Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1593


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Fang Tian reached out and squeezed the tip of Gold Jade’s nose: “It will definitely bring you.”

“Really? Can I live with you?” Gold Jade Ye’s eyes brightened.

Fang Tian is eating grapes nodded.

“Okay! Thank you brother-in-law, I love you!” Gold Jade Ye hugged his face and kissed him on his forehead.

This girl has lived abroad for many years, and the expression of emotions is so simple and direct.

So her intimate moves, she said love you and so on, are so natural and common.

Jin Yuyan didn’t look at it and looked indifferent.

Later, Gold Jade Ye said that she would learn piano and let Fang Tian teach her.

Fang Tian used to be her piano teacher, and she made rapid progress.

Taking his hand, Gold Jade Ye quickly moved towards the room.

Jin Yuyan smiled helplessly, and said that after applying the mask, he cut a Sydney for himself and ran away with a brother-in-law in an instant.

It’s not too early to look at the wall clock on the wall. She stretched out and went back to the bedroom to rest.


Gold Jade Ye Duan sat in front of the piano, with both hands on the keyboard.

Suddenly, she remembered something and handed a check to Fang Tian.

Fang Tian took it in his hand and saw it as a 1 million check.

“I know your tuition is expensive, for you.” Gold Jade Ye said with a smile.

Fang Tian returned the cheque to her, said with a smile: “You really think I love money. I used to charge a lot because you didn’t want me to be a brother-in-law, but it’s free now.”

“It turns out that it’s so valuable to be called brother-in-law. I knew I would make more calls.”

Gold Jade Yeh’s voice is soft and her lips are very cute: “brother-in-law! brother-in-law! brother-in-law!”

Fang Tian’s chicken skin has all risen and quickly said: “Okay, let’s start now.”

“Tonight, what piano music would you teach me to play?” Gold Jade Ye looked forward.

Fang Tian thought about it and said, “”Breakpoint”.”

Gold Jade Ye blinked his eyes wide and was unfamiliar with the song. “What song is this?”

I knew she hadn’t heard it before. This song has been around for a while in previous life, but in this World, this song doesn’t exist.

Fang Tian waved her hand to make her stand up.

Gold Jade leaves and gets his seat.

Fang Tian sat down, put his hands on the keyboard, and then played gently.

I haven’t heard this song, I just listened to piano music, maybe I don’t feel anything special, but if I match the song, it will be very pleasant.

Fang Tian played the piano and sang gently.

Sitting quietly with you for a long, long distance

I didn’t even find my eyes red

Listening to your changes now

Looking at the smile I still love you the most

This old road remains unchanged

Every time passing by in the past was sunny

Thinking about the past we have had

Tears start to spread by little by little

Gold Jade Ye completely froze, very nice, beautiful song!

Sang a small section, Fang Tian’s hands stopped. “The accompaniment of “Breakpoint” is not difficult to play, as long as you master…”

The little sister-in-law looked quietly like a stone sculpture.

Fang Tian reached out and shook before her eyes: “Have you listened to me?”

Gold Jade Ye came back to his senses: “Oh, what did you say?”

Fang Tian is speechless.

Gold Jade Ye Gan coughed and threw out his tongue: “It’s so nice, too involved, hehe, can you play and sing to me again.”

Fang Tian nodded, press the piano keyboard again and sing.

I kissed your face

Your hands were on my shoulders

It feels so sweet and I am so attached

Whenever I close my eyes, I can always see it

All broken promises will be fulfilled

Fang Tian is very engaged in playing and singing…

Gold Jade Ye looked at him blankly, his face unconsciously red.

The last note fell, Gold Jade Ye impatient asked: “Who sang the song “Breakpoint”?”

Fang Tian would like to say Zhang Jingxuan, but, does this world have Zhang Jingxuan,


However, the song always has an author.

So, Fang Tian said: “It’s me who composes and composes, and so does singing.”

“Wow, you are so amazing!” Gold Jade Ye was excited, her eyes were shiny like gold.

This brother-in-law is really invincible. Not only can he play the piano, he can also sing, and he can also compose and write lyrics.

“Come on, you try it.” Fang Tian stood up.

Gold Jade leaves slightly nodded, sat down, and started playing according to his instructions.

This accompaniment is very simple, and it is not difficult to learn, the younger sister quickly mastered it.

In the next few days, the days at home are easy, and occasionally teach my aunt to play the piano and sing.


Sweet Dream Mid-Level Villa.

I told fiancee the other day that I would buy a house in Beijing.

Early early today, Fang Tian came here to see the house.

Sister-in-law also wanted to come and see. She was always with her in a white coat.

After watching it for a long time on the Internet, I finally chose this place.

The entire Sweet Dream Villa is located halfway up the mountain. The surrounding environment is quiet and beautiful.

The villa is independent, with its own swimming pool and garden, covering an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters.

Fang Tian and Gold Jade Ye have made a turn here, and are very satisfied with the layout design and the environment et cetera here.

The sales manager is a man about 35 years old, wearing a white shirt, and looks gentle.

Manager Gao smiled and said, “How are you feeling, sir?”

Fang Tian slightly nodded: “Very good, how much does it cost?”

High manager said: “Here every 10,000 square, 2,000 square, which is 20 million!”

The price is really not cheap. You should know that it is only 02 years now. Has the price of capital in Beijing this year been so expensive?

But I will say it back. This is a villa, which is the highest in Beijing.

Fang Tian scanned the surrounding environment: “Can it be cheaper?”

Senior manager said with a laugh: “Sir, this is a villa, the developers are very hard to build, the price is naturally expensive, this price can not be lower.”

Fang Tian touch the chin, under consideration.

At this moment, a man in a black suit came head-on. “Classmates, what a coincidence.”

Fang Tian looks, this person is not someone else, but his own high school classmate, Liu Zhixiong.

In high school, he was one of the richest in the class, the typical rich second generation.

Fang Tian responded lightly and casually: “Yeah, what a coincidence.”

Liu Zhixiong looked towards the villa, and then looked back at him: “Why, come and buy the villa?”

Fang Tian did not make up his mind: “Just look at it.”

Liu Zhixiong’s lip curled: “It just means a fart.”

“Can you afford it?” Fang Tian asked with a smile.

Liu Zhixiong proudly said: “There is a similar villa next door, I just bought it.”

This rich second generation is really rich and imposing.

Fang Tian asked casually: “How much did it cost?”

Liu Zhixiong smiled faintly: “Same as here, 20,000,000.”

The senior manager asked: “Mr. Fang, are you going to buy this?”

Liu Zhixiong sneered: “Where does he have this money, just look, he can’t afford it.”

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