Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1586


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Gao Yun looked around, there was no one else in this corner. “President Fang, when will we fight against Bai Wanjun?”

The two companies have been fighting for a long time, and it is impossible to fight.

Fang Tian pursed his lips and thought for a while. “Quickly, we can beat them one step away!”

SoftCloud today has surpassed Wanjun, but Fang Tian’s goal is not just to surpass, but to make Bai Wanjun go bankrupt!

Remember that the last time he found someone to hit his car, if he was just an ordinary person, he was killed in minutes.

Moreover, he has always glare like a tiger watching his prey to his wife, maybe any Heavenly Beast terrifying things can be done.

Fight, fight fiercely, only by hitting him until he can’t turn over, can he eliminate his threats, and his life will be stable.

Treat the brother as warm as spring, and treat the opponent as cold as frost.

2nd day, Jingcheng Sports Center.

The new product release conference that is not going to fall is held here.

The stadium is full and can accommodate 50,000 people, and today the seats are full.

It can be seen how soft the conference of SoftCloud is.

At the same time, this conference will be broadcast live on the Internet and on all major platforms, SoftCloud NetVid, SoftCloud Weibo, and angel browser et cetera.

At the same location, a new product launch event was called by many netizens.

At 2 pm, Fang Tian, ​​wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, appeared on stage on time.

Cleared his throat, Fang Tian said with a smile: “Before releasing a new product, say three good news!”

“First, the market share of the sunless computer has exceeded 60%. In other words, one of the two people now uses the sunless computer!”

On the spot, applause sounded!

“Second, with the rapid increase in sales of non-sunset computers, the users of Mengzhen system are also soaring, and the market share has reached 49%. It is almost a bit, and the domestic system can surpass the old beautiful system! “

The whole applause burst!

“Great, the domestic system is about to be realized!”

“The day that countless people expect is coming soon!”

“I just don’t know how about the software ecological construction? Without an ecological system, it is a desert.”

Fang Tian looked at the file in his hand, “The third good news, application ecology. I have got the data tonight, and now there are more than 100,000 software supporting Mengzhen system!”

Netbook? The audience present was puzzled. This is the first time they have heard of the concept of netbooks.

Fang Tian introduced: “The netbook, as the name implies, is the netbook used for Internet access. Its performance is lower than that of the game book. It can meet the general Internet and office needs.”

so that’s how it is, no wonder the price is so low.

Fang Tian’s previous life, almost no one bought a netbook, with low configuration and few functions.

Despite this, netbooks have been hot for a long time and have been popular for several years.

The price of notebooks in this era is too expensive, and the income of Chinese people is generally relatively low.

Even white-collar workers are reluctant to spend a few months of wages to buy a notebook, do not play games, just look at the Internet, chat, type in the office, and the netbook can be satisfied.

Because of this, netbooks are selling like crazy.

Even if it is not suitable for playing games, this price still has infinite magic power for people nowadays.

This netbook released by Fang Tian is the first netbook in the world today.

In order to release this product, Rising Sun has developed a low-end processor, Phoenix 501. Although it is only a low-end processor, smooth Internet access is not a problem.

Mengzhen system has also been streamlined, and the built-in applications are also streamlined to ensure smooth operation.

Fang Tian said frankly: “For a netbook price below a thousand yuan, SoftCloud can’t make any money at all, and there is a small loss. Its release is to make the ever-increasing notebook further increase its market share. And more importantly, in order to promote the domestic system!”

Everyone realized that the big brother really worked hard for the success of the domestic system!

Those who are watching the live broadcast of the press conference on the Internet have given high praise.

Netizen Sky Legend: “haha! This face-snapping conference was very successful!”

Netizen World’s First: “Isn’t Bai Wanjun questioning the application ecosystem of Mengzhen System? Pa! Bai Wanjun is not going to play a price war with SoftCloud? pa!”

Netizens are happy for a moment: “hehe, I think this product is definitely selling well, Bai Wanjun can’t play it anymore!”

The Chinese don’t like Wanjun computers, and the low price makes them expensive to sell. It’s all a matter of fact. The domestic price is even higher than the US price.

The netizens in China are very angry, and they wish him to close down quickly. Now the opportunity is here to take advantage of this wave to defeat Wanjun Corporation!

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