Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 102

Early in the morning, the sun is rising.

One silhouette flies by on the official road.

Even the weeds on the roadside are swaying slightly, and the dew on the leaves are dripping on the ground.

Leaving Xiangzhou City, Qin Yi’s mood was inexplicably cheerful.

Perhaps, after that, we should be able to stay away from the disaster of war.

As he was getting closer and closer to Lingcheng County, Qin Yi found that many pedestrians began to appear on the official road. In order not to be ostentatious, Qin Yi had to choose to walk.


Qin Yi walked for another quarter of an hour and found that there were more pedestrians on the official road ahead, as if there were a lot of restless noises coming from the official road in the distance. sound.

These pedestrians were all in a hurry, and they all acted as if they wished to have another leg, and he even saw some people trotting.

Many of them are family members!

The situation is not right!

“Hurry up, hurry up, don’t need this big iron pot, just keep a small one!” An old man asked his son to throw the big iron pot on his back.

This group looks like they are fleeing!

“This uncle, what happened, I see people on the road seem to be running for their lives.” Qin Yi stepped forward and asked.

The old man glanced at Qin Yi and said, “young man, are you going to Lingcheng County?”


“I I advise you not to go! There are rebels in Lingcheng County! It is estimated that there is a mess inside, run away!” The old man said kindly.

They are all from nearby villages outside Lingcheng County, otherwise they probably wouldn’t be able to escape!

“What? There are rebels in Lingcheng County!” Qin Yi’s heart sank.

“Yes, let’s go.” After the old man finished speaking, he hit the ox pulling the cart fiercely with a whip. The old ox was in pain, and the speed of the ox cart was also faster.

“many thanks, I suggest you don’t go to Xiangzhou City. It seems that the frontline army has also withdrawn to Xiangzhou City! The situation in Xiangzhou City is not very good!” Qin Yi finished speaking, his feet nodded On the ground, the whole person quickly moved towards the direction of Lingcheng County!

“What did you say?” The old man turned his head to ask carefully, but found that the young man just now was gone!

When he looked back, the young man could only see a shrunken silhouette in the distance…

“Expert!” The old man exclaimed.

On the way, Qin Yi’s face was gloomy.

He absolutely did not expect that there were rebels in Lingcheng County!

Are the rebels going to double-team Xiangzhou City?

But it didn’t matter to him.

What he’s worried about now is whether the old man in Lingcheng County will have an accident!

“I hope nothing happens!”


In Lingcheng County.


Zhou Wuzhi and several of his confidants stood on the roof of the yamen overlooking the entire Lingcheng County.

Distant and near, there were constant screams of killing and thick smoke billowing.

“Hall Master, this time our task is easier than ever!” Dong Haobo patted flattery.

Yes, Zhou Wuzhi made a great contribution to Jiangning County’s occupation, so he was directly promoted to Hall Master, and also rewarded with a Ninth Stage martial arts and a lot of cultivation resources.

Even Dong Haobo is now a Branch Lord.

As the saying goes, when a man attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven.

“Well, but after taking Lingcheng County, we have to deal with Armament and Person Unite on the Yellow Turban Sect. The Elder asked us to be careful about those people in the Yellow Turban Sect, so we should not take it lightly.” Zhou Takeshi said solemnly.

Nowadays, their Red Sect is in Xiangzhou, and they temporarily cooperated with Yellow Turban Sect a few days ago. when the time comes After taking the entire Xiangzhou, half of each!

So now is to cooperate to win Xiangzhou City! Their task is to stand by after taking Lingcheng County.


“Hey, Hall Master, the people from Yellow Turban Sect are here!” Dong Haobo looked towards the distance, there were three people wearing earth-yellow robes The silhouette jumped over the roof.

After a while, I came to the Yamen side.

“But the Red Sect’s Hall Master Zhou?” Xie Weizheng, the leader, gently landed on the roof, looking at Zhou Wuzhi and asked.

“It’s down here, but Master Xie from the Yellow Turban Sect?”

“It’s me, the two next to me are Yu Tai, Hall Master Yu, and Ding. Guard, Hall Master Ding.” Xie Weizheng said with narrowed eyes.

After listening to Xie Weizheng’s introduction, Zhou Wuzhi felt a little dignified. The other party sent three Hall Masters all at once! All three are Ninth Stage!

To clean up the small Lingcheng County, how about sending such a battle strength?

However, he said with a smile on his face, “Long time to look forward to it!”

Those ordinary soldiers of the rebel army would enter every shop and every house, robbing things, food, and women…

Even some rebels who have already killed red-eyed soldiers, they would go wherever they see it. Slash, it’s just brutal!

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