Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1594

Liu Xiangxiang looked towards Jin Yuyan: “Your boyfriend is really useless. If I were, I would have broken up with him long ago.”

Jin Yuyan indifferently said: “I never need him to buy me a house, really.”

After finishing, she turned around towards the villa.

Fang Tian and Gold Jade Ye followed, accompanied her to walk around here, and looked at this villa inside and out.

The unit price of 10,000 Yuan is absolutely sky-high in this year, but if it is placed in the future, you want to buy a ten thousand yuan square house in Beijing, which is almost a delusion.

From this perspective, 10,000 Yuan is worth a square.

Turn around and returned to the villa door.

The sales manager asked: “Sir, I have watched it for so long, can I buy it?”

Fang Tian touch the chin: “I am very satisfied with the financee in this place, but the price is more expensive. It would be better if I could give a discount.”

“What kind of discount do you want.” Liu Zhixiong came over: “Don’t buy if you don’t have money.”

High manager said: “Sorry, this price can’t be lower anymore.”

Liu Zhixiong looked towards Jin Yuyan, smiled and said: “Beauty, your boyfriend clearly lie to you to come to see the house, he can’t afford to buy a house, useless, break up with him.”

Jin Yuyan wrinkled his delicate nose: “I said, I never need him to buy a house for me. If he wants, I can buy one for him in reverse.”

What? Everyone around was a little surprised.

Jin Yuyan said: “Mr. Gao, this villa was sold to Mr. Fang Tian for 0 yuan.”

0 yuan for sale? Manager Gao is speechless, you wishful thinking, why should sell your boyfriend 0 yuan.

You can take a closer look. The woman wearing sunglasses in front of her seems not simple.

The more he looks, the faster his heartbeat becomes. Is she?

Jin Yuyan took off his sunglasses.

Suddenly, Manager Gao was so frightened that his legs were soft and he almost knelt down on his knees. “Kim, Miss Jin is you?”

Jin Yuyan said: “0 yuan sold to Mr. Fang Tian, ​​can you see it?”

“Okay, sign the contract now!” Manager Gao is nodded like a chicken peck rice.

I depend, Liu Zhixiong was shocked, just bought a villa with the same specifications, 20 million, why this woman sold 0 yuan to Fang Tian in one sentence.

Is this woman too beautiful to confuse people?

The senior manager turned to make a contract, and Liu Zhixiong grabbed him: “Mr. Gao, don’t you have any water in your head? Why should you sell 0 yuan to Fang Tian? Is the real estate company yours? Does your leader know? ?”

Manager Gao shook his hand away and looked towards Jin Yuyan: “This villa was developed by Qianjin Real Estate. She is the chairman of Qianjin Real Estate!”

Liu Zhixiong dumbfounded, his jaw falling off in surprise.

She is the real estate queen!

No wonder! She doesn’t need her boyfriend to buy a house!

She can turn around and give her boyfriend a villa!

Where is Fang Tian’s ability to find such a girlfriend?

Let’s compare with the girlfriend next to me, Liu Zhixiong, who was distressed, bought 20 million villas for her to please her.

“Brother Xiong, should we go to see the car, the convertible Bentley, you should buy it for me when you say yes.” Liu Xiangxiang leaned on his back and spoke sulkingly.

Liu Zhixiong has a feeling of crying without tears. Why did he find this girlfriend with a big shower? Compared with Jin Yuyan, it is so garbage.

It was really annoying. He pulled his girlfriend by the arm and left in a hurry.

Suddenly, he also wanted to find a girlfriend who didn’t need to buy a house.


The house purchase contract was quickly finalized.

This 2,000-square-meter detached villa was sold to Fang Tian for 0 yuan.

Fang Tian looked at the contract and signed his name.

The feeling that Mr. Gao has in his heart, it is nice to have a wife who is engaged in real estate!

The Golden House and Yan Ruyu are available!

Qianjin Real Estate is now the country’s largest real estate development company.

The contract is finalized, Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan walked to the villa and came to the balcony.

Looking around, the 2,000-square-meter villa courtyard is really wide and beautiful, and the mood of the whole person will be broad and cheerful.

Gold Jade Ye Dao: “Brother-in-law, my elder sister gave you a house, should you thank her?”

Jin Yuyan pursed her lips and smiled: “Thank you, and I thank him too!”

Gold Jade Ye Xiumei picked up: “Why?”

If it weren’t for Fang Tian, ​​Jin Yuyan was simply impossible in real estate and caught up with the golden age of real estate, and would not be the queen of real estate today!

Behind a successful woman, a man is needed to support him!

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