Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 101

“There is a secret power in every gesture?” Qin Yi complexion slightly changed.

Ninth Stage Martial Artists like them can use secret skills twenty or thirty times, but once they exceed them, their bodies cannot be overloaded and can no longer be used.

Even if you continue to use it, your body will not have the physical strength to continue using it.

In other words, the weakest Innate, ordinary moves are equal to your secret skills!

“Yes, if Innate powerhouse uses secret skills, how strong do you think Innate will be?” Li Yayuan said.

“Understood.” Qin Yi’s face was heavy.

If that’s the case, these Innates, even the weakest Innates, to deal with Ninth Stage Martial Artists like them are simply adults bullying children!

“Innate also has strengths and weaknesses?”

“Of course! Innate is actually a process of constantly breaking through the limits of the human body. Innate is divided into Fifth Rank! Innate First Rank is the most Weak, Fifth Rank is the strongest!” Li Yayuan said.

After asking some more questions about Innate, Qin Yi said again: “Miss Li, I wonder if your sect has Literary Art?”

“Literary Art? Yes! “

“I don’t know what the Literary Art you are studying is called? How far is your cultivation?” Qin Yi was curious.

β€œI won’t tell you what the cultivation technique is called. The Literary Art I study has a total of fifth layer. I started cultivation to the Third Layer three years ago. Time.” Li Yayuan said.

“You should also practice Literary Art, right?”

Qin Yi looked strange. Literary Art of Azure Lotus Sect is also fifth layer! And the other party is also cultivated to Third Layer! So it proves that there should be no problem with the Literary Art of the other party? Otherwise, it will take a while for the other party to say that it will take a while for cultivation to reach the Fourth Layer!

“Yes, the Literary Art of my cultivation has arrived at the Second Layer.” Qin Yi said.

“By the way, in your teaching, is there anyone in Literary Art who has cultivated to the fifth layer?”

“Of course, my master is cultivated to the fifth layer!” Li Yayuan nominated.

“Then your Literary Art cultivation also has objects of meditation? What is it like?” Qin Yi curiously asked.

Since the other party can cultivate to the fifth layer, it proves that there is no problem with the other party’s Literary Art!

“Yes, but it’s inconvenient to tell you this.” Li Yayuan said with a slight smile.

To tell the truth, Qin Yi is a little bit of begin to stir now.

“Have you ever seen a Literary Art with two different Great Sects?” Qin Yi asked subconsciously.


β€œImpossible! The Literary Art system is different, and there will definitely be problems with cultivation. This is what my master said. You don’t even know this bit of common sense?” Li Yayuan gave Qin Yi a surprised look.

To be honest, she is still curious about how this guy has such a powerful strength?

Although innate talent is a monster, many of the problems on Cultivation are relatively naive!

“cough cough…I don’t have any good teacher guidance for the cultivation of Literary Art.” Qin Yi said embarrassedly.

So, he cultivated four Literary Art, is it because of the same lineage, so there is no problem now?

We chatted for a while.

Li Yayuan looked at Qin Yi and said, “Qin Feng, what have you been thinking about in the past few days, do you want to consider joining us in Azure Lotus Sect?”

“This, I’ll think about it for a few more days.” Qin Yi temporarily refused.

Joining Azure Lotus Sect still cannot solve the hidden problems on him.

So he still has to solve his own problems first!


After one hour.

Qin Yi came out of Li Yayuan’s attic and found a random Inn to live in.

He plans to take a rest first and leave soon after dawn.

I slept for about an hour.

Qin Yi woke up and looked at the sky, it was almost dawn.

Packed up and pushed out the window.

Stealth all the way to the city wall.

The fifteen-meter-high city wall, Qin Yi quickly climbed up with a dagger.

in one go.

Just got off the city wall.

Qin Yi walked about three miles on the official road, and it was already bright.


In front of a three-way intersection, Qin Yi noticed a huge movement ahead.


The yellow sand filled the sky.

Qin Yi climbed up a big tree and looked ahead.

I saw a scene that surprised him.

In the distance, a grandiose army moved towards Xiangzhou City.

There is a flag in the front of it, with the word “Xiangzhou” written on it.

“It’s the Xiangzhou Army!” Qin Yi exclaimed in surprise.

Didn’t I hear yesterday that the state army in Xiangzhou was not retreating to Liuhe County, more than a hundred miles away?

Why are you retreating to Xiangzhou City now?

“Are you going to retreat to Xiangzhou City?”

It seems that the situation is getting worse and worse.

Fortunately, he dismissed the Golden Tiger Gang yesterday, and all that should be gone.

Now he has also left Xiangzhou City, let’s take care of the flood.

He, a small commoner, has no feeling about the change of dynasty.

As long as your little days are not disturbed.

Thinking of this, he moved towards a three-way intersection.

The official road in this direction bypasses Xiangzhou City and heads to Lingcheng County, which is more than a hundred miles to the north.

Along the way, Qin Yi took out the palm-size compass from time to time.

“The compass didn’t move along the way. It seems that finding the missing part of the dao chart is still a needle in a haystack.” Qin Yi was helpless.


Early morning.

Lingcheng County.

Qin Zumin was still sleeping when he was suddenly awakened by the noise outside.

“Why is it so noisy in the early morning? Shouldn’t those Taoists be chanting sutras in the square outside the great hall?” Qin Zumin got up.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw that the Taoist priests outside were all running and telling each other, and all of them looked terrified.

“The rebels are in! The rebels are in!”

“Palace Lord, Palace Lord, the rebels are in!”

“What? The rebels came in?” Qin Zumin’s face changed suddenly when he heard this!

Lingcheng County belongs to Jiangbei County.

Of the three counties in Xiangzhou, only Jiangbei County was not infested with rebels.


Now all of them have entered the city!

“It’s over, it’s over!” Qin Zumin’s heart tightened.

He thought about it for a while, then immediately moved towards Palace Lord and ran.

He has no power to tie the chicken, and running on his own must bode ill rather than well.

Rebels are murder without blinking an eye!

Following the big army, you may have a higher chance of survival!


At this time, Qing Chengzi gathered all Disciples together.

“What’s going on outside?” Qing Chengzi’s face was solemn.

“Palace Lord, the rebels have poured into the city, and they are fighting against the City Guard. Those rebels are all red-eyed. They will kill anyone they see, and they will kill everyone. Let’s run!”

These words made many people’s faces suddenly change.

Kill anyone you see…

Crazy, crazy!

Whether the city will be massacred next, no one can guarantee.

In the past, the rebels on the front line of Xiangzhou had a lot of news of massacres.

After all, some of the rebels are composed of refugees.

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