Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1600


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Going far away, Bai Wanjun will take Jin Damei to a small island far away.

In his career, Bai Wanjun has been completely defeated by Fang Tian.

In terms of love, he can never lose to him again, it is necessary to take Jin Yuyan away.

Jin Yuyan is a very arrogant woman, but when she arrives on the island, for a long time, even the arrogant woman will be tortured without temper, and obediently become a docile kitten.

Be able to conquer her without regrets in this life, Bai Wanjun laughs facing the sky.

But when he looked up towards the sky, the laughter stopped abruptly.

I saw that Fang Tian leaped across the sea, yes, he leaped directly from the seaside pier and crossed 80 meters. The landing point was the speedboat.

Bai Wanjun on the speedboat, as well as the two bodyguards around him, looked up at the sky and their pupils enlarged.

The black clothed bodyguard is about to shoot when he draws a gun.

"peng!" Fang Tian landed on the speedboat steadily with a loud noise.

A huge impact that almost sank the speedboat.

The speedboat rocked violently in the sea, and the black clothed bodyguards were unable to stand steadily and were thrown out.

"Punch!" He fell into the icy water.

The other bodyguard immediately drew the knife, moved towards Fang Tian and stabbed in the past.

Fang Tian quickly ducked sideways, then took control of his wrist, broke it hard, snatched the knife in his hand, and stabbed him into his stomach.

Black clothed bodyguard stared wide-eyed, Fang Tian kicked him with one foot.

He flew upside down and fell into the sea to feed the sharks.

There are only three people left on the speedboat. In addition to Fang Tian, ​​Bai Wanjun is opposite. The pistol in his hand is still against Jin Yuyan’s temple.

"I released her immediately." Fang Tian moved towards him.

The sea breeze blew his hair, and it looked so domineering!

Bai Wanjun laughed in the sky: "The biggest mistake in my life is to look down on you!"

The original Fang Tian was just a son-in-law of Jin Family, a son-in-law who relied on the woman Eating Soft Rice, and was humble enough to be humble.

However, I never imagined that one day this man, who was so humble as an ant, would become a giant dragon!

Very powerful, sweeping around!

Those who offended him, each and everyone were trampled under his feet.

He is always pretending to be weak on the surface, but in fact has been accumulating strength.

At first, Bai Wanjun did not take him seriously, but one day when he discovered that Fang Tian had caused a threat, he wanted to stop it, it was too late!

It's really late, Fang Tian's momentum is fierce and can't be stopped! Imposing manner, kill me fiercely!

Those who stood in front of him and confronted him were crushed under him.

Fang Tian smiled on his mouth: "Since I started the software industry on the first day, it is to catch up with you and surpass you! If you are a hardware king, then I will be a software king!"

"Now, I did it, from a small application software to today's Operating System. I built a complete software empire!"

"Not only that, I also got into your field and made hardware."

"Do you know why you lost to me?"

Bai Wanjun didn't speak, biting his lower lip tightly, even he didn't notice it, his lips were bitten, and blood was flowing out.

Fang Tian said: "From the day I made the hardware, I was doomed to fail!"

"Fight the price war, you will never fight me. Because, I don't need to rely on hardware to make money at all. SoftCloud is the most profitable software, and the price of the product is minimized, even if the hardware loses a lot."

"Can you do it?"

The speedboat is unmanned and rushes forward.

Fang Tian asked with a smile: "Ask you a question that may be a little funny. Do you understand the meaning of "Eating Soft Rice"?"

"Wow, isn't it your kind of man who is relying on a woman Eating Soft Rice?" Bai Wanjun yelled.

Fang Tian shook his head: "I have redefined'Eating Soft Rice'. Its real meaning is to eat software. You don't understand from beginning to end, so losing to me is also inevitable. "

The surface is a man who is dependent on a woman to support him and is incapable of making money.

On the other side, it is the king of software, a person who can become the richest person in the world!

Pretending to force, to the extent that Fang Tian is the world's first!

From beginning to end, Bai Wanjun can't understand Fang Tian, ​​nor is he optimistic about the software industry, and he never planned to do it.

Watching him grow up in front of one's eyes, reaching the height of the towering tree!

The hardware king lost, and it has fallen to the point of being a stray dog ​​today.

Bai Wanjun quickly reached into his arms, then pulled out a gun and aimed at Fang Tian. "Jump into the sea immediately, otherwise I don't mind killing you!"

Jin Yuyan bit her lower lip: "Fang Tian, ​​you go, don't worry about me."

Fang Tian gave her a steady look in the past: "I will definitely take you away safely."

"I counted three times and immediately released her." Three fingers were stretched out, and Fang Tian looked at Bai Wanjun proudly.

fearless and dauntless, a step forward: "3..."

Bai Wanjun's fingers were shaking.

"2..." Fang Tian took another step forward.

Jin Yuyan’s heart peng peng is beating!

"1..." Fang Tian took another step forward, and the muzzle was in front of his chest.

Bai Wanjun pulled the trigger. "peng!"

Fang Tian disappeared in a flash, and the bullet hit the air.

The next second Fang Tian appeared behind him, the sharp knife pierced his back!

Bai Wanjun growled and mumbled, completely crazy and ridiculous, he had lost his mind, and another pistol aimed at Jin Yuyan.

He pulled the trigger!

Jin Yuyan closed his eyes!


The bullet moved towards the sky, and the muzzle was skyward.

Fang Tian held his wrist and raised it.

"ka!" Fang Tian suddenly used force to directly explode Bai Wanjun's wrist bone!

He thumped his hand and the pistol fell.

As soon as Fang Tian grasped the pistol, the black hole's head was on his eyeball!

"hahahahahaha ha..." Bai Wanjun suddenly laughed in the sky, his mad laughter spreading far away in the sea.

Fang Tian has sharp eyes and a cold voice: "Now I will give you two choices. The first is self-defeating. The second is to go back to the legal trial."

Either die or imprison for life!

Bai Wanjun's eyes were red, he thumped his chest, a mouthful of blood spurted, moved towards Fang Tian.

Fang Tian ducked sideways.

Bai Wanjun turned quickly and kicked on the speedboat steering wheel.

The high-speed stealth speedboat flew up and flipped in the air.

Jin Yuyan exclaimed, his body moved towards the sea.

Fang Tian quickly reached out and grabbed her.

"Punch!" The two fell into the sea.

The moment he fell into the sea, Fang Tian shot with a gun.

"Bang! Bang!" Bai Wanjun's left and right shoulders were hit by bullets.

Bai Wanjun, who jumped into the sea and was about to swim and fled, suddenly shook his body and sank into the sea.

The sea is as deep as 7000 meters, and all the hatred sinks into the seabed, turning into silt!

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