Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1590


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Now, the gift box of Fang Tian is a “bell”.

And Jin Yutang’s box contains a “White Jade Flying Dragon”!

When grandfather sees it later, what will it look like? Jin Yutang smiled at the corner of his mouth.

At the moment, the long table on the east side, Gold Jade Ye is chatting with Fang Tian chirp chirp twitter twitter, looking very excited.

Since knowing Fang Tian’s true identity, Gold Jade not only hates him, but agrees with him. After going abroad these days, she thought of coming back to meet Fang Tian.

Bai Wanjun walked towards her with a goblet, she smiled and said, “Yu Ye, come back to Beijing, why don’t you call me.”

Once, Gold Jade Ye said that she only agrees to be her brother-in-law, that is Bai Wanjun.

So, every time she returned to Beijing, she would contact Bai Wanjun, but this time Bai Wanjun was surprised.

There was no phone call. Until the banquet tonight, she saw each other and she didn’t say hello.

Gold Jade Ye stood up and smiled: “Before, I agree with you as my brother-in-law, but now, you are not suitable anymore.”

This girl’s attitude is really fast.

Bai Wanjun froze: “Why?”

Gold Jade Ye didn’t speak, turned around moved towards the bathroom.

Jin Huashan stood on the stage and said with a smile to the microphone: “It’s great! Everyone is here to attend my 76-year-old birthday feast.”

“In 1976, when wind and rain came to the present day, Jin Huashan can be regarded as a mixed name in the business world!”

“Living today, there is nothing to regret! Thank you again for your support!”

“crash-bang…” The people present applauded.

Jin Huashan just walked off the stage, Bai Family’s Bai Old Master moved towards him and waved.

Bai Fengfeng is the Patriarch of Bai Family. He is 80 years old this year and has white hair. But he looks red light and looks good.

Jin Huashan hehe smiled and moved towards him with a glass of wine. He walked over and sat down beside him.

“Old Friend, I respect you a cup.” Bai Old Master raised his cup.

“Ding!” The two cups touched together.

Bai Wanjun stood up and handed a gift to him: “Old Jin, this is my birthday gift for you, open it.”

Jin Huashan took the box. The box was made of red sandalwood. It was heavy, and he looked forward to it. “what?”

“Understood when you open it, you will love it.” Bai Wanjun said confidently with a smile.

Jin Huashan put down the glass and opened the box.

Suddenly brightened his old eyes.

In the box is a white jade tiger!

Under the illumination of light, it emits a dazzling luster, which is lifelike.

Bai Wanjun said: “This is a white jade tiger, made with top-grade Hetian jade, worth 3 million. I hope Old Jin you like it!”

“haha! Not bad!” Jin Huashan laughed heartily.

Everyone who knows Old Master knows that he likes beasts very much. On the walls of his house, there are many landscape paintings of beasts. Dragon, tiger, lion.

Jin Huashan likes this white jade tiger very much.

He reached out the shoulders of pats Bai Wanjun: “Wanjun, no wonder everyone said that you are the most outstanding one of the younger generation, you can see from the gift you sent, you are very caring!”

Bai Wanjun slightly nodded thanks.

“Ah!” Bai Fengfeng took a sip of liquor and suddenly sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Jin Huashan looked at him questioningly.

Bai Fengfeng said: “I really don’t understand that my family’s Wanjun is so good, and it’s a perfect match with your granddaughter Jin Yuyan. Why would you rather choose one rather than Wanjun?”

Jin Huashan smiled and shook his head: “Fang Tian wasn’t the one I recruited, it was Chen Shanmei’s decision. Moreover, the relationship between Fang Tian and granddaughter is good now, and I can’t break them up, right?”

Looking at his empty cup, Bai Fengfeng filled him with a cup of Maotai: “From your heart, who do you think is Wanwan and Fang Tian, ​​who is better?”

Jin Huashan without the slightest hesitation said: “Wanjun is definitely better.”

“That was before, now Fang Tian has surpassed him!”

Lin Tianshan is speaking, and he laughed and moved towards the two of them while carrying the wine glass.

His words attracted the attention of everyone in the hall, didn’t he? Jin Family’s so-called son-in-law had such a disadvantage?

Bai Wanjun, but the hardware king, with tens of billions of dollars, can he be comparable?

Bai Fengfeng said with a straight face: “Nonsense, where is Fang Tian’s kid comparable to my grandson?”

Lin Tianshan sat beside Jin Huashan right hand and smiled slowly: “Everyone knows that Wanjun Corporation is doing and so on? Mainly doing computer business, but now, the computer business of Wanjun Corporation has been the day of Fang Tian Not falling beyond!”

Jin Huashan looked towards Bai Wanjun: “Is this true?”

The news reports that Bai Wanjun wanted to deny it and could not.

His tone indifferently said: “It’s only temporary. Sooner or later, I will eat more.”

Lin Tianshan took a sip of white wine, and hehe laughed: “Hardware is only a small part of Fang Tian’s huge industry. He is more profitable in the software business. If SoftCloud goes public, the market value is at least 10 times that of Wanjun!”

The crowd in the hall of “hua!”

All eyes are on Fang Tian.

Originally I thought Bai Wanjun was good enough, didn’t expect, Jin Family’s son-in-law is terrifying!

The people present, will not doubt what Lin Tianshan said, who is he, Big Dipper Mount Tai in the technology world, a pivotal figure.

What he said in public, it must be true.

Lin Tianshan looked towards Fang Tian in the distance, his eyes are full of appreciation: “The industry he is doing is very remarkable, not only has he developed his company, but also promoted the progress of the national IT industry!”

“His Operating System, as well as his domestic processor, will have great value for our country. Someone has calculated that if his Operating System is successful, it will at least create 3 trillion yuan for our country. Production value!”

“3, 3, 3 trillion?”

Bai Fengfeng shivered, almost biting his tongue!

The people around are even more dumbfounded, dumbstruck!

Lin Tianshan looked at Jin Huashan said with a smile: “Your grandson son-in-law, the achievement is extraordinary and remarkable. He has already left Bai Wanjun far behind!”

Originally, Lin Tianshan didn’t want to say this in a large audience, but listening to Fang Tian being despised again and again, he was really unable to bear to say a few words.

The understanding of these Old Guys about Fang Tian is still in the past. Today’s Fang Tian is not what it is today!

Gold Jade Ye appeared, standing in front of Bai Wanjun: “There is only one brother-in-law, Fang Tian, ​​not you!”

In an instant, Bai Wanjun’s face was green!

The hardcore aunt once ran away with someone!

Gold Jade Ye grabbed Fang Tian’s arm and said softly: “brother-in-law, will you go to the hot spring with me in a few days?”

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