Reborn Soft Rice King Chapter 1775


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As for how much do you want to give to your son-in-law? Jin Huashan hasn’t decided yet.

Fang Tian finished his last sip of tea, and said the question that had always been psychologically curious: “Old Master, it is rumored that you have 80 billion assets, how much do you actually have?”

Those are all rumors, Jin Huashan has never revealed his assets to the outside world.

She hehe smiled: “It’s far more than that.”

Invisible local tyrants, there are some rich people in the world. They are by no means the numbers you see in the rich list. Some super local tyrants have so much wealth that you can’t imagine!

“How many?” Fang Tian impatient asked.

Jin Huashan mysterious smiled: “You will know soon.”

Due to changes in the family, Jin Yutang has been driven out, and the share that originally belonged to him has to be redistributed to others.

Fang Tian is looking forward to it, that a large amount of property will be allocated soon.


Suddenly it rained heavily.

Fang Tian drove, sent Mother-in-law home, started the car and drove into the main road.

Looking at the heavy rain outside the car window, Chen Shanmei always had a happy smile on his face.

Suddenly the phone rang, Fang Tian took a look, it was the sister-in-law who called, and the connection was placed in his ear.

She said that her car broke down and she couldn’t get a taxi at the company, so she went to pick her home.

After hanging up the phone, immediately start the car and move towards the company.

The silver white Ferrari parked in front of the SoftCloud company. Gold Jade Ye ran over with an umbrella on high heels, and immediately sat in after pulling the car door.

She took a long breath: “It’s raining really hard!”

Fang Tian turns the steering wheel: “Can’t you get a car?”

“I can’t call it, now at this time, it’s very busy. Alas.” She sighed, and took a tissue from the bag to wipe off the water droplets on her head.

Fang Tian said with a smile: “It seems that the new software is about to be released.”

Gold Jade Ye looked over in confusion: “What software?”

“Taking a taxi!”

After half an hour, return home.

Gold Jade Ye quickly rushed into the villa and immediately walked into the bathroom to take a shower. He was soaked in the rain and felt uncomfortable.

After taking a shower, she walked out of the bathroom wearing a white nightgown, and at first glance she saw a lot of delicious food on the table.

Fang Tian untied the apron and walked out of the kitchen.

“It is so happy to be able to eat the dishes made by brother-in-law!” Gold Jade Ye impatient walked over, sat down, picked up the chopsticks and ate.

Fang Tian’s culinary skills are not blown, absolute 5-Star level master level!

Looking at her eating happily, Fang Tian is still quite satisfied in his heart.

I live with three women, a wealthy and noble mother-in-law, a cute and pretty sister-in-law, and fiancee, the queen of the icebergs, are very elated.

“Where is Aunt Xuexue?” Fang Tian looked towards Chen Shanmei, she stayed here for a few days and then left without saying where she went?

Chen Shanmei drank chicken soup and said: “She went back to Binhai, and she will be back during the New Year.”

Think about it, it’s almost the New Year.

And SoftCloud’s Internet layout has also entered the final stage of sprint, and the remaining areas of O2O have been fixed!

After the meal, after packing up the dishes and throwing them into the dishwasher, Fang Tian sat on the sofa and played with the mobile phone.

“brother-in-law, is this the new taxi-hailing software released by SoftCloud?” Gold Jade Ye sat beside him and looked over.

Fang Tian shook his head: “It hasn’t been released yet, I’m experiencing it.”

“When will it be released?”

“It will be released tonight.”

“Let me see, let me see!” Gold Jade was very interested in Ye holding the phone in his hand.

It’s raining heavily today and I can’t get a car. It feels really bad.

Although she has never used this software, the applications produced by SoftCloud are definitely epoch-making, and they will definitely bring a lot of convenience to her taxi.

After experiencing it, she discovered many features that surprised her. With it, there is no longer a long wait on the side of the road and it is easier to get a taxi.

Although Little Rich Lady has her own car, sometimes it is not convenient to drive. Taking a taxi is a good choice.

“brother-in-law, let me publish this software, right?” Gold Jade said with a smile.

Remember that in Europe, when she released Shopping Network, she did it well.

Fang Tian nodded: “Okay. It will be released on time tonight at 8 o’clock.”


7:55 in the evening.

Luxury bus.

The app “Hurry Up” is released here.

Every time the software is released, the scene is different. The takeaway ordering software “Baiwei Life” is released in restaurants, and “Traveling with Travel” is released in tourist attractions.

Today released the travel software, I chose the bus.

This bus is very dazzling and dazzling, wearing a uniform, Gold Jade leaves like a flight attendant to release software to the camera.

This girl is tall and tall, standing in front of the camera like a flight attendant, very beautiful.

Food, clothing, shelter and transportation have been the basic needs of human life since ancient times.

Yi, SoftCloud has the nation’s largest online apparel sales platform.

Shi, “Baiwei Life” is the largest takeaway ordering app in China today.

Live, there are tens of thousands of hotels from all over the world in “Traveling with you” that can be booked.

Tonight, it’s finally time to travel!

More than 3 million people watched the live broadcast on SoftCloud NetVid!

It can be seen how much attention is being paid to the application of SoftCloud today.

At 8 o’clock, Gold Jade Ye clicked the “Start Sail” button on the big screen.

The page refreshes! “Quick Travel” successfully launched!

Now, the majority of netizens can go to the application market or the Official website to download the application experience.

Facing the camera, Gold Jade leaves said with a slight smile: “Food, clothing, housing and transportation. Now SoftCloud’s application is fully integrated with the physical industry, and each application will bring great convenience to your life.” It is another blockbuster product of SoftCloud…”

While talking, she turned on “Get Out” on her phone to demonstrate the various functions of the software.

“”Hurry up” uses Internet technology to provide the best modern travel plan! With it, we no longer have to wait long on the side of the road, no longer have to raise our hands to stop the car. To reduce unloaded transportation…”

Finally, Gold Jade Ye said: “Whether it is a passenger or a driver, you can use your time more efficiently to reach your destination!”


At this moment, Fang Tian is sitting at home, watching the live broadcast, judging from the online comments, the response is very enthusiastic.

For people of this era, this APP is definitely a revolutionary product!

Chen Shanmei, who was sitting next to him and watching the live broadcast, asked: “Using software to order a car, I think it will take a lot of time to cultivate this new thing.”

Fang Tian said with a smile: “Yes, in the future, SoftCloud will spend at least 3 billion people to take a taxi!”

Chen Shanmei was surprised: “With so much investment, when will it be profitable?”

Fang Tian indifferently said: “The cost is very high, so we don’t consider the issue of profit for the time being.”

Hurry up, and the set of travel applications built around it is worth at least US$100 billion! ! !

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