Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1583


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Fang Tian and Chen Shanmei finally left and walked into the elevator.

At this moment, a silhouette came in with a fragrance.

The elevator doors are closed.

“Madam Jin long time no see, so happy to see you!” The woman took off her sunglasses and looked towards Chen Shanmei with a smile.

This person is none other than Shen Yanyi.

Chen Shanmei was even happier. She grew up watching her grow up, and changed from the former green girl to the current Asian diva.

“There is time to come to my house as a guest.” Chen Shanmei said with a slight smile.

“Okay.” Shen Yanyi slightly nodded.

Her eyes turned to Fang Tian: “Mr. Fang, the movie you invested in was very successful.”

Her tone, it sounds very strange, this is a public place, she can not be too intimate.

Fang Tian also said politely to her: “Thank you Tianhou for attending the premiere, remember to celebrate the feast.”

“After this movie is successful, will you shoot the second one?”

The movie is adapted from a novel and can really be shot into a series.

Fang Tian nodded: “I will definitely shoot Immortal Sword 2, I don’t know if Heavenly Queen Shen is willing to be the heroine?”

Shen Yanyi grinned and didn’t respond directly: “Can be considered.”

The two talked politely and did not see any relationship at all, but Chen Shanmei could tell from the eyes of the two that they had a close relationship with each other.

The elevator door opened, and Shen Yanyi immediately put on his sunglasses and went out.

Chen Shanmei looked towards Fang Tian smiled and said: “son-in-law, how good are you, get my daughter, and still catch up with Tianhou.”

Is this a praise or a blame?

Fang Tian coughed dryly, not knowing how to respond.

Chen Shanmei said softly: “Yanyi is a good girl, I grew up watching her grow up, if you can ask her together, that is the best thing.”

Just now, she not at all told Shen Yanyi that the relationship between Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan, and their final emotional ending, let Fang Tian handle it by herself.

Fang Tian then drove home.

immediately rushed into the bathroom and took a cool bath, then sat in front of the computer and looked online.

But after experiencing the taste of being an online author, I discovered that writing novels is not as easy as I imagined.

Now Jin Yu Novel Network has been established and has become the world’s largest Chinese novel platform. The opportunity is left to other authors.

They make money. As the creator of the platform, they will make more money, so why not bother to write.

Fang Tian stood on the stage and spoke into the microphone: “I am very happy that Gold Jade Film Investment’s “The Legend of Sword and Flying Hero” broke the single-day box office record. At this speed, it becomes no problem to become a box office champion. .”

“The hotness of this movie proves that SoftCloud has succeeded in creating pan-entertainment. The novel platform has gathered a lot of popularity and produced movies, games, anime et cetera, and formed a complete pan-entertainment ecosystem!”

“Jin Yu Novel Network today, a large number of high-quality works have emerged, I believe that Gold Jade Pictures will shoot more and more popular movies!”

In the past life, no Internet giant has the same importance as Internet literature as Fang Tian.

He himself likes to read web articles. He spent a lot of money on the novel business. He also raised the novel website to the company’s strategic height.

So, the web market in this life is much more prosperous than the web market in the previous life.

More audiences, boutiques emerged continuously, and even Peak writers comparable to traditional novels Jin Yong and Gu Long appeared!

True web prosperity! ! !

Fang Tian’s speech ended and Shen Yanyi took the stage to sing the theme song of “The Legend of Fairy Sword and Flying Heroes”.

After a song, Shen Yanyi announced a news that would inspire fans.

The filming of “Fairy Sword 2”, she will be the heroine of “Fairy Sword 2”!

As soon as this remark came out, the audience cheered loudly!

Big beauty is a heroine, it must be more beautiful!

Looking at the diva wearing a white long dress tonight, it feels full of vitality. As the heroine of the fairy sword, there really is no more suitable than her!

Fang Tian looked towards She said with pleasure: “Thank you for joining Tianhou!”

Shen Yanyi looked over and asked with a moving smile: “I don’t know, Mr. Fang would you like to be the hero of Immortal Sword 2?”

The audience watched the gaze of the two of them. This is very connotative!

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