Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1772


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Jin Yuting got up to the bathroom and went to the door of the bathroom to see Luo Zhiqiang and another person beaten together.

He complexion changed and rushed over immediately, pulling the two away.

At this moment, Luo Zhiqiang pressed Du Fei against the wall and was about to move towards his face with a fist.

Jin Yuting stretched his hand over, trying to pull Luo Zhiqiang away, but the opponent suddenly slammed him to the other side.

Du Fei took this opportunity to hit his abdomen with his knee severely, Luo Zhiqiang raised his leg to fight back, and the two beaten again.

Jin Yuting immediately turned around, fucked the bottle and ran back.

At the same time, Fang Tian and Jin Yutang, who heard the movement here, ran over.

Looking at the scene in front of him, the two complexion changed.

“You fucking dare to hit my friend!” Jin Yutang quickly moved towards Du Fei and rushed over.

Fang Tian stretched out his hand and pushed him away: “Go away, Du Fei is my friend!”

Jin Yutang turned his head and looked angrily: “You rubbish yourself, and your friend is rubbish, so you beat my friend!”

Fang Tian looked towards Luo Zhiqiang, the last time I met, I knew he was not a good bird. I didn’t expect to see him here tonight.

At this moment, Luo Zhiqiang and Du Fei were weakened and injured in multiple places, lying on the bar.

And Jin Yuting, who is holding the wine bottle, stands behind them.

Jin Yutang told him: “younger brother, give me a bottle to knock that kid Du Fei to death.”

Jin Yuting was stunned, wondering if he should do it?

Fang Tian coldly said: “If you treat me as a brother-in-law, give me a bottle to knock Luo Zhiqiang to death!”

Jin Yuting is even more embarrassed, holding the wine bottle and stopping in the air, don’t know how to start?

Jin Yutang said angrily: “Are you with the surname Jin or Fang? You have to resist the big brother?”

Fang Tian coldly said: “Yu Ting, your big brother is who, you know very well that if you treat me as brother-in-law, you should listen to me.”

One side is the big brother, and the other is brother-in-law? How to do? Jin Yuting is very embarrassed.

At the bar, many people came to watch.

“The one on the left is the No. 1 Young Master in Beijing, Jin Yutang?”

“The one on the right is the No. 1 son-in-law in Beijing, Fang Tian!”

“Does he support brother-in-law or his big brother?”

Jin Yutang sternly ordered: “What are you still waiting for? Do it, blow Du Fei with a bottle, otherwise, you won’t recognize me as your brother in the future.”

Jin Yuting gritted his teeth and made up his mind: “I know how to do it.”

He stepped up to Du Fei’s side. At this moment, Du Fei was exhausted and didn’t even have the strength to raise his hand.

Jin Yutang smiled, but my brother is still standing by the big brother.

But the next scene shocked him!

Jin Yuting suddenly turned around 180 degrees, and the heavy glass bottle moved towards Luo Zhiqiang’s head!

“peng!” The heavy glass bottle burst and the glass slag splashed!

The bar attendant was shocked, everyone was shocked, Jin Yutang was even more shocked and trembling violently!

Jin Yuting turned around and threw half of the wine bottle aside, exhales one breath saying.

“From today, I don’t have a younger brother like you! We sever the brotherhood!” Jin Yutang was furious!

Jin Yuting smashed Luo Zhiqiang, which means standing on Fang Tian’s side, bringing Jin Yutang a huge shame, an unprecedented shame.

Jin Yuting’s tone slowly: “I only know that I am doing the right thing at the moment. As for a brother like you, it will be gone if it is gone, I don’t care!”

In front of everyone, the relationship between the two brothers broke!

Fang Tian walked over, patted Jin Yuting on the shoulder: “you did good! This is the difference between you and your scum big brother, I didn’t disappoint!”

Jin Yutang has red eyes, rushing over, Fang Tian stood straight: “Why, do you want to fight me here?”

Jin Yutang stopped, if it is heads-up, it is not his opponent. “You wait, I will never give up.”

After that, Jin Yutang ignored Luo Zhiqiang, turned around and left the bar in a hurry.

Fang Tian helped Du Fei and moved towards the nearby hospital, followed by Jin Yuting.

The incident that happened tonight shocked the entire capital giants, and it was deeply imprinted on the minds of all the giants Aristocratic Family.

In full view, choose 1 from two.

In the end, Jin Yuting burst Jin Yutang’s friend with a bottle, and he chose to stand on the brother-in-law side.

The first son-in-law in the capital, the strong overwhelming the first Young Master in the capital!

In one hour.

After taking Du Fei into the hospital, Fang Tian and Jin Yuting left.

“Have you decided to sever relationship with your big brother?”

“Can I still regret it?” Jin Yuting looked around and asked.

My brother is a who product, Jin Yuting knows best, very despicable.

Fang Tian is now the founder of the world technology giant. Jin Yuting has already admired him in his heart and regarded him as his idol, but he didn’t admit it.

So, in his heart, Fang Tian’s status is much higher than his big brother.


At 11 o’clock in the evening, Jin Yutang, drunk, returned home.

Li Xueyan, who was watching TV in the living room of the villa, looked towards him, suddenly frowned. “Yutang, why do you drink so much wine?”

Jin Yutang burped alcohol and did not respond. He walked over and sat on the sofa and fell asleep.

Li Xueyan pulled his arm: “You go take a bath, change your clothes and sleep again.”

“It’s none of your business.” Jin Yutang pushed her away hard.

Li Xueyan stepped back and nearly fell to the ground.

Looking at her son like this, it always feels wrong, she asked: “What happened?”

When she asked this, Jin Yutang’s face turned dark. “Jin Yuting, he can go to death, tonight, he beat my friend with a wine bottle!”

Li Xueyan feels unfathomable mystery: “Why does he want to beat your friend?”

Jin Yutang hiccups, I don’t know how to explain it. He clenched the teeth: “From today, I don’t have this younger brother, I want to cut off relations with him!”

Li Xueyan was surprised. “Did you drink too much?”

“No.” Jin Yutang’s eyes were firm: “He made me lose face in the upper class.”

Just then, Jin Yuting came back. He glanced at it with an indifferent expression, and then went upstairs.

Li Xueyan asked quickly: “What is going on, please communicate with your brother.”

“Needless to say, there is no brotherhood since then.” Jin Yutang got up and moved towards the outside of the villa.

Li Xueyan was anxious, stretched out her hand to hold him, and asked the two brothers to speak well.

“It’s so late, where are you going?”

“Drinking.” Jin Yutang turned around and pushed hard, Li Xueyan fell heavily to the ground.

Jin Yutang walked out of the villa door without looking at it.

Li Xueyan fell to the floor and hit the corner of the tea machine with her forehead.

She touched her head subconsciously, and closed her eyes.

“Mom, are you okay?” Jin Yuting complexion changed, immediately ran down the stairs, walked quickly over to help her up…

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