Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1597


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As it was close to 12 noon, Fang Tian made several consecutive calls, but none of them could get through Jin Yuyan’s mobile phone.

Okay, let’s eat out together at noon.

“son-in-law, can you get the Yuyan phone?” Chen Shanmei came over and asked.

Fang Tian shook his head.

“Maybe it’s too busy, you call her secretary to ask.”

Ye Qing, her secretary, is about to be called. At this moment, the mobile phone rings.

Fang Tian looked at the content of the text message and suddenly eyes shrink shrink.

“Your fiancee has been kidnapped. If you want to save her life, let her go home safely and pay a ransom of 10 billion. Swiss bank account…”

I rely on, kidnapping, 10 billion ransom? !

Looking at his expression, Chen Shanmei asked, “What happened?”

Do you want to tell her? Fang Tian thought about it, or faced her mobile phone screen to her.

This view suddenly made Chen Shanmei complexion changed. “How could it be kidnapped? Is this true?”

From the number displayed on the SMS, it is indeed Jin Yuyan’s mobile phone.

Next, the phone received another text message.

“I give you three choices. First, if you think your fiancee’s life is not worth 10 billion, I kill her immediately.”

“Second, you can call the police, I will kill her now.”

“Third, pay money obediently and let go immediately.”

Jin Yuyan’s life is more than 10 billion, and 100,000,000,000 is more than what, what can I do now? Is it really necessary to pay 10 billion ransom.

Chen Shanmei’s face deathly pale: “son-in-law, what can I do now?”

Fang Tian pursed her lips for a while and pats her shoulders: “Relax, it won’t be a problem, at least Yuyan is safe now.”

I feel that this is not as simple as a pure kidnapping case. There may be someone behind the kidnappers, so the gang of kidnappers won’t act blindly without thinking to hurt Jin Yuyan.

Fang Tian then walked out of the house and called his bodyguard.

Soon, a blonde woman appeared and Eisa Bower stood in front of her.

Don’t look so cold, no one will see that she is a fast-moving, horrifying female bodyguard.

Fang Tian faced her mobile phone screen to her: “My fiancee was kidnapped, you investigate, who did it?”

“OK! Wait for my news.” Eisa Bower was very refreshing and acted immediately, the blink of an eye disappeared.

I don’t know how she can find it?

At noon, not at all went out for dinner. Affected by this incident, several people were not in a good mood. They ate a fruit salad at home.

Fang Tian looked at Mother-in-law and her sister-in-law, comforted: “I can handle this matter. She will definitely return safely.”

It’s different to have a strong man at home, like a Sea Calming Divine Needle, which made Chen Shanmei and Gold Jade Ye both calm down a lot.

After lunch, Eisa Bower’s investigation came out.

I have to say that this woman’s efficiency is really super fast.

In front of the stone table outside the villa door, Fang Tian drank tea and looked at the blonde in front of him: “Are you looking out?”

Eisa Bower placed a mobile phone in front of him.

Fang Tian looked at: “What?”

Eisa Bower said lightly: “Jin, I went back home. I walked again. This is the scene of the crime scene, in the vicinity of the scene found.”

Fang Tian clicked on the video and the phone was showing that a van was in front of Lamborghini, and then rushed out of a group of masked kidnappers to surround the car.

Then threatened with a gun.

Jin Yuyan’s bodyguards are not opponents of these people at all, and they are all overthrown.

Then a black Mercedes drove over, the door opened, and the kidnapper’s pistol was pointed at Jin Yuyan’s head and let her get in.

Then black Mercedes disappeared.

Eisa Bower said: “These are well-trained mercenaries, a mercenary organization named Blackhawk.”

“Black Hawk? Do you know them well?” Fang Tian asked.

“A bit, I have had conflicts with them.”

How can this mercenary organization target Jin Yuyan for money? If so, why should we wait until today?

At the end of the video, a mysterious black Mercedes appeared.

The mercenary head seems to have a great respect for the people inside Mercedes-Benz, and he dare not swear at Jin Yuyan, or even dare to touch her.

Who is the person inside black Mercedes?

“Do you know who is inside the Mercedes-Benz?” Fang Tian asked, looking at Eisa Bower.

Eisa Bower said: “The identity of the owner can not be found, but I know a little about the organization of the Black Hawk and have a close relationship with a Chinese person.”

“Who is he?” Fang Tian asked.

Eisa Bower threw a picture over.

Fang Tian took the photo in his hand. In the photo, he was a man with a bad smile. He knew at first glance that he was not a good person.

Next, Eisa Bower threw another card.

Fang Tian took a look. This man’s name is Ding Ruibin. His father is the boss of a large enterprise. His family is very background and has long-term contact with foreign mercenary organizations.

Just why did this man kidnap Jin Yuyan?

There is no shortage of money in his family. Is it because of the beauty of Jin Yuyan, but he has never seen him pursue her, how come he suddenly appeared?

There must be others behind it.

Fang Tian asked: “Do you know secret mastermind?”

Eisa Bower shook his head: “I don’t know.”

time it takes to eat a meal can investigate so many things, this woman is already quite tough.

For whatever reason he caught, he was understood.

Fang Tian clenched the teeth said: “Tie him!”

“Tied him?”

“Yes, tie Ding Ruibin!”

Eisa Bower didn’t ask much and acted immediately.


Mad Bar.

A man in a white casual suit walked out of the bar with a strong makeup on her face.

For girls, it’s like changing clothes, you can change one in a week.

Simple and rude, and smashing money, I just got a chick in the bar just now.

Black Mercedes, the man and his woman got into the car, started, and left the bar.

Driving the car off the road, the man slammed on the accelerator and was about to mark the car.

Suddenly, a blue jeep rushed over and stopped in front of his car.

The man complexion changed and immediately stepped on the brakes. He suddenly moved furiously towards the jeep and scolded: “Special, want to die?”

Two men jumped from the jeep and rushed to him quickly. Without a word, they knocked out his car window with a pistol!

The glass slag exploded and scared the girl inside face deathly pale!

The man’s face was furious: “Dare to smash my car, do you know who I am?”

Many rich and powerful children of the rich family pretend to be outside and like to say the last sentence. Do you know who I am?

The sunglasses man’s expression asked indifferently: “Who are you?”

The man looked proud: “I am Ding Ruibin!”

The man in sunglasses put his pistol on his temple: “Ding Ruibin, that’s right, you’re tied!”

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