Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1773


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In the morning of 2nd day, the Golden Flower Restaurant.

Two prominent elderly people in the capital sat together drinking morning tea.

The one on the left is Jin Huashan, a business tycoon, a super-rich with 80 billion. The so-called 80 billion is just outside speculation. In fact, it is far more than that.

Across from him is Lin Tianshan wearing a white shirt and Big Dipper Mount Tai from the tech world.

There is a chess board in front of the two, drinking tea and playing chess.

Lin Tianshan dropped a white son: “Old Jin, it really makes me envious. If I had a son-in-law as good as Fang Tian, ​​it would be fine.”

Jin Huashan left Heizi and said indifferently: “What did he do abroad, is he very difficult to deal with?”

He knows what Fang Tian has done in China, but he doesn’t know anything about his achievements abroad.

Lin Tianshan hehe smiled: “Your granddaughter has brought the software ecology to the world and turned all netizens in the world into his users. Not only that, his Mengzhen system has also become the most popular system in the world. .”

Jin Huashan doesn’t know what application ecology is, but it sounds very leathery!

Lin Tianshan took a sip of tea and heave a long sigh: “For many years, our country has always wanted to build the Operating System to compete with the American Operating System. But all failed. And your grandson son-in -law, he is simply a Legendary, he has achieved an achievement that others will never be able to do!”

Jin Huashan listened, feeling a little excited inside. “According to that, he has made a huge contribution to our country?”

“Yes.” Lin Tianshan affirmed: “In the science and technology industry, he is incomparable, and even his prestige has surpassed me.”

Wow! Jin Huashan speechless for a long time.

Even if I know that Son-in-law is very difficult to deal with, but I never think that he is so powerful today.

Lin Tianshan lamented said with a smile: “So, if only I had this super grandson son-in-law!”

“hahaha! You can’t envy this, such a super son-in-law, there is only one in the world.” Jin Huashan laughed triumphantly.

Lin Tianshan drops the white chess: “Before you always looked down on him, but now, your grandson-in-law may be snatched away.”

hearing this, Jin Huashan’s brows frowned. Before, he always thought about how to drive Fang Tian away, but now, instead of worrying, he is worried that after Fang Tian’s flies, he abandons his granddaughter and leaves Jin Family .

It seems that we have to find a way to keep him!


At noon, the lobby of the Haoting Villa.

In a word from Jin Huashan, everyone in the Jin Family family is here.

Three families, each sitting by three different walls.

The relationship between the three families has long been froze, and everyone has no smile on their faces, and their expressions are cold.

Close to the east is Jin Huashan’s seat.

His old eyes glanced at everyone in the family, and then opened the mouth and said: “The inheritance matter has been delayed for a long time. Let’s make a decision today!”

All eyes are on him, waiting for his announcement.

Jin Huashan said as Hong Zhong said: “The third family of Jin Family can get 60% of the inheritance! The remaining two scores, each get 20%!”

Chen Shanmei looked overjoyed and turned things around. His family accounted for the bulk, three times that of other families!

Fang Tian and Jin Yuyan looked at each other and both laughed.

Jin Yutang slapped the table and stood up: “I object! Why do they take so much?”

Jin Huashan drank a sip of Pu’er tea: “Before, your parents and the second company have discussed it. Fang Tian rescues you and the second uncle, and Jin Yuyan can get 60%!”

Jin Yutang said: “grandfather, I didn’t agree, what they said is not counted. Yuyan is just a woman, not in line with family rules, let alone take so much.”

Chen Shanmei who was drinking tea slowly said: “If it weren’t for my son-in-law, would you be able to get rid of the charge? You will be in jail in your life, and your family will be fined to bankruptcy.”

Seeing that Jin Huashan’s teacup ran out of tea, Jin Yutang immediately walked over to show his courtesy and filled him with a cup. “Grandfather, I am your grandson of your eldest son. I can open branches and leaves to Jin Family in the future. All your Senior money should be reserved for your grandson.”

Jin Huashan is really embarrassed, the best in the family is a woman, and Jin Yutang is disappointing again.

He scanned the crowd: “The third one takes 60% of the inheritance. Who opposes?”

The first one, Uncle Jin Wenhai is silent, Li Xueyan is silent, Jin Yuting is silent.

Jin Yuting doesn’t like doing business. For him, there is no difference between having 1 billion and 100 billion. He doesn’t want to fight, and he is still faintly on Fang Tian’s side.

The characters of Jin Wenhai and Li Xueyan don’t like fighting. In this legacy storm, both of them are much older and don’t want to toss anymore. 20% is acceptable.

80 billion, 20% is quite a lot.

The second home, the second uncle Jin Wenchuan was silent, Jin Yucheng was silent, Gold Jade Ye was silent, Ma Zili was silent when her lips moved.

Ma Zili wanted to object, but she was a little scared after seeing Fang Tian’s strength.

No one was on Jin Yutang’s side, he almost wanted to hit the wall.

He was unwilling, and quickly moved towards Jin Wenhai and walked over: “Father, you said something, we have suffered a big loss, we were swallowed by a white wolf, and you are still a silent lamb… …”

Jin Wenhai touched a little white beard, heave a long sigh: “Son, let this matter be forgotten. 20% is not enough, and our family is not short of money. If we continue to struggle like this, what When is it a head?”

Jin Yutang clenched his fists: “It can be given to anyone, but not to the third one, he is a white wolf…”

His eyes looked towards Fang Tian, ​​full of hatred.

Chen Shanmei coldly said: “My son-in-law is thousands of times stronger than you. Take a 10,000 step back, even if he doesn’t contribute to Jin Family, he will be much better than your wasterel!”

Jin Yutang volcano erupted, raised his hand, moved towards Chen Shanmei and hit it.

Everyone was shocked, this kid is really getting more and more excessive, without affection, hitting his aunt in the face.

“pa!” Jin Yutang hit with a big hand.

Fang Tian’s palm stood in front of Chen Shanmei and held Jin Yutang’s hand.

Jin Yutang suddenly tried to withdraw the palm of his hand, but was tightly held and couldn’t move.

Fang Tian twisted hard.

He screamed in pain, and his arm was almost broken!

“Let go of me, you are Eating Soft Rice’s soft crap…” Jin Yutang yelled.

Fang Tian looked towards Jin Huashan: “Old Master, you have seen it all, what he did is too much. I suggest to kick him out of Jin Family!”

Zuo’s son-in-law’s tone was full of pride, and his voice echoed in the hall!

Jin Yutang raised his head and laughed wildly: “Fang Tian, ​​you are getting more and more arrogant! Do you know where this is? What qualifications do you have to drive me away? If it weren’t for Jin Family, you’re just a lost one No one wants trash on the street!”

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