Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1588


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Fang Tian, ​​a new brand of Northern Lights, will find another person to form a team.

The sun and the northern lights develop independently.

If the sun goes down, we will still take the cost-effective route. The main channels are online, music streamer, computer, mobile phone et cetera.

While the Northern Lights takes the high-end route, next, a series of high-end products will be released, with higher configurations and relatively expensive prices.

After talking about the business, Li Qiguang drank tea and asked with a smile: “When I was at the seaside, I often saw you carrying a cute little Luoli. Didn’t you bring her after coming to Beijing?”

Speaking of this, Fang Tian’s temple is a bit painful.

“Took away by her biological mother.”

“Birth mother? Who is her mother?” Li Qiguang put down the teacup and looked over curiously.

Little Pearl has always been taken care of by her grandmother, and she has never heard of her mother-in-law.

Fang Tian took out the photo and placed it in front of Li Qiguang. “If you find her, call me immediately.”

The woman in the photo is very young and beautiful. She was taken when she was 20 years old.

After she gave birth to Ye Mingzhu, she disappeared. It was eight years after she disappeared.

In other words, she is only 28 years old this year.

Fang Tian told him her general information.

Li Qiguang slightly nodded: “You can try to be on the Internet and mobilize netizens to find.”

Fang Tian pursed her lips and thought for a while: “I faintly feel that she is in the capital, just hiding that’s all.”

“Are you sure?”

“Not sure, but this feeling is very strong.”

Ye Mingzhu’s mother must be a very mysterious character. She deliberately avoided it, maybe she would appear at any time, or it might disappear as soon as it appeared.

Just in people coming, people going in the capital of 20,000,000 people, wanting to find her is like finding a needle in a haystack.

After half an hour, Fang Tian returned to Banshan Haoting Villa.

At the door of the villa, there is a black extended red flag car parked.

The Old Master is back!

Fang Tian got off, moved towards the villa and went in.

As soon as he walked in, Chen Shanmei wearing a cheongsam came head-on.

“Is the Old Master back?” Fang Tian looked at the red flag car outside the door.

“Yeah, he went to Suhang for a while and came back this morning.” Chen Shanmei said with a slight smile.

Fang Tian touched his chin: “I consider whether to buy a house and move out.”

Habitat Habitat is the Old Master’s home, and he is in trouble. Living in the Old Master’s home always feels inconvenient.

Chen Shanmei indifferently smiled: “Now my son-in-law is so at stake, who dares to look down on you. Now you can be in Jin Family walk unhindered.”

It’s not easy to get from the son-in-law that no one can afford in the past to this point today!

Looking back, although I don’t fear any Jin Family now, living in other Jin Family’s homes is not suitable. Anyway, I’m not short of money now. I will buy a villa in Beijing after a while.

Walking into the small living room on the second floor, turning around, you will move towards your bedroom.

An old but sounding Hong Zhong’s voice came over: “Jin Family son-in-law, you are getting more and more arrogant, and you don’t say hello to me when you see me.”

Fang Tian turned his head and saw that an old man wearing a tunic was sitting in front of the tea machine and drinking Longjing.

He is no one else, it is this Patriarch Jin Huashan.

“How come, I always treat the Old Master to you very respectable.” Fang Tian moved towards him with a smile towards him.

Jin Huashan looked over and said: “I went to Suhang for a while. You’re good, being my master and driving away my granddaughter, right?”

He is talking about Gold Jade Ye.

Fang Tian sat opposite him: “No, I have a good relationship with her, she went abroad to visit her grandmother.”

Thinking of the airport, the scene of Gold Jade Ye crying hovered between life and death called brother-in-law, Fang Tian still remembers it.

Getting your sister-in-law is actually not as difficult as you might think.

Chen Shanmei came over and said with a smile: “son-in-law, after two days is the Old Master 76-year-old birthday feast, you have to prepare well.”

Jin Huashan wanted to spend more days in Suhang, but came back early because of the birthday feast.

He snorted looked towards Fang Tian: “Your good son-in-law, I guess I forgot.”

Fang Tian coughed twice: “To be honest, I really don’t remember it. I was busy during this time.”

Are you busy? heartless?

Jin Huashan is generally satisfied with the current grandson-in-law, but is still somewhat biased.

Chen Shanmei knew this, she moved towards Fang Tian and kept blinking, meaning that she had to perform well for her birthday dinner.


Beijing International Airport.

The hanger flight from Vancouver, Canada, to Beijing, landed on the lawn, taxied for a distance, and stopped.

Jin Family Eldest Young Master, Jin Yutang is back!

In order to escape the crime, he fled to Vancouver. Today he set foot on the land of Beijing.

E-Commerce battle with Fang Tian, ​​he found someone to burn the express warehouse, this incident was very loud at the time, but now, this matter has been settled.

“There are so many Chinese people, just like Canadian wolf dogs!” Jin Yutang walked out of the airport passage and looked at the passengers coming, people going in the airport lobby with emotion.

He father Jin Wenhai, Mother Li Xueyan, and her big sister Gold Jade Lian came to pick up.

Jin Yutang walked over and hugged them. “Very happy, I am finally back.”

Jin Wenhai indifferently said: “It’s just a trivial matter. With the influence of our family in Beijing, even the troublesome things can be settled.”

“Son, just come back.” Li Xueyan looked at Jin Yutang with a bit of excitement: “It’s all from the same surname, which made you flee abroad.”

She didn’t care what her son did, even if Jin Yutang killed and set fire.

Next, Jin Yutang and her big sister hugged each other.

Gold Jade Lian, a woman about 40 years old, has a fat figure.

The women who are not in the rich family all look good, but the woman’s appearance is very general.

The so-called noble temperament is set off by that piece of jewelry, and its own quality is not very good.

Gold Jade has a touch of sorrow in her eyes. Last time, her husband was beaten by a kidnapper to become a vegetative. He is still lying motionless in a private Canadian hospital.

Looking at her complexion, Jin Yutang seriously said: “Sister, don’t worry, I will definitely avenge the brother-in-law.”

“Fang Tian, ​​who suffered a thousand knives, must not let him go.” Gold Jade’s eyes showed a vicious look.

Afterwards, four people moved towards the airport parking lot and attended the Old Master’s birthday party in two days.

Jin Yutang came back to Beijing for two purposes. First, to kill Fang Tian.

Second, it is to perform well in front of grandfather and fight for his share of family property.

Capitalists dare to kill and set fire with 300% of their profits. 80 billion, it can be completely crazy and ridiculous.

Jin Yutang grinned: “I’m back! Fang Tian, ​​you are waiting!”

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