Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1596


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Tonight, Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan stayed in Haoting Villa for the last time.

I have bought a new villa in Beijing. The furniture and so on there are very complete. I can move in tomorrow.

Dinner, five people including Old Master Jin Huashan, Chen Shanmei, Jin Yuyan, Fang Tian, ​​and little aunt Gold Jade sat in front of the dinner table.

Jin Huashan looked towards Gold Jade Ye: “Are you going to live in the past too?”

“Yeah.” Gold Jade Ye thought for a while, said with a smile: “grandfather, I will definitely come back to see you when I have time.”

Jin Huashan hehe smiled, snorted: “Who cares if you will come back to see me.”

Although he says so on his mouth, everyone knows his character, it’s just that’s all.

Gold Jade Ye was drinking chicken soup and said, “brother-in-law knows the piano. He used to live with him in the past and he will teach me how to play the piano.”

Jin Huashan looked towards Fang Tian: “Fang Tian, ​​you are very difficult to deal with! How long have you spent with my little granddaughter, let her stick to you.”

hearing this, everyone around smiled.

Fang Tian not only has a strong application viscosity, but also has a very strong viscosity for women. As long as it is close, it can’t escape and is stuck.

After dinner, Fang Tian, ​​Jin Yuyan, Gold Jade Ye, and Chen Shanmei each returned to the room to pick up things.

When I came to Beijing, Fang Tian didn’t bring anything. A few sets of clothes were changed, and there were some living utensils, and then some electronic products such as mobile phones. A large suitcase was completed.

Gold Jade Ye walked in and took him moved towards her room.

“What to do?” Fang Tian asked.

“Help me clean up.” Gold Jade Ye Feikui said.

Before switching, Fang Tian would not agree, but now the relationship with each other has improved, and it’s okay to help her.

She has more to take away, and the clothes just piled up into a hill.

Fang Tian helped her to pack things and put them in the luggage box. As for seeing her many privacy, Gold Jade Ye didn’t mind. Let him watch if he likes.

It took a few hours to fill up more than twenty large suitcases.

2nd day In the morning, Fang Tian called a large truck, and then ordered the servant at home to move the suitcase up.

After breakfast, Chen Shanmei, Jin Yuyan, Gold Jade and Ye walked out of the house.

Mother-in-law elegant and poised, Jin Yuyan is holy and moving, little sister-in-law is cute and lively, Fang Tian looked at the back of the three people, looking forward to the life of the new home.

At the moment, Jin Huashan is drinking green tea in the living room.

Fang Tian moved towards him: “Old Master, we are leaving.”

Jin Huashan slightly nodded, warned repeatedly: “Now you are not the man who was son-in-law in the past, able to support both heaven and earth, they need your protection, and take care of them for me. “

“Sure.” Fang Tian’s eyes were firm.

“My granddaughter is heaven’s spoiled daughter, don’t disappoint her, or don’t blame me falling out to become hostile.” Jin Huashan said with a serious face.

Fang Tian’s eyes became unprecedentedly serious and solemnly promised: “I will protect her with my life!”

It can be seen that he is sincere, and the Old Master is finally relieved.

Fang Tian will leave when he turns around.

Jin Huashan suddenly thought of something: “Bai Wanjun will not be willing to give up, and you must be careful in the next days!”

This old man is not at all confused. He still sees people and things very thoroughly.

In the beginning, the reason why Bai Wanjun was suitable for Jin Yuyan was that he valued his family’s financial resources, but he had no confidence in his character.

“Relax, I will pay attention.” After that, Fang Tian walked out of the villa quickly.

Fang Tian sits in the silver Bentley, carrying Mother-in-law and his sister-in-law moved towards Sweet Dream Villa.

As for Jin Yuyan, she is going back to the company, driving her pink Lamborghini away.

After half an hour, the car drove into the Sweet Dream Villa.

The big truck stopped and Fang Tian instructed the workers to move the luggage in.

The most excited is Gold Jade Ye, she spread her arms and rushed into the villa.

The first floor is a living room, a large living room of 200 square meters, decorated splendorous and majestic.

A small living room on the second floor is relatively small, but more cozy and usually eats in this place.

Gold Jade Ye walks up to the second floor and chooses the room she likes.

She liked the house on the east side, which was bigger and the scenery outside the window was more beautiful.

Chen Shanmei reached out and held her: “This room is not yours.”

“Why?” Gold Jade Ye blinked and looked towards her.

Chen Shanmei hehe smiled: “This is Master room, your elder sister and brother-in-law room.”

Hua Xia people are mainly east. The room on the east side is generally the Master room. This room is the largest and the bed inside is also a double bed, so it must be her brother-in-law box Jin Yuyan.

“Then where is my room?” Gold Jade Ye asked.

Chen Shanmei pointed to the distance: “If you like big rooms, there is a big house on the west side.”

“No.” Gold Jade Ye shook his head.

She turned and pushed away the bedroom next door, which was also good.

“Just here, right next to elder sister.”

Fang Tian carried the suitcase in his hand and moved towards the west room.

Chen Shanmei reached out and held him: “The room on the east side is yours, and my daughter has a room.”

Fang Tian turned his head: “Not very good.”

“What’s not good?” Mother-in-law glared: “How long have you and my daughter been together and sleeping in separate rooms? Why, are you unwilling?”

Fang Tian coughed dryly: “I am happy, but I also need your daughter to agree.”

Chen Shanmei smiled and said: “With Mother-in-law to support you, she won’t say and so on.”

This Mother-in-law is really a rare top grade in the world, Fang Tian nodded, and then walked into the master room on the east side with the suitcase.

The closet of the room is oversized, two meters high and 10 meters long, which looks very luxurious.

Fang Tian put his clothes in, and then put Jin Yuyan’s clothes one after another in the wardrobe.

It took about two hours to finally put everything in place.

Fang Tian then took out his mobile phone and called Jin Yuyan.

Move a new home today and go out for a meal to celebrate.

However, after dialing several times, no one connected.


Hailin Avenue.

Jin Yuyan is driving Lamborghini and is on his way home.

Suddenly, a van rushed out of the intersection.

Jin Yuyan was stunned and quickly pressed the brake.

The van door opened and a group of masked men rushed out of the car.

The blink of an eye surrounded Lamborghini in the middle.

They have a gun in their hand, and the gun head is aimed at Jin Yuyan in the car.

Having encountered a kidnapper? This is Jin Yuyan’s first reaction.

She wants to start the car charge ahead.

“Bang! Bang!” The bullet penetrated her two tires.

Jin Yuyan parked the car urgently on the side of the road.

The two kidnappers rushed over and hit the window glass with one fist.

The leader of the kidnapper directly put the pistol on Jin Yuyan’s forehead, and fiercely ordered loudly, “Get off!”

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