Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 103

Outside Lingcheng County.

Qin Yi watched the thick smoke billowing over Lingcheng County, and the rebels guarding the city gate in the south of the city. He knew that there were indeed rebels raging in the city!

“I hope Daddy is okay!” Qin Yi went around to a place far away from the city gate.

Step out one step, like a sharp arrow moved towards the city wall.

Just when Qin Yi was more than fifty meters away from the city wall, he was finally discovered by a rebel team patrolling the city wall!

“Shoot him!” Captain yelled at the terrifying speed, his scalp numb.

Immediately there are five archer bend bow and place arrows, shooting arrows at Qin Yi who is rushing towards the city!

Take a break!

However, when the arrow feather landed on Qin Yi’s original position, Qin Yi had already stepped forward for a distance of more than ten or twenty meters.

All the arrow feathers failed!

“Not good, it’s expert! Shake people!” Captain’s face changed suddenly.

At this point, Qin Yi has rushed to the city wall.

A little bit on the city wall with the right foot, the body is more than ten feet tall, and the left foot is followed by a little more on the wall, and it is more than ten feet taller.

The eight-meter-high city wall double-clicked under his feet and had already climbed more than half of the height.

Claws with both hands, and then click twice in a row.

The solid city bricks left two deep claw marks.

The silhouette of Qin Yi, who once again borrowed the power, has crossed the top of the city!

Too fast!

Just one second!

This ten-man squad simply didn’t have time to react!

The fireworks in the hands of the rebel Captain have not had time to take out the fireworks.

A fist suddenly enlarged in his hole.


The whole head and neck becomes a ‘7’ font!

An illusory shadow interspersed in this team like a ghost-like.

Then jump down into the city!


The eight-meter fall caused Qin Yi’s feet to sink deeply into the mud.

On the city wall, the nine rebel soldiers with collapsed chests fell to the ground one by one.

With the force under his feet, Qin Yi turned into a sharp arrow again, moved towards the direction of the True Spring Dao Temple in the city!

Street corner.

A group of twenty rebels had just been looted from a large mansion.

Just happened to run into Qin Yi who crashed into this street!

The two rebel pawns led by Qin Yi were directly knocked out by Qin Yi.


A group of people just felt that they saw a flash, and the two companions were knocked out and smashed to the ground unconscious.

By the time they reacted, the one silhouette was already at the end of the street!

When they panicked and wanted to bend bow and place arrow, the one silhouette had turned into another street intersection, disappeared.

Too fast!

These archers are not very useful in the face of this kind of expert where these houses are row upon row!


In the city, True Spring Dao Temple.

one silhouette, falling into the front yard.

Qin Yi looked at the messy front yard and even saw the corpses of several Taoist priests, his complexion changed!

Something happened!

Qin Yi quickly ran to the house in the front yard to check, and found that these rooms were also in a mess, with various traces of rummaging.

“Dad!” Qin Yi shouted.

No one responded.

Then he looked elsewhere.

I looked around and found that the great hall in the front yard and the various branch halls in the back yard were in a mess, obviously they had been raided by people.

He then went to the last residential area to search again, and found no one!

But there is still a glimmer of hope in his heart, that is, he searched these places, only to find the corpses of seven or eight Taoist priests.

There are more than 100 people in the entire True Spring Dao Temple, if they are surrounded and killed here, there should be more than this!


May escape to some parts of the city, or be taken collectively!

Thinking of this, Qin Yi quickly moved towards the outside of the Taoist Temple!

Crossing a few streets, Qin Yi saw a group of fifty rebels moved towards his side.

Headed it was an armored rebel general on a warhorse.

Just as this team passed by an alley, one silhouette suddenly emerged from the alley!


“Who!” The rebel general on the warhorse moved towards the direction of the sound of breaking the air decisively.


The general found that the knife in his hand was swayed by a huge force, and the knife in his hand came out!

Then the neck was pinched, and the whole body rose into the air.

When he came to his senses, he found himself standing on the roof next to the street by a person holding him by the neck!

The following group of soldiers were the last to react, seeing their generals being captured by the enemy on the roof of the street, all of them were like a formidable enemy!

“Let go of our captain!” A Hundred-Men Commander shouted, and the archers all around also bent bow and place arrows, aiming at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi ignored the rebels below and asked coldly, “I ask you, did you see a group of Taoist priests just now?”

Book of Baimeng

“I…I, I didn’t see it.” The general whose neck was pinched blushed and said with difficulty.

“Are you sure not?” Qin Yi face sank.

“No, no…”

“Then you can die!”

“You dare!” The rebel Hundred-Men Commander below is anxious Yes, but he didn’t dare to let people let go of the arrows. Once the arrows were let go, the captain of his family would definitely be the first to be chained to the bottle gourd!

Katha! Qin Yi squeezed the rebel general’s neck with a little force.

“Ah! Shoot the arrows!” shouted the Hundred-Men Commander below.

Take a break!

A dozen soldiers released their arrows one after another.

But Qin Yi threw the corpse away, the silhouette flashed, and he fell off the eaves and disappeared into the sight of these rebel army soldiers.


However, Qin Yi’s speed, can they catch up with them?

Qin Yi searched a few more streets, and suddenly he found that there were more than 20 Taoist corpses on the street. He hurriedly went up to check, but found no trace of his father!

“It seems that the people from True Spring Dao Temple still escaped, but they must have encountered rebels on the street again…”

“I am looking for a wife in a room of my own. Slow down, let these rebels do me a favor!” Qin Yi’s eyes became dangerous.


In the city, Yamen.

On the roof.

“Master Zhou Hall, are all the trash fish in the city almost resolved?” Xie Weizheng asked with a smile.

“The yamen’s trash fish has been eliminated, and there are still some small trash fish that hides the head and shrink the tail, and they won’t be able to hide for long.” Zhou Wuzhi said sternly.

“Haha, that’s true, what a big fish in a small Lingcheng County!” Yu Tai twitched his lips.

Suddenly, screams came from the two streets ahead.

β€œen? What happened!”

They looked down, looking towards that side.

“Someone is killing our people!” Ding Wei squinted.

“Let’s go and have a look!”

“No, he seems to have moved towards this side!” Zhou Wuzhi was very interested.

Is there really some people who are not afraid of death, and singlehanded dare to kill them in the street, are they not afraid of being exposed?

one silhouette

He also found the people on the roof of the yamen!

“Hey, it’s a big fish!” Xie Weizheng looked at that man’s speed, no weaker than Ninth Stage!

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