Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1601


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A thick driftwood floated on the sea.

A man and a woman, hugging the driftwood with both hands, floating on the sea.

The vast sea surface, this driftwood doesn’t know where to float?

“Are you afraid?” Fang Tian is speaking, both of his hands holding driftwood, gasping for breath.

The parts below the waist are soaked in the sea water. As long as you let go, the whole person will be silent to a seabed of 7000 meters deep.

“I feel at ease when you are here.” Jin Yuyan is talking, her hands on the other side of the driftwood.

The two maintain a balance. Once the driftwood loses its balance, the two will sink into the sea together.

It may seem dangerous, but Jin Yuyan’s heart is calm and calmer than ever.

He was taken away by mercenaries, and his heart was hanging in the air. When facing Bai Wanjun, his expression was calm, but he was very nervous.

Until the appearance of Fang Tian, ​​he escaped the danger with his powerful turn peril into safety.

The damn person is dead, and the most dangerous moment has finally passed.

Although I don’t know where Sea Wave is behind me, where will I push myself?

But what does it matter, there is a person who loves to be with me.

The moonlight is scattered on the sea. Although it is not clear, it feels magnificent.

“So romantic!” Jin Yuyan sighed, and then moved towards the sea and called.

Fang Tian hehe smiled: “So, you also know how to be romantic?”

In the impression, Jin Yuyan is an iceberg queen, very different from ordinary women, and never likes romantic things.

Silenced for a long time, Jin Yuyan suddenly asked: “Will you blame me, unlike a woman, did not do something with you?”

The two have been together for a long time, but they haven’t been close, and even have little time to go shopping together for dinner.

“A little bit, this is your character and I will not force you.” Fang Tian said, spitting out the sea water in his mouth.

Floating on the sea, occasionally a sea breeze blowing, making him cold.

Jin Yuyan pursed her lips and made up her mind: “Fang Tian, ​​if we can go back safely, I will give you whatever you want.”

Fang Tian has a happy heart: “Are you serious?”

“en!” Jin Yuyan complied, the voice is as fine as a gnat.

“hahahahahaha ha…” Fang Tian laughed heartily, his voice spread far away.

“Wife! I love you!!” Fang Tian shouted loudly at the sea.

The vast sky, the broad sea, the sound waves breaking through the Sea Wave, the sky is echoing!

“Husband, I love you too!” Jin Yuyan’s face was hot!

For the first time, she called her husband so affectionately!

This sound is really nice!

After the emotions soared, Jin Yuyan was a little worried: “When are we going to float?”

“Relax! We will go home safely!” Fang Tian gave her a steady look in her head.

Jin Yuyan suddenly remembered something: “Do you remember, I once said the community of destiny?”

Fang Tian said: “Remember, I do the Internet, you do the physical industry, I and you combine online and offline, a community of destiny!”

This is not a career, but love.

At the moment, the two people floating on the sea are suffering together, holding a driftwood, and having a common destiny.

Both’s legs were soaked in the sea water, and both began to numb.

Fang Tian looked at the driftwood in front of him, and he should sit up without problems.

He then tried to hold Jin Yuyan up and let her sit up.

Driftwood shook, and Jin Yuyan sat on it.

Fang Tian then turned over cautiously and also straddled the driftwood.

Driftwood sank a bit, and the two of them had their complexion changed, and they didn’t dare to move more.

Fortunately, driftwood can bear the weight of two people.

Fang Tian took out his mobile phone to see if he could call someone for rescue?

However, the mobile phone is soaked in water and turned into parallel imports.

Fang Tian smiled bitterly and threw the phone into the sea. “If we keep floating like this and never go back, are you afraid?”

The endless darkness around, barely able to see each other through the moonlight.

“With you there, I will feel at ease even if I sink into the sea together.” Jin Yuyan burst into tears suddenly and fell into Fang Tian’s arms.

The queen cried! Really cry!

In memory, Fang Tian saw her crying for the first time, not because she was sad, but because she was excited.

The hardship is not dead, the excitement of escaping from danger and sharing the trouble with your favorite person!

The moment she fluttered, driftwood shook, Fang Tian almost fell into the sea.

Jin Yuyan forgets everything around him, and embraces Fang Tian’s neck and sticks his delicate face over.

Fang Tian is nervous, big beauty, it’s so dangerous here, should romance find a suitable place?

7000 meters deep!

Driftwood floating on the sea shakes left and right, then sinks slowly.

The sea water overflowed the waists of the two…

The water over the shoulders of the two…

The sea water overflowed the lips of the two…

The top of the head disappeared, and the two completely sink into the sea…

Forget about life and death and sink together!


Sweet Dream Villa.

At the moment, Chen Shanmei and Gold Jade Ye in white pajamas are sitting on the sofa in the living room, waiting anxiously with a mobile phone in their hands.

It is already early in the morning, but neither of them is a bit sleepy.

Both are waiting for the safe return of Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan.

One phone call after another, still unable to get through.

Jin Yuyan’s mobile phone was lost, and Fang Tian’s mobile phone was soaked in seawater, and it was strange to get through.

“What can I do?” Chen Shanmei’s eyes were tense and moist.

Since she lost her husband, she lives with her daughter. Although she is wealthy, she has never been happy.

After recruiting Fang Tian, ​​there is a man in the family, the life is getting better and better, and the smile is back on his face again.

I bought a villa in Beijing a few days ago and moved to my new residence today.

Everything is so beautiful, but didn’t expect, there will be an accident suddenly.

She can’t imagine how she would live in the future if she lost Jin Yuyan and son-in-law?

The more I thought, the more sad I felt. Chen Shanmei’s tears shed.

Gold Jade Ye patted her shoulder: “Brother-in-law and elder sister will definitely come back.”

Comforting others with her mouth, in fact, she was very nervous and her eyes were red.

She checked the Internet, and the news reported that someone had taken hostages and fled overseas.

A violent fight took place on the sea.

The speedboat has been found, but people don’t know where to go?

The predictions all fell into the sea. Now the maritime search and rescue team is searching and rescue at sea. The sea environment is harsh and the search and rescue is very difficult.

Gold Jade Ye was so nervous that her forehead was sweating coldly, praying that her brother-in-law and elder sister would return safely.

Chen Shanmei finished reading the news and immediately called, she used all the contacts she could use.

Tens thousands of people to search and rescue at the beach.

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