Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1584


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Fang Tian nodded with a smile: “Can be considered!”

Just think about it, don’t you agree immediately?

“I am worried that being the hero of “Sword of Sword 2″ will become a box office poison.”

“haha!” The audience laughed happily, the gangster is really humorous as always.

The dinner ended with laughter.

Silver Bentley drove into the mid-level mansion, turned a corner, and stopped slowly.

Chen Shanmei got off, Fang Tian got off and closed the door, and walked into the villa with her.

“I think you should be the leading actor.” Chen Shanmei said seriously.

“Why? Do you think it is appropriate?”

“You are a good match with Shen Yanyi, and the film you made must be beautiful.” Chen Shanmei looked forward to it.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Am I not as good as your daughter?”

Chen Shanmei wrinkled his nose and nodded his forehead: “They all match, but Yuyan will not act.”

“Let’s see if there is time.” Fang Tian yawned and walked quickly into his bedroom.

The battle with Bai Wanjun is almost over. With enough time, maybe you might consider making a movie.

What a wonderful life it is to invest in making movies and filming with big stars.

Take a shower, then sit in front of the computer and check it online.

Today, there are two major events in the technology industry. In addition to SoftCloud Technology celebrating the “celestial sword” feast, there is another event that has also attracted great media attention.

Bai Wanjun is about to release a new product. They blow their hair online. Tomorrow afternoon, they will release a new product in the Beijing Stadium.

After reading the news, Fang Tian wanted to release a gaming notebook with a brand new model.

The gaming notebook model is also Interesting, named “Avenger”.

Fang Tian smiled, obviously it came from SoftCloud!

Wanjun’s sales of computers have fallen behind the sun, and as such continues, Wanjun Corporation will sooner or later be finished. After all, his group’s 95 business depends on computers.

“di di di ……” Instant Messenger’s prompt sound.

Fang Tian took a look at the interface and it was sent by Li Qiguang.

Amazingly clever: “Tomorrow, Wanjun Corporation will release a new product, have you seen it?”

The reason why Li Qiguang’s nickname is “very clever” is because his hair is about to fall off and he is going to become bald.

King: “Yes, I did not see the detailed parameters.”

Very clever: “The Avengers notebook is obviously aimed at us. Should we go to their press conference in the past?”

Uh? Fang Tian was stunned and participated in the opponent’s press conference?

King: “They didn’t invite, what did we do in the past?”

Ultra smart: “They sent us an invitation.”

What does this mean? Fang Tian touch the chin thought for a moment, Bai Wanjun Is this to want to show their products in front of me?

Since the opponent is so generous, there is no reason not to go.

King: “Go and see if their new product poses a threat to us.”


2nd day afternoon, the Beijing Stadium.

This place can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Many companies will choose to release products here. Bai Wanjun’s new product launch event will be held here.

Fang Tian has released a lot of products in this place, and is no stranger to this place. He walked into the market with Li Qiguang very relaxedly.

Today the two bigwigs were not presenting products, but were audiences.

“didn’t expect are you really here?”

As soon as he walked in, Bai Wanjun appeared head-on, standing in front of him.

Fang Tian said lightly said with a smile: “Wanjun Corporation releases new products, so why don’t you come and see it.”

Bai Wanjun sneered: “The press conference is for those who like Wanjun products. If you don’t like it, I advise you to leave.”

Fang Tian smiled and said: “When I was developing the conference, I invited you to participate, but you didn’t come. It’s your turn to release the product. I’m a very big person. If you invite, you must come over.”

Two big men face to face, giving tit for tat.

Media reporters immediately took photos, crack cracks, and the camera’s flash kept flashing.

The conference is about to start, Bai Wanjun glanced at it, then turned around moved towards the stage.

Fang Tian and Li Qiguang came to the front row and sat down.

The time stepped into 14:00 and the press conference began.

Bai Wanjun stood on the stage and gave a speech. “Everyone is understood. During this time, Wanjun and SoftCloud were in a fierce battle. Many people said that Wanjun lost.”

“No, I didn’t lose, I just fell a little. Wanjun’s battle strength is still very strong.”

Let’s talk, his emotions are a bit out of control: “Wanjun will fight with SoftCloud to the end, irreconcilable, and he will die until SoftCloud!”

The whole audience was in an uproar, and the audience was shocked by his words!

Hey, this is out of control!

Bai Wanjun holds a brand new notebook in his hand, this is the newly released “Avenger” gaming notebook, which is mainly high-speed and smooth.

He introduced the parameters of the notebook in great detail.

Bai Wanjun proudly said: “This is the best gaming experience in the world, there is no one.”

Some audience did not hear him introduce the processor and stood up and asked: “Mr. Bai, is your laptop equipped with a Phoenix processor chip?”

Bai Wanjun said with a smile: “It’s Intel’s latest model, and its performance is no worse than that of a computer with no sun setting. The gaming experience is good or not, not just looking at the processor, other aspects of optimization are equally important.”

Is this true? The audience present was a little skeptical. Phoenix processors are dual-core. Is your single-core processor really more powerful than the sun?

Speaking of system optimization, Mengzhen system is optimized quite well. Can you compare it with Mengzhen system with Microsoft Windowssystem?

Bai Wanjun’s mouth raised: “I can’t deny that the Mengzhen system does have its good place. But you also know that the Mengzhen system has fatal dead spots and no complete application ecology.”

“And Microsoft’s system, the application ecology is very perfect, this is the so-called domestic Operating System, it can never be compared.”

What he said was very mocking. At the press conference, he pointed out the opponent’s fatal weakness.

At the end of the press conference, the price problem that the audience is very concerned about. This “Avenger” computer has such a high performance. How much does it cost?

Bai Wanjun threw a heavy bomb, in order to repair the lost ground, he will give 10 billion subsidies to consumers!

The whole audience was in an uproar. This is the rhythm Bai Wanjun wants to cut off one’s means of retreat!

The money was obtained through financing and was originally used to buy IBM, but after the acquisition failed, he decided to use the money to subsidize consumers.

He wants to minimize the price of the computer, seize the market at a low price, and kill his opponent.

As long as it can kill Fang Tian’s company, the value of the money spent.

Finally, Bai Wanjun was emotionally loudly said: “In the battle with SoftCloud, kill the opponent and not let go!”

The two companies have reached the final stage of enthusiasm. Everyone wants to know who can laugh until the end.

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