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Today's dinner, there was also a heavyweight in the technology world!

Hua is the chairman of the group, Mr. Li Tengfei.

At the moment, he is sitting with Lin Tianshan, drinking and chatting.

Fang Tian picked up his glass and took the initiative to walk over and toast with Li Tengfei.

Li Tengfei is definitely the big man in the domestic IT industry. His flower is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturing company in China!

It sounds familiar, why is it so Huawei-like, yes, Huawei is Huawei of this World.

"Ding!" The two glasses touched together.

Fang Tian asked with a smile: "Mr. Li, I want to know, how is the domestic mobile network going now?"

After the success of Pcsystem, the next goal is a smartphone.

Li Tengfei took a sip of white wine and said, "It's going well. This year, the 3G network has surged. Next year, 3G will be rolled out across the country and formally enter the 3G era."

This speed surprised Fang Tian!

Remember that in my last life, the 3G network started in 2008.

But by this life, you can enter the 3G network era in 2003, a full five years ahead of schedule.

From 2G to 3G, this is an epoch-making event for mobile networks, a real breakthrough.

Excitement far surpasses from 4G to 5G, 5G is just a breakthrough based on the original, and did not bring much surprise. .

With a good network, more useful mobile application software will be born. The 3G era is the beginning of a new era.

In other words, SoftCloud can launch the world’s first smartphone before Apple.

Li Tengfei said: "The 3G network era can come ahead of time. I want to thank you. It’s not your SoftCloud technology. The domestic internet is developing so fast, and the 3G network is also being launched so quickly."

While drinking wine, Fang Tian chatted with him for a long time, and he asked if SoftCloud would make a mobile phone?

Fang Tian just laughed and said nothing. If SoftCloud didn’t do it, according to the development trajectory of the previous life, Huawei would definitely become the largest mobile phone manufacturer in China.

How could you not make such a big cake on a mobile phone?

At 10 pm, all guests left one after another.

Fang Tian, ​​Chen Shanmei and Jin Yuyan walked out of the banquet hall side by side.

Come outside the hotel, Jin Yutang hurried over and grabbed Fang Tian's arm with one hand.

Fang Tian ducked sideways and the bodyguard rushed forward, pushing away Eldest Young Master Jin.

"Jin Yutang, what are you going to do?" Chen Shanmei looked at him coldly.

Jin Yutang said with a black face: "My white jade flying dragon, how did it run into your box, it must be you, the hands and feet."

It's really a thief crying to catch a thief.

Fang Tian said: "Did you exchange my gift?"

"Nonsense, you spit on blood." Jin Yutang refuted coldly.

Fang Tian beckoned and moved towards a corner.

Jin Yutang was taken aback, moved towards him.

Fang Tian took out his phone and played a video on the phone.

Eldest Young Master Jin looked at it and suddenly the complexion greatly changed.

He instructed the servant to steal Fang Tian’s gifts, all of which were photographed.

In other words, Fang Tian already knew he was going to make trouble.

"What if this video is released?" Fang Tian looked towards him with a smile.

Jin Yutang gnashing teeth, nothing to say.

Fang Tian hehe smiled, put the phone in his pocket, and then quickly caught up with Jin Yuyan.

"Now, can you tell me about the gift box?" Jin Yuyan looked over.

There are no other people around. Fang Tian told her about the matter.

Jin Yutang's eyes were not right from the moment he entered the hotel, and he would definitely take advantage of it.

So, send someone to secretly monitor his every move.

Sure enough, he told the servant to take out his present and put a "bell" in it.

This is a big deal, when the time comes, when the Old Master sees it, he must be flies into a rage, and he will be killed by jokes.

Fang Tian then sent someone to exchange the white jade dragon in the Jin Yutang gift box with the clock in his box.

As a result, Jin Yutang swept his face and Fang Tian picked up a big bargain.

Jin Yuyan covered his mouth and chuckled: "You are actually quite bad!"

"hahaha!" Fang Tian laughed.

I took out a jade pendant from my arms. The blue one. This jade pendant was originally a gift to the Old Master, worth about 300,000 yuan. It was given to the local tyrant. The gift should not be too stingy.

Fang Tian was originally a bit distressed, now it’s okay, and it’s all gone.

Bai Wanjun appeared on the steps in front of the hotel and looked at Jin Yuyan who was far away.

"Young Master, do you still want to chase her?" Bodyguard Lei Yong looked at his expression.

After so many years of unsuccessful pursuit, Jin Yuyan has fallen in love with Fang Tian now. The two people have deep and strong feelings. Ten Level 8 typhoons can’t blow away.

In the past, Jin Huashan would still stand on Bai Wanjun's side, feeling that he was better and more suitable for his granddaughter.

But after this evening, Bai Wanjun knew that Jin Huashan had lost his big backer.

In other words, there is no hope for just and honorable pursuit of Jin Yuyan.

If it’s not good, it’s dark.

No need to conquer her heart.

Bai Wanjun bit his lower lip, made up his mind and made a vicious move, and was about to get Jin Yuyan in his hands.


Going home, taking a hot bath, Jin Yuyan in a white silk pajamas lazily leaned on the sofa and put on a mask.

Fang Tian wore a set of pajamas and walked out of the room.

"brother-in-law brother-in-law!" Gold Jade Ye moved towards him beckoning.

Fang Tian walked over and sat between the two sisters.

She held a sharpened pear in her hand and handed it over. She said softly with a smile: "Brother-in-law eat one."

I used to look down on Fang Tian, ​​but now, it’s like a little cotton jacket.

After returning from abroad, she will live here for a long time.

Fang Tian took it in his hand and took a bite. It tasted good, sweet and juicy.

Jin Yuyan said with a slight smile: "Why am I not? It seems that brother-in-law is more important than your elder sister."

Gold Jade leaves her tongue out, said with a smile: "How come, you are applying the mask, and after you finish applying the mask, I will cut one for you."

Fang Tian ate Sydney: "Yuyan, I have something to tell you."

"Say it."

"I plan to buy a house in Beijing and move out to live."

Jin Yuyan sat upright and removed the mask: "Are you serious? Buying a house in Beijing?"

Fang Tian nodded: "This is your grandfather's home, and staying here for a long time always feels unsuitable."

Gold Jade Ye was a little bit reluctant: "brother-in-law, why live here to buy a house? The grandfather now does not exclude you, you can live here with peace of mind."

Fang Tian said: "Living in your own house will have more freedom."

For example, romantic couple's world, eating candlelight dinner, suddenly an old man appeared, think about this picture full of sense of violation! !

Jin Yuyan slightly nodded: "Well, buy one."

Either don’t buy it, it’s definitely a villa. As for the best villa in Beijing, Fang Tian really has to think about it.

"You guys move out, what can I do?" Gold Jade looked pitifully.

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