Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1587


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After the press conference, the sun gradually went down.

Fang Tian and Li Qiguang, Lin Zhendong and company executives went to the nearby restaurant for dinner.

Every time they succeed, they are the heroes behind.

Fang Tian carrying a goblet, walked over to toast with Lin Zhendong, and asked about the chip that is currently being developed.

Lin Zhendong drinking with a smile said: “Now the team has developed a mobile phone chip, which has been completed. It won’t take long for the first Phoenix mobile processor to be released.”

Fang Tian was excited when he heard this news!

Gao Yun over there, he is leading the team to develop the mobile version of the Mengzhen system, which is currently going well and will be launched soon.

At the beginning of the development of the Mengzhen system, it was positioned as a cross-platform system, which can not only run on computers, but also on mobile phones, tablets, and mobile portable devices such as et cetera. You can run it perfectly on your phone.

After dinner, Fang Tian drove back to his home.

Turn a corner in front of the villa and stop slowly at the door.

Sitting in the car, took the notebook out and placed it on the table.

This is a non-sunset netbook that was just released not long ago. After booting, Fang Tian clicked on the angel browser and took a look online.

Although the configuration is not high, the experience is still very good when used to access the Internet.

Today’s press conference, there are reports on major technology websites. Judging from media reports, the praise is still very high.

“di di di ……” SoftCloud YY Instant Messenger ringtone rang.

Fang Tian took a look at the interface and it was sent by Li Qiguang.

Very clever: “hehe, just after the product was released, some people laughed at it online.”

pa pa pa, Fang Tian quickly hit the keyboard and asked about the past. “Who is it?”

Very clever: “Bai Wanjun, he personally posted an accusation of mocking our netbook.”

Next, Li Qiguang sent a link.

Fang Tian clicked in and took a look. It is a famous technology forum—powerhouse technology forum.

Official certification Bai Wanjun: “I rarely show up online, and I never comment on anything. But today, I saw the SoftCloud technology conference, and I laughed.”

“Forgive me to speak bluntly, a netbook that doesn’t set in the sun is a junk product! The first junk notebook in history, there is no one.”

“Although the main focus is on the Internet, this configuration is too low. Is this Fang Tian when the user is Small White, or is your product designer’s IQ too low?”

“I’m sure that the netbook is just a niche product, and it won’t catch fire!”

Bai Wanjun’s words are obviously emotional.

Now he has cast aside all considerations for face with Fang Tian, ​​and he talks a little bit regardless of his identity, and he scolds directly on the public platform.

Fang Tian is about to move his finger to respond to him, but after looking at the comments, the fans of SoftCloud have already scolded themselves for them.

The second floor kicked your eyes: “Even if the sun is falling, the netbook is rubbish, it is stronger than your product. At least the sun is falling and independently develops the processor chip. Does your Wanjun have it?”

Happy piggy on the third floor: “Wanjun products are some cobbled bad products, what qualifications do you have to laugh at others.”

Eastern Sea Dragon King on the fourth floor: “The system made by SoftCloud has brought tremendous value to the domestic IT industry, and their chips have promoted the development of the domestic cutting-edge electronics industry. If it were not for the price war initiated by SoftCloud, consumers simply Can’t afford a computer. SoftCloud technology is 100 times stronger than Bai Wanjun’s broken company!”

In the comment area, in addition to the fans of SoftCloud, there is also a part of Wanjun’s navy, and the two factions quarreled.

SoftCloud fans are so vast, one person can drown Wanjun’s army with a drool.

After reading the comments, Fang Tian laughed, and then opened the official website of Ribu Sunset and looked at it.

Now there are more than 3 million people who make appointments to buy netbooks without falling off the sun!

There are a lot of people who make appointments, but now the factory has enough production, and these appointments can be bought.

In addition to online, physical channels have also been fully rolled out, distributed in more than a thousand SoftCloud homes across the country, and will be open for sale tomorrow.

2nd day In the morning, Fang Tian and Li Qiguang came to the restaurant for breakfast.

The opposite of the restaurant is the SoftCloud House. Today, people who come to the store to buy products are lined up and there are at least 800 people.

It can be seen that the popularity of the product is not falling.

“What do the two want to eat?” The waiter came over and asked the two.

Fang Tian ordered some snacks of crystal cake and shrimp dumpling et cetera.

It didn’t take long for the scented pastries to be delivered, and one after another was placed on the table.

Li Qiguang took a fork and lifted a piece of crystal cake, and looked at it with a smile: “This netbook has been successful!”

Fang Tian slightly nodded: “Success is indeed a success, but this cost-effective model is not far away.”

Li Qiguang is puzzled: “Why?”

Fang Tian was eating something and told him in detail.

Last life, Little Mi took the cost-effective model. In the Early-Stage product development, the cost-effective model is indeed a big trick, which can quickly expand sales and increase brand influence.

However, as time goes by, the products are continuously upgraded, and the disadvantages of the cost-effective model also show up.

When it comes to price/performance ratio, many consumers will think of bargains. For a penny, there is nothing good for cheap.

The cost-effective model eventually evolved into a big burden, which dragged down the company’s growth and made it difficult to take the high-end route.

Many Small White users don’t care about configuring this kind of thing at all. Even if they are equipped with the latest highest processor, they don’t even care.

Especially the girl cares about the senses, the appearance is beautiful, and the photo is more important. Even if it is only equipped with a medium processor, it is willing to buy it for an extra price of one or two thousand.

There are also some local tyrants who don’t care about the price at all, and even simply and rudely think that the expensive one is the best.

Fang Tian is also worried about this problem now, worrying that the products that are not going to be sunk will be cost-effective, and they can’t get rid of them.

The information of previous life did not tell Li Qiguang, and analyzed it from the perspective of product concept.

Li Qiguang nodded: “Taking the high-end route is definitely the future direction.”

High-end products can polish the company’s brand and look more handsome.

And the profit is higher. The profit can be 10 times that of low-end products. The profit of a high-performance mobile phone may be only 100, but the profit of high-end mobile phones can be 1000.


Li Qiguang questioned: “What should I do?”

Fang Tian replayed the teacup: “I have long thought about this problem and set up a new brand called Northern Lights! Northern Lights products, take the high-end route!”

Northern lights? Li Qiguang meditated for a moment. “This name is good. Very dazzling!”

With the Aurora Borealis brand, the products have become richer and can cover consumers of all walks of life.

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