coke.

Cui Ling’s eyes are full of contempt: “I said at the beginning, there is no future to write that thing. Look at you, you have been mixed very badly these years? Fortunately, I broke up with you, otherwise I can’t afford it now. House.”

Shi Jun can’t hear it anymore: “Are you living well now?”

Cui Ling said lightly: “It’s okay. Our boyfriend is a Boss in a store. His annual income is 2,000,000. I bought a house in Beijing not long ago.”

“One 2,000,000?” Shi Jun smiled and almost laughed out loud.

“What’s laughing?” Cui Ling pouted: “Although my boyfriend is not a rich man, he is at least better than him!”

Shi Jun didn’t want to say anything, but looking at this woman was awful, he felt uncomfortable for Fang Tian.

“Do you know what the author of “Xian Jian Fei Xia Zhuan” is?”

Cui Ling likes this book very much. She came here tonight for the premiere, and she knows the author of the fairy sword. “Country mister Wang.”

“Yes~!” Shi Jun snapped his fingers, and he looked sideways towards Fang Tian: “He is Guo mister Wang, this movie is adapted from his novel of the same name!”

As soon as this remark came out, it immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the movie theater, and his eyes were projected on Fang Tian.

“This, how is this possible?” Cui Ling’s tone was full of doubt.

At this moment, Chen Rui’an, the director of the fairy sword movie, came over and took the initiative to shake hands with Fang Tian.

Director Chen Ruian thanked: “Guest mister Wang, thank you for creating such an excellent work!”

Cui Ling O’s mouth can be stuffed into an egg!

Fang Tian is happy to say with a smile: “I also thank Director Chen Ruian, the film is loyal to the original, and I am very happy to restore the big scene of the novel.”

The two chatted a few words. Chen Ruian looked at his watch, then turned and walked out of the theater.

Shi Jun looked at Cui Ling of dumbstruck: “How about it, didn’t you lie to you? The novel “Xian Jian Fei Xia Zhuan”, the film and television copyright alone is worth 50 million yuan, not counting anime and game adaptations. This book can earn at least 300 million!”

Cui Ling was covered in cold water and was cold from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet!

She regretted that if she chose him, she can now live a better life.

From the bottom of her heart, she actually loves her ex-boyfriend more, and the ex-boyfriend treats her better, and remembers him from time to time after several years.

The reason why he chooses his current boyfriend is because he has money.

But now, her ex-boyfriend is developed and richer, and her heart is shaken again.

Cui Ling said: “I, we can…”

“impossible.” Fang Tian stood up, pushed her away, and walked out of the theater.

Shi Jun hehe smiled and walked past her.

Fang Tian’s true identity did not tell her. If she was told her true identity, it is estimated that she regretted her death and would cry.

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