Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1599


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The red liquid of this glass of wine looks very strange.

Jin Yuyan knew that if he drank it, he would fall into Bai Wanjun’s woman, and he would be taken to the southern hemisphere thousands of miles away.

Bai Wanjun looked at her like wild beast: “Did you drink it yourself, or did I force it into your mouth?”

Jin Yuyan’s expression is indifferent, and it is impossible to take the initiative to drink. Even if you know impossible, you must make a final fight.

Bai Wanjun stood up quickly, reached out and pinched her chin, forcing her into the mouth!

“peng!” A key flew in, directly knocking the goblet in his hand!

The shards of glass nearly scratched Bai Wanjun’s handsome face and flew over his ears.

Looking at the cup with only the feet in his hand, he was surprised.

Jin Yuyan looked towards the front, suddenly to be wild with joy!

Fang Tian is here!

“Mr. Bai, we meet again!” Fang Tian stood at the entrance of the hall with his hands in his pockets.

Bai Wanjun turned his head and looked angry.

The person he didn’t want to see appeared, how could he find it here? How did he come in?

Fang Tian smiled faintly: “I can’t think of it, dignified Bai Wanjun, known as the richest younger generation in the country, will one day fall to the point of hurriedly jumping the wall?”

Dogs jump off the wall in a hurry?

Bai Wanjun felt ashamed and threw away the glass moved towards Fang Tian in his hand.

Fang Tian turned his head, the glass flew sideways.

“Release people immediately, I can ignore what you did before.”

Bai Wanjun sneered: “There is nothing in the world that I regret, since I did it, I will definitely do it, even if it is a criminal.”

Fang Tian set off and moved towards Jin Yuyan quickly.

A silhouette of “shua!” appeared quickly, blocking it.

Height is 2 meters, and his muscles are bulging up. He is Bai Wanjun’s follower, Lei Yong!

Bai Wanjun looked coldly: “Jin Yuyan is my woman, I must take her away.”

Lei Yong reached out to push Fang Tian away, Fang Tian took a step back, and then moved towards the bodyguard behind him waving.

Eisa Bower rushed forward and stood in front of Lei Yong.

“haha! Fang Tian What kind of thing are you, you can’t beat yourself, let a woman stand in front of you.” Lei Yong laughed.

Fang Tian indifferently smiled, took a few steps back. “She is my bodyguard. Before you laugh at me, let’s say she won.”

Lei Yong looked up and down at the babes in front of her. She was tall, and she looked like a blonde beauty jumping out of a comic book. Can she fight? No cracking a joke.

“Foreign girls, look at you so beautiful, I can’t bear to beat you and roll away.” Lei Yong evil fiercely said.

Eisa Bower punches quickly and knocks his nose down!

Lei Yong touched his lips, nosebleed.

“Damn it, don’t think I don’t hit a woman.” Lei Yong was angry and raised his hand, moved towards the face of the foreign girl.

Eisa Bower did not dodge, but raised his hand and held his palm!

In an instant, Lei Yong felt a powerful force from his palm, and his big palm-like hand was controlled by death.

He was shocked, it was fundamentally impossible that a woman should have the power.

He struggled to take back the right hand, and moved his fist towards a foreign girl.

Eisa Bower twisted to hide, then punched hard and hit him in the chest.

A sturdy chest claiming to be able to crush big stones in her chest, she forcibly broke four ribs!

Lei Yong’s body kept going back, gritted his teeth, and hurried forward.

didn’t expect This foreign girl not only can watch but also fight, he dare not underestimate the enemy, and use all his strength to attack the past.

In the hall of splendorous and majestic, a man and a woman fought fiercely.

After dozens of moves back and forth, Lei Yong couldn’t take the least amount of money, but was attacked by Eisa Bower a dozen times.

With a loud muffled noise, Eisa Bower kicked Lei Yong’s stomach with a kick, which flew backwards and hit the wall.

The entire villa was shaking, and the ceiling chandelier shook violently.

Lei Yong clenched the teeth climbed from the ground, pulled out a sharp knife moved towards her and attacked.

From the beginning of looking down, to the fear of rivals, and now attacking a bare-handed woman with a weapon, there is no feeling of embarrassment.

It can only be said that this woman is not an ordinary person, she is too terrifying!

As long as she can defeat her, she is proud to use the three methods.

Lei Yong’s eyes were fierce, moved towards her throat, heart, stomach, and crazy attack.

Eisa Bower evades quickly like a spirit snake.

She kept going back, and she reached the corner of the wall.

Lei Yong felt the opportunity came and fiercely stabbed her heart.


It’s not Lei Yong who screams, but Lei Yong.

Eisa Bower’s dart pierced his wrist before his sharp knife was stabbed.

“ka-cha!” Broken bone, the sharp knife in Lei Yong’s hand fell off.

Eisa Bower reached out with lightning, and white hand socks pinched his neck.

Lei Yong almost died, he wanted to fight back.

Foreign girl shook her hand, and Lei Yong 200 Jin’s body was thrown out of the window by her.

This is the 28th floor!

There was a huge muffled noise downstairs, and Lei Yong was over.

Next, four or five bodyguards moved towards Eisa Bower and rushed over.

In less than 10 points minutes, they all fell down, and they were not opponents of foreign girls at all.

Fang Tian moved towards Jin Yuyan immediately.

Bai Wanjun saw that the major event was not good, he immediately pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Jin Yuyan’s temple. “Don’t come over, otherwise I will kill her now.”

Fang Tian stood in the distance, daring to act blindly without thinking.

Bai Wanjun looked at Jin Yuyan coldly said: “Miss Jin, follow me.”

Bai Wanjun then took her and moved towards the downstairs.

Fang Tian and Eisa Bower followed.

Come downstairs, Bai Wanjun’s men immediately responded, guarding him moved towards the pier.

His pistol is always aimed at Jin Yuyan’s temple.

Seaside, dock.

A clipper stopped in front and Bai Wanjun hijacked Jin Yuyan and stepped onto the clipper.

After the speedboat sails out of the China border, a steamer will take over and take the two to an island in the southern hemisphere.

The two of them boarded the ship, and the speedboat immediately set off from the dock.

When Fang Tian and Eisa Bower rushed to the pier, the speedboat had left more than twenty meters away.

“Can you catch up?” Fang Tian looked at Eisa Bower and asked quickly.

Yan Niu’s swimming speed is super fast, but no matter how fast it is impossible, it’s faster than a speedboat.

She looks indifferent, and looks the head.

Bai Wanjun laughs facing the sky: “hahaha! Jin Yuyan, not your fiancee, she will still be mine after all!”

Fang Tian was anxious in his heart and immediately ordered the system to be started to input energy to his legs.

In an instant, both legs are full of explosive energy!

His body recedes quickly and then rushes forward at the speed of the tiger and leopard.

Foot on the edge of the dock platform, leap forward, cross the sea, and moved towards the speedboat.

The sky is high enough for a bird to fly through. Looking down from the sky, the speedboat is like a fallen leaf.

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