Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1769


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Li Xueyan’s eyes are dim, her mouth is pursed, and she wants to speak, but she wants to speak but stops.

“What’s the matter? Are you saying something?” Jin Yutang is very impatient. He already has a hunch?

Jin Wenhai took a deep breath and took a deep breath: “The second uncle and I agreed to Fang Tian and gave 60% of the inheritance to his wife!”

Jin Yutang’s eyes widened, his face turned black.

“Dad, you have brain issues. Give him so much. How much can we get?” Jin Yutang broke apart.

Li Xueyan said: “The remaining 40%, we share the same with the second one.”

In other words, you can only get 20%, and Jin Yuyan got three times!

“peng!” Jin Yutang punched the door frame with a fist: “How can you agree to such an excessive request?”

The more he talked, the more angry he got, and moved towards his parents yelled: “Are you old? Your brain is not working well, or you have Alzheimer’s? Go to the hospital if you are sick.”

Jin Wenhai to get really angry, really want to slap this son to death. “If it weren’t for saving you, we would agree to his terms?”

“Who needs him to save? I have a way to save myself. Mental illness! I don’t agree to this, and fight with him to the end.” Jin Yutang turned and walked away with a full face of anger.

“Ugh…” Jin Wenhai sighed.


2nd day morning, sun shone brightly.

Fang Tian drove to the company’s Headquarters, and today an industrial park will be established here.

A Hegemon technology company was born in this city. Around SoftCloud, a large number of upstream and downstream companies can develop.

Therefore, this area will be planned as a ‘SoftCloud Industrial Park’.

Not only provides a lot of land for SoftCloud, but also the roads nearby are named after SoftCloud.

SoftCloud Avenue East, SoftCloud Avenue Male, SoftCloud Avenue West…

The establishment of SoftCloud Industrial Park invited Fang Tian to give a speech.

The president of the IT Industry Association said with a smile: “Please, Mr. Fang Tian, ​​the founder of SoftCloud, will speak on stage.”

Fang Tian stood on the stage and gave a few brief words. “This industrial park, driven by SoftCloud, will give birth to many technology companies. I believe it will surpass Silicon Valley and become the world’s technology innovation center!”

In the audience, the guests applauded.

“The technology of the world depends on China, and the technology of China depends on SoftCloud!”

“Yes, SoftCloud can independently develop and produce the most powerful chip in the world today. The technological landscape of the entire world will change.”

“SoftCloud is the pride of our country. This industrial park can at least bring an output value of 3 trillion yuan!”


The listing ceremony of the industrial park ended, Fang Tian drove away.

Suddenly, I received a call from my sister-in-law. She said that she wanted to accompany her to go shopping. It was nearby.

Golden Avenue.

The most prosperous commercial street in this area, driven by SoftCloud technology, it is extremely prosperous!

“If you want to go shopping, it would be better to find your elder sister.” Fang Tian strolled along the pedestrian street, watching the endless flow of people around.

Gold Jade Ye wrinkled his nose: “You don’t know, my elder sister is a workaholic, how can I go shopping with me?”

Walking into a clothing store, shopaholics looked at the top-end high-end brands in front of them, with excitement on their faces, women shopping for clothes, like a bachelor walking into the emperor’s harem.

When you see you like it, buy it. Gold Jade Ye tried on a lot of patterns and asked if it looks good. Let Fang Tian feast his eyes.

Fang Tian rarely brings cash when he goes out. In his previous life, he was used to mobile payment. When he took out his mobile phone to pay, he suddenly remembered that this World did not have the payment method of scanning QR code.

Next, it’s time to promote SoftCloud’s payment platform to all physical stores.

I took out my wallet, paid in cash, and waited for more than ten minutes for change. Cash payment is really troublesome.

After that, the two walked out of the clothing store, and Gold Jade Ye also wanted to look at other stores.

More than two hours, I went to many shops, unconsciously it was noon.

Gold Jade Ye suggested to eat at a nearby fast food restaurant.

Just then, the phone rang, and she immediately connected it to her ear.

“Sister Yuye, where are you?” Jin Yuting’s voice came over the phone.

“Pedestrian shopping, ready to have lunch.” Gold Jade Ye said with a smile.

“What a coincidence, I am also in the vicinity, let’s go together.” Jin Yuting said with a smile.

Immediately, the two agreed to the restaurant and then hung up.

Meile Restaurant.

At the entrance of the restaurant, stood a youngster wearing a gray jacket, gray bell-bottom pants, and a pair of golden headphones. He was Jin Yuting.

Jin Family The first family, Jin Wenhai’s son, Jin Yutang’s younger brother, is about the same age as Gold Jade Ye, born a month earlier.

When he saw Gold Jade Ye still bringing Fang Tian over for dinner, he was taken aback.

Gold Jade Ye stood in front of him: “Why, I’m not happy to see you brother-in-law?”

Jin Yuting gave a dry cough: “Go in.”

Now, because of the dispute over property, the relationship between several families has become stale, especially the relationship between the first family and the third family is even worse.

If possible, Jin Yuting really doesn’t want to contact Fang Tian.

Since you are here, you can’t don’t give face, right?

Close to the window, soft sunlight casts in.

Three people sat down around the round table.

“How many, do you want to eat?” The waiter smiled and asked.

Girls are the priority, Fang Tian handed the menu to Gold Jade Ye, she shook her head: “You can order.”

Fang Tian took a look, she likes sweets and ordered a lot of pastries.

And Jin Yuting has not spoken, he has been playing on his mobile phone.

Gold Jade Ye moved towards his phone and took a look. “Brother Yuting, have you also used a touch screen phone?”

“Of course, I’m a hipster!” Jin Yuting said with a smile.

“But do you know that your brother-in-law made the phone when the sun doesn’t set?” Gold Jade said with a slight smile.

Jin Yuting is a little surprised. He knows that Fang Tian’s company is doing software Internet. When did he do hardware?

“Really?” He was a little skeptical.

Gold Jade Ye’s finger clicked on his forehead: “I also said that the trendy people, the sun never sets is the brand of SoftCloud technology!”

Jin Yuting looked towards Fang Tian, ​​his eyes are a bit complicated, some worship, but I don’t want to admit it. His expression is indifferent: “Well, your phone is doing fine.”

He didn’t want to be called brother-in-law, he still seemed cold.

Gold Jade Ye drank a sip of milk tea and said with a smile: “What does it mean is okay. Your brother-in-law is now the founder of the world’s largest software Internet company!”

Now, Jin Yuting was surprised again.

Not only has it made the world’s strongest mobile phones and chips, but it is also the world’s largest Internet company. It takes all software and hardware!

Gold Jade said with a smile: “SoftCloud’s search, SoftCloud’s E-Commerce, SoftCloud’s many applications have achieved the world’s number one. Your brother-in-law incomparable is powerful!”

Jin Yuting felt shocked inside, but not at all showed on his face.

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