Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1771


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Madman’s Bar.

It’s been a long time since I went to the bar. Tonight, Fang Tian and Du Fei made an appointment to come over to drink, and talk about the next step by the way.

Pushing the door, the two enter the bar.

The loudspeakers of the bar are filled with strong DJ dance music, which is full of strong wine aroma.

The two randomly found a spot, sat down, and told the waiter to come over.

“Two people, what do you want to drink?” The waiter walked over and asked.

Fang Tian said: “German dark beer!”

Soon, two bottles of German dark beer were delivered and placed in front of them.

Du Fei filled himself up and took a sip: “Boss, is our offline layout complete?”

SoftCloud’s Internet empire has been settled online, leaving the last continent to combine with the physical industry to form an Internet+.

Take-out ordering, hotels, travel…et cetera there are so many, SoftCloud has already done it now.

Fang Tian drank the wine, faintly smiled: “Not yet. A crucial step, we have not done it yet.”

Du Fei wondered: “Which step is still missing?”

Fang Tian took out the cell phone and quickly wrote four characters on it.

Mobile payment

Du Fei can guess the general meaning, but for mobile payment, there is no idea in his mind.

Now when you come out for consumption, there are nothing more than two payment methods. First, cash. The second is bank cards.

Compared with electronic payment, cash payment has many disadvantages.

First, security issues.

Money is easy to lose, paper money is damaged, or counterfeit money is received.

But mobile payment does not have these problems.

Second, convenience.

You don’t need to bring a lot of cash when you go out, just a mobile phone. There is no need to find change, as cash payment is a troublesome thing.

Third, environmental protection and hygiene.

When a new version of banknotes appears, the old version will be recycled and destroyed by the bank, consuming a lot of wood.

The banknotes passed through the hands of countless people, stained with grease, very dirty, and there may be millions of bacteria on them.

Although mobile phones also have bacteria, their own mobile phones are easy to handle and will not spread viruses through payment.

Compared with bank cards, mobile payment also has advantages. You can check consumer bills, income and expenditure records in time.

The merchant does not need to purchase additional equipment, and the cost of the credit card machine is not a small cost.

Fang Tian took a long time to talk to Du Fei about the advantages of mobile payment.

After listening, he was also excited.

“The question is, how can our mobile payment be accepted by merchants and consumers?”

When it comes to money, promotion of this new payment method is a big problem.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “We have two online payment platforms, one is Cloud Wallet, the other is Jinchengtong!”

Cloud Wallet is developed based on SoftCloud-based Cloud Online Mall, similar to Alipay.

The Jinchengtong is based on Qianjin Mall, similar to

JD’s offline payment platform is not at all developed, and Fang Tian reborn as a self-operated E-Commerce, from the very beginning, attaches great importance to encouraging users to use money pain, and now it has a large number of users .

Cloud Wallet occupies 70% of online payment, and Jinchengtong occupies 30% of online payment!

In other words, online payment, SoftCloud has dominated the world!

Next to the physical store, it is still blank.

But with a large number of online users, it is not difficult to cover physical stores with mobile payments.

Fang Tian looked at Du Fei and said: “Mobile payment APP, let you do it!”

He has always been responsible for security software. His team has superb technology in the security field. What is the most important thing about payment? Security. Only by ensuring security can we attract more users.

Du Fei nodded: “Well, my team brother and I will be able to make it soon.”

There has been a foundation for making payments. This time I made the APP version, and it doesn’t take too long.

The other side of the bar.

Jin Yutang and Luo Zhiqiang are sitting together, drinking brandy.

The two talked and laughed, and the relationship seemed to be good.

“Didn’t expect, Fang Tian turned out to be your brother-in-law.” Luo Zhiqiang sighed, and met Fang Tian today, which made him very depressed. When he came out for a drink tonight, he happened to meet Jin Yutang.

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