Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 100

Late at night.

The horrific screams reverberated in the temple.

Guo Hu fainted several times in pain, but was woken up by Qin Yi who poured water on him.

On the soles of his feet, only the skeleton and the main blood vessels remain.

Guo Hu saw that the bright dagger was moving towards his third leg, and he was in a hurry!

Sciences can be killed but not humiliated!

“I said, I said, I am willing to say!” Guo Hu said with a broken heart, he just wanted to be happy!

“Did you hunt down Zhang Daoxuan senior because of the incomplete dao chart on him?” Qin Yi asked.

“Yes yes yes.” Guo Hu nodded like a chicken chasing meters.

“What is the function of this dao chart, and what secrets does it have?”

“I really don’t know what it is, and I don’t know what secrets it has, it’s just that we The boss of Forbidden Martial Hall said, as long as the relics of the Great Sect cannot fall into the hands of anyone, our Forbidden Martial Hall must take them back, so we hunted him down!” Guo Hu hurriedly explained.

“Are you sure you’re not lying?” Qin Yi squinted.

“No no no, I really didn’t lie!” Guo Hu’s eyes were full of fear, for fear that he would give himself a few more knives!

“Then how do you know that Zhang Daoxuan senior has this dao chart?” Qin Yi asked again.

“When our people from Forbidden Martial Hall passed the Supreme Profound Dao Palace, we detected the Great Sect relic in the Supreme Profound Dao Palace, and then sent us to encircle the Supreme Profound Dao Palace, then Zhang Daoxuan Relying on the speed to escape the siege, we chased and killed all the way…” Guo Hu said truthfully.

“Detected?” Qin Yi frowned.

How can this thing be detected on a human body?


Suddenly he remembered what Zhang Daoxuan senior had told him before, that this dao chart needs to be opened in a place where no one is around ten miles away, could it be…

“Yes, we Forbidden Martial Hall has a special compass to search for the relics of the Great Sect, and he can detect these relics within a certain range.”

“so that’s how it is!” Qin Yi finally understood why Zhang Daoxuan senior warned he is. If he had dared to open the box in the city, it was estimated that the Forbidden Martial Hall, which was also in the city, would definitely find him.

“Do you have this compass on your body?”

“Yes, it’s on me.” Guo Hu dared not lie.

Qin Yi quickly took out a palm-size compass from the other party, as well as more than 200 taels of silver notes, and some bottles and jars, all of which seemed to be some hemostatic drugs. Antidote or something.

“Then do you know where Zhang Daoxuan senior got the dao chart?” Qin Yi asked.

The mutilated part, he really wanted to find!

“I don’t know, I really don’t know!”

“How to use it?” Qin Yi asked while looking at this delicate yet quaint compass.

“Is there a Compass on it? If there is a Great Sect relic within a certain range, its Compass will guide the direction. The range is about five miles.”

“I should say I’ve said it all, you, can you give me a treat?” Guo Hu begged.

“Why does the Imperial Court prohibit these Great Sect relics from flowing into other people’s hands, until now?” Qin Yi asked with a sullen face.

Although this Guo Hu may not know the function of this dao chart, he can probably guess a certain direction.

This dao chart is definitely some important things from the previous Great Sects!

“I really don’t know, I just follow orders. As for the collection of these Great Sect relics, it has always been what we have been doing in Forbidden Martial Hall for hundreds of years.”

“until now?”

“Yes, since the establishment of the Forbidden Martial Hall more than 500 years ago, we have been engaged in this kind of task, and even some Ninth Stage martial arts are scattered on the rivers and lakes, we also have to I’m responsible for taking it back! The other is to encircle and suppress those Great Sect remnants.”

“But there are also First Rate martial arts in the rivers and lakes?” Qin Yi puzzled.

“Those are Seventh Stage, First Rate martial arts of Eighth Stage. Ninth Stage, no! Except for those Great Sect that hides and those Great Sect remnants that hides the head and shrink the tail!” Guo Tiger explained.

“That’s it!” Qin Yi touched his chin.

It’s no wonder that the First Rate martial arts in the entire Great Yong are pitiful, and the Ninth Stage martial arts are only available in Imperial Court and Colored Glass Sect.

This Forbidden Martial Hall feeling is Great Yong’s bondage to the rivers and lakes!

From the cultivation technique, it is one size fits all!

Another question is, is it related to Great Yong when Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the main line of Daomen, disappeared overnight?

However, the missing part of the dao chart on my body is still clueless!

“Then have you Forbidden Martial Hall collected some incomplete dao charts?” Qin Yi asked.

“This…I, I haven’t encountered it before. Even if there is, it’s probably in Imperial Capital’s Forbidden Martial Hall headquarters.” Guo Hu said honestly.

β€œImperial Capital…” Qin Yi slightly frowned.

Going with his current strength is courting death.

“I just saw that the Azure Lotus Sect guy got a wooden box from that bearded guy. What’s in it?”

It can make that Li Yayuan cost so much Kung Fu besieged this team of Forbidden Martial Hall people, the things inside should not be ordinary things.

“It contains a Luminous Pearl.”

“Luminous Pearl?” Qin Yi touched the chin after listening.

“Is there anything special about this Luminous Pearl?”

“This… doesn’t seem to be.”

Then Qin Yi asked some more questions, and then Solved Guo Hu.

Looking at the sky, it was already midnight.

Qin Yi moved towards Xiangzhou City.

He plans to leave Xiangzhou City early tomorrow morning. Before leaving, he still has something to ask Li Yayuan!


Inside the city.

Qin Yi floated down on the attic.

In the attic, Li Yayuan, who was about to fall asleep, suddenly opened his beautiful eyes.

“Miss Li, it’s me.”

“Qin Feng?” Li Yayuan frowned slightly.

“It’s me, I have something to ask Miss Li.” Qin Yi floated in front of Li Yayuan’s room.

“Come in, the door is unlocked.”

“many thanks.” Qin Yi gently opened the door and smelled the fragrance.

In the room, the decoration is very delicate.

Li Yayuan sat at the tea table.

“Qin Feng, please sit down.”

“en.” Qin Yi nodded and sat down.

“It’s so late, why are you looking for me? Can’t you come to me tomorrow?” Li Yayuan asked in confusion.

“Cough… I didn’t ask you about these two things last time, so I can’t sleep if I don’t ask them clearly.” Qin Yi said half true half false.

“You asked.”

Seeing Li Yayuan in front of him still veiled, Qin Yi smiled and said: “What I want to ask is, I don’t know how much Innate is. Strong?”

“Are you worried about meeting the master of Wu Yulong?” Li Yayuan smiled.

“Almost.” Qin Yi didn’t deny it.

“How strong is Innate…” Li Yayuan paused, took another breath and said: “The weakest Innate, the moves between gestures and gestures, all possess the power of secret skills! Because they break part of the body Limit!”

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