Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1595


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Mad Bar.

At the moment, Bai Wanjun, wearing a white shirt, sat on the sofa in the private room, holding a glass of frozen dark beer in his hand. “I want to know, how is the sales of Wanjun computers now?”

He held the glass tightly in his hand, and he could see that he was a little nervous.

Opposite him, Liu Chaodong in a black suit!

Looking at the report he just printed out, he smiled bitterly: “Since the launch of netbooks at sunset, low prices have seized the market, and now the sales of Wanjun computers have plummeted by 80%!”

Bai Wanjun was furious and the glass fell fiercely to the ground. “peng!” The glass burst and broke around.

Even if he knew that Wanjun’s products would fall severely, it was so unexpected that he fell so much.

This time, it wasn’t cracking a joke. The disaster of extinction is really coming!

Yes, Wanjun Corporation is going bankrupt and closed down!

Bai Wanjun never thought of it, there would be such a day!

Liu Zhaodong gritted his teeth: “Fang Tian keeps pushing down the prices, and he clearly wants to kill to the last one!”

He will not only surpass Wanjun, but also destroy Wanjun.

Bai Wanjun clenched his fists tightly: “I will never allow this result to appear.”

“However, what can happen now?” Liu Chaodong had no idea.

SoftCloud’s products are not only technically superior, but also extremely low in price, and they have a larger online sales channel.

Product battle to technology battle, to price battle, to channel battle, fiasco, fiasco, the whole army was wiped out.

Wanjun’s decline this time, he really couldn’t think of a chance to turn over.

Bai Wanjun thought for a long time, and then quickly said: “Take their talents, the focus is on their Phoenix chip technicians!”

The most fierce competition with Fang Tian is that it is defeated on the processor chip. If all of their top technicians can be dug up, Wanjun can make a powerful processor.

Technology is king, with technology you can turn over.

Liu Chaodong said: “The person who developed the Phoenix processor is a person named Lin Zhendong. I will contact him.”

He then took out the phone and called Lin Zhendong.

About an hour later, a plain looking man in a blue T-shirt and blue jeans came over.

He is Lin Zhendong, CTO of Phoenix processors.

Seeing him, Bai Wanjun immediately got up from his seat and warmly entertained him into the private room.

Lin Zhendong looked indifferent and sat across from him. “I don’t know, what’s wrong with President Bai looking for me?”

Liu Chaodong picked up the wine bottle and filled him with a glass of Maotai. The rich flavor of the sauce spread in the air.

Bai Wanjun doesn’t turn around and just goes straight: “I hope you can join Wanjun and develop a processor chip for us.”

Before he came, Lin Zhendong also vaguely guessed his purpose, as it is. As the saying goes, technology is king. What Wanjun lacks most now is technology, and it is also the place where people are most accused.

Lin Court Academecian was very decisive and shook his head and refused: “impossible.”

Bai Wanjun said: “I can give you twice as much salary as Fang Tian gives you.”

Lin Zhendong still shook his head.

“Three times the salary!” Bai Wanjun extended three fingers.

300% times the salary, what a fascinating income, if others agreed immediately.

However, Lin Zhendong’s attitude is very firm: “I’m impossible to Wanjun. It’s not a matter of money.”

“Not for money, then what are you for?” Bai Wanjun couldn’t understand.

Lin Zhendong took a sip of Moutai: “Three reasons.”

“First, it is my dream to make a domestic processor. The sun never sets, or the ingenuity factory is where I realize my dream.”

“Second, there is a better atmosphere for innovation as the sun sets, and only in that atmosphere can I create powerful products!”

“Third, and the most crucial point. Fang Tian has a personal charm and is an outstanding leader, and it is worth my life to follow him forever!”

Bai Wanjun sometimes has to admire Fang Tian, ​​the super talents who work with him are very heartfelt to him.

No matter how high salaries other companies pay, they are reluctant to leave.

Bai Wanjun should also persuade Lin Zhendong to wave his hand, put down the glass, and stand up: “Needless to say, killing me will not go to Wanjun.”

After speaking, both of his hands left the room with his pocket in his hands.

Looking at his back away, Bai Wanjun gnashing teeth is helpless.

What can we do now? Can’t you just watch the company go bankrupt?

Liu Chaodong pondered for a long time and whispered, “Young Master Bai, I have a way.”

“Speak and listen.”

Immediately, Liu Chaodong told Yin Yin one after another.

After listening, Bai Wanjun smiled, with a grin on the corner of his mouth. “Call him over.”

Liu Chaodong was nodded and immediately called Ding Ruibin.

About 30 minutes later, a black leather jacket, black trousers, and a man with a bad smile on his mouth came in.

“Young Master Bai, long time no see!” Ding Ruibin walked over and sat down beside him.

Bai Wanjun sniffed, at least two different fragrances of women’s perfume mixed on his body.

Ding Ruibin is a famous top guy in Beijing. He doesn’t do business all day. The more he is a depraved place, the more he likes it.

Ding Ruibin filled himself with a glass of Maotai and drank his stomach in one breath: “Young Master Bai, how about going to Macau to play tomorrow?”

Bai Wanjun waved his hand: “I have something to discuss with you.”

Ding Ruibin is puzzled: “I have anything to talk about. I am a man who does everything except serious business. I smoke, drink, fight, fight and play with women.”

Dawan’s only advantage is frankness.

Bai Wanjun directly said: “Do you know foreign mercenary organizations?”

Ding Ruibin was taken aback, and put away the joke: “What are you going to do?”

“Let you kidnap a person.” Bai Wanjun looked serious.

“Who is it?”

Bai Wanjun took a photo from his pocket and put it on the table.

Ding Ruibin took a look and was surprised. “Why do you want to kidnap him?”

Bai Wanjun said quickly: “Don’t ask, you just do what I mean.”

Ding Ruibin patted his chest and resolutely agreed: “OK, no problem.”

Bai Wanjun then threw the photo to him, Ding Ruibin caught it, then put it in his pocket and got up to leave.

The picture shows a woman who is too beautiful to be ridiculous. She is Jin Yuyan!

Yes, the person Bai Wanjun wants to kidnap is Jin Damei.

You can’t keep up, Bai Wanjun has lost patience!

Then it was dark, and she was forced to use it in secret.

Then use her to threaten Fang Tian!

This is a plan to kill two birds with one stone, not only to get a beauty, but also to repair your career failure!

By now, Bai Wanjun’s wolf child’s ambition has been fully exposed. In order to get what he wants, he has been completely crazy and ridiculous!

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