Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1585


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Wanjun’s conference is over.

Fang Tian suddenly stood up: “The press conference is over, allow me to come on stage and say a few words.”

Bai Wanjun was shocked. This is Wanjun’s press conference. What do you want your opponent to do?

He is about to refuse.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Mr. Bai, let me go on stage and say a few words, your mind will not be so narrow?”

Bai Wanjun smiled, shrugged: “Randomly.”

Fang Tian then stood up on the stage.

The audience who are watching the live broadcast are all amazed. It turns out that the boss of SoftCloud Technology is also on the scene.

Fang Tian cleared his throat and said to the microphone: “First of all, to respond to Bai Wanjun’s query. He said that SoftCloud does not have a complete application ecology, this statement is not completely correct.”

“In terms of the number of application software, the Mengzhen system is indeed not as good as Microsoft’s Winsystem, but from the perspective of common software, the Mengzhen system has been perfected. Game entertainment, office learning, security protection et cetera big categories Software can be found in Mengzhen system.”

“In other words, the Mengzhen system can already meet the daily office use of the overwhelming majority of people.”

“As for the number of application software, it is currently increasing rapidly. I believe it won’t take long before the number of application software available for download in the application market will exceed 1 million!”

“As for, Bai Wanjun said that their newly released “Avenger” computer is faster and smoother than the sunless computer. I doubt it very much.”

“As everyone knows, the sun is always equipped with the most advanced Phoenix processor in the world today. Who has better performance, I believe there will be evaluations in these two days.”

“Actually, if Wanjun computers are willing to purchase Phoenix processor chips, I have always been open-minded and can supply them completely, but they don’t want to.”

Bai Wanjun coldly smiled: “I think your processor is just so-so, Wanjun will never use your processor.”

In fact, the real reason is that the performance of the Phoenix processor is too good. If the Wanjun computer uses the Phoenix processor, no one will buy a computer equipped with an Intel processor.

After all, Intel’s processors are far behind Phoenix in terms of performance and price.

The country depends on the opponent’s processor. If one day, Fang Tian stops supplying, then Wanjun will collapse!

So, Bai Wanjun insisted on using Intel’s, and he didn’t need Phoenix to kill him.

After finishing the talk, Fang Tian stepped down.

The reporters took the interview equipment and gathered around.

“Mr. Fang, gave Bai Wanjun 10 billion subsidies to consumers, and fights the price war with you. What do you think about this?” a green jacket male reporter asked.

Fang Tian thought for a while: “This is a crazy move!”

In order to repair the lost ground, Bai Wanjun has already cut off one’s means of retreat, and he is also unable to come up with a better way to give it a go.

This time, it is very likely that the two were in a final battle.

The male reporter asked: “The other party has made a big move, do you have any big moves to respond?”

Fang Tian thought about it for a while: “Tell me in advance, a new product will be released as the sun goes down.”

Reporters asked, what is the product?

Fang Tian did not disclose that he quickly left the scene under the guard of the bodyguard.

After half an hour, Fang Tian and Li Qiguang returned to SoftCloud Headquarters.

Global Building, second floor, room 233.

There is a training course here, I language training course.

I language is a programming language created by SoftCloud technology, Chinese is called love language.

The biggest advantage of this programming language is that you can use Chinese as the code to compile the software.

A Small White who does not understand software development at all, as long as it takes a month or two to learn, you can easily learn software development!

In the past, the programming language was all English code, whether it was C or C++, or JAVAet cetera, which brought obstacles for Chinese people to learn programming.

Although there was an easy language later, due to various reasons, this Chinese programming language did not develop much, so it declined.

Easy language programmers, no company hired at all.

In the PC era, the Yi language will be used by some folk programming hobby people. In the smartphone era, this language will be completely eliminated.

Children in Europe and the United States can program at a very young age, because the code is in English, which is easy to understand.

For children in China, if you want to learn programming, you must also master English. Although you can program without knowing English, the efficiency and effectiveness are not satisfactory.

Okay now, with “Language Love”, a primary school student can easily learn programming and make a lot of fun applications.

Unlike Yi language, SoftCloud now has its own domestic Operating System. The system gives this language strong support without any compatibility issues.

There are a lot of people in the training class. The small ones are only in their teens, and the large 40-year-old uncle is also learning this stuff.

In front of Fang Tian, ​​a 12-year-old kid showed off the “play machine” game he wrote, and he was very happy.

Fang Tian laughed heartily: “you did good! The future boss is you.”

Gao Yun pushed the silver-rimmed glasses and came over: “Director Fang, SoftCloud has opened 100 I-language programming training courses across the country, and there are many people signing up, almost one company and one family.”

It is not profitable to open these training courses. The purpose is to allow more people to learn this language and make the application ecosystem of Mengzhen system more perfect.

Fang Tian asked with a smile: “How many people are learning now?”

Gao Yun said happily: “There are already tens of thousands of people!”

Fang Tian thought about it and asked, “How is the progress in commercial development?”

Gao Yun said: “Very good. Now programmers using C++ and java have also started to learn the I language, which fully proves the superiority of this programming language!”

“More and more companies are willing to hire programmers in the I language, and their income is getting higher and higher! If this continues, sooner or later, it will surpass developers in other programming languages.”

Fang Tian snapped his fingers: “Okay! With them, the application ecosystem of Mengzhen system will become more and more perfect.”

In addition to the I language, SoftCloud also released the “Mengzhen compiler”.

Using it, the software of Windowssystem can be transformed into the software of Mengzhen system. Developers only need to spend two days to complete the task.

In the past, there were too few users of Mengzhen system, and developers had no incentive to develop programs on Mengzhen system.

But it is different now. With the sale of the ever-changing computer, more and more users of Mengzhen system, and more developers willing to develop software on the Mengzhen platform.

The software that supports Mengzhen system now has entered the stage of explosive growth!

If the domestic system wants to succeed, the most critical problem is solved.

Gao Yun’s tone is a little excited: “It’s not far away from our dream come true!”

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