Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1589


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In the evening two days later, Qianjin Hotel.

Life 70 has been rare since ancient times. Jin Huashan is 76 years old this year. Jin Family decided to hold a birthday dinner at Qianjin Hotel.

Jin Family people from home and abroad have arrived one after another.

Celebrities and wealthy people from the capital have arrived!

A small luxury car show appeared outside the hotel.

Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even Bugatti Veyron, which is worth tens of millions.

The birthday dinner of local tyrants is really luxurious!

The Old Master is wearing a Tang suit and stands at the door with Butler Liu to receive guests.

“Old Jin, Furu Eastern Sea, Shoubi Nanshan!” Lin Tianshan came to him and presented a gift.

“haha! Old Friend, you are here!” Jin Huashan was happy and took the gift he had handed over.

Lin Tianshan is a well-known great scientist, Lin Family is also a wealthy Aristocratic Family in Beijing, and Lin Tianshan and Jin Huashan have always had a deep friendship.

“Go in and sit in.” Jin Huashan gave the gift to Butler Liu.

Lin Tianshan, her granddaughter Lin Mengting, and Lin Zhendong went in.

The top tycoons, Bai Family people have also come.

They are so impossible for such an important dinner.

Bai Wanjun in a suit and leather shoes, wearing a tie, walked to Jin Huashan with a beautiful gift box in his hand. “Congratulations, Old Jin, happy birthday!”

“Okay!” Jin Huashan was happy, took the gift and gave it to Butler Liu.

Bai Wanjun walked into the hotel with his grandfather and other Bai Family people.

All the guests came in one after another, and finally, they were members of the Jin Family family.

Jin Wenhai, his wife Li Xueyan, eldest daughter Gold Jade Lian, and Jin Yutang, Jin Yuting, the first family of Jin Family, walked over and gave Jin Huashan a gift.

“grandfather, there is today every year, longevity is absolutely years.” Jin Yutang laughed said.

Jin Huashan was surprised when he saw him: “Yutang, are you back?”

“Yeah, grandfather’s birthday, I have to come back even if I am busy.” Jin Yutang was very filial in front of Jin Huashan.

Jin Huashan is satisfied with nodded: “Come in and sit down.”

Second Jin Family, second uncle Jin Wenchuan, his wife Ma Zili, son Jin Yucheng and Gold Jade Ye also came over.

Jin Yucheng is a soldier and has been in the army. Today, on grandfather’s birthday, he also came to participate.

“grandfather, happy birthday.” As a soldier, Jin Yucheng doesn’t speak much, and has always been simple and fast.

“Okay, my good grandson.” Jin Huashan reached out and pats Jin Yucheng’s strong arm.

“Grandfather, happy birthday, I wish you a happy day!” Tonight Gold Jade Ye, wearing a red dress, came forward and presented a gift.

Meeting this lovely little granddaughter, Jin Huashan happily said: “Aren’t you going to visit my grandma abroad?””

“Yeah, but your birthday today, I have to come back to see you on the rocket.” Gold Jade Ye Qiao said with a smile.

The second family went in, and the third family came.

Third Madam Jin Chen Shanmei, gorgeous costume Jin Yuyan, and Jin Family super son-in-law Fang Tian, ​​three people get off, moved towards Old Master.

“grandfather, happy birthday, smile always open!” Jin Yuyan presented a beautifully packed gift box, she spoke the same concise.

“Okay, come in!” Jin Huashan often laughed when Jin Family members and everyone were present.

“Huh? Fang Tian, ​​what about your gift? Why did you come empty-handed?” Jin Yutang looked towards him with empty-handed.

“Yes, why are you empty-handed, hehe, Fang Tian, ​​you are too much?” Ma Zili looked at with a sneer.

Fang Tian said with a serious face: “I have a sincere heart, this is more precious than gold.”

“haha! How much is really worth it, aren’t you bullshit?” Jin Yutang laughed.

Most Jin Family people are superficial and only have money in their eyes. For money, they can even turn against each other.

Fang Tian said: “Someone gave a gift, but the heart is fake. What is the meaning of such a gift?”

Jin Yutang’s complexion instantly dimmed, and his finger pointed at him: “Who do you pretend to pretend to be? I’m not good anymore, and it’s your turn to talk irresponsibly.”

Jin Huashan said with a smile: “Okay, so happy today, don’t hurt or be angry, go in and go in.”

Jin Yutang snorted, turned around and walked in.

Fang Tian, ​​Chen Shanmei and Jin Yuyan then entered the banquet hall.

Jin Yutang walked around and whispered, “Didn’t expect? Will I come back to Beijing?”

Fang Tian was stunned: “No, as long as I expected, you will definitely come back.”

Jin Yutang squinted his eyes, and a vicious color radiated from his eyes: “That thing is just a small storm. When I come back to Beijing, I will definitely not let you have a good ending.”

Fang Tian did not fear him, turned around and walked away, then handed a gift to Jin Huashan. “Old Master, this is my gift. I wish you a hundred years of life, still a macho!”

This blessing is really special.

Jin Huashan was very satisfied. He took the gift and gave it to Butler Liu.

Hundreds of people gathered in the banquet hall at the moment, each and everyone in suits and shoes, wearing gold and silver.

It gives people a feeling that the celebrities and rich people in Beijing are all concentrated here.

The three family relationships are not very harmonious, so the sitting position is no longer the same table, sitting in different areas.

Chen Shanmei, Jin Yuyan and Fang Tian sat at the east table, and Gold Jade Ye took the initiative to come over.

In the east corner of the hall, all gifts one after another were placed on the counter, like a hill. .

A Jin Family servant, who is arranging the display cautiously.

Jin Yutang walked over and asked, “Where is Fang Tian’s gift box?”

The maid’s finger pointed to a red box: “This is the gift that Fang son-in-law gave Old Master.”

Jin Yutang slightly nodded, took a small white box out of his arms: “Open his box, and replace me with this thing.”

The maid is puzzled: “Why?”

“Don’t ask.” Jin Yutang scowled.

The maid didn’t dare to offend the Young Master and reached for the box in his hand.

A little curious, what is inside the box, he opened it and looked at it, suddenly face deathly pale!

One “bell” and one “clock” to watch the time.

The maid looked shocked at Jin Yutang: “Young Master, this, this ominous!”

Send the clock to send the clock, homophony means to send the end!

Isn’t it just to curse people to die? Today is the birthday dinner of Old Father Jin. It is even more taboo to send such a thing!

“On this matter, only you know what I know, pass it on, I will kill you!” Jin Yutang black face, evil fiercely warned.

The maid shrank her neck in fear, daring not to refute it.

Immediately, he opened Fang Tian’s gift box, took out the things inside, and put the “bell” in.

Old Master will see the gifts from Fang Tian later and will surely flies into a rage!

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