Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 105

“Fortunately, Lao Tzu can run fast, then the three Ninth Stages of the Yellow Turban Sect should be able to intercept Qin Feng for a while, enough for me to escape!” Wu Zhi secretly rejoiced in his heart.

“Fortunately, I didn’t go to Xiangzhou to trouble him, otherwise I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Last time I was killed by Qin Feng at the slaughterhouse in Jiangning County. A dark wave almost affected their Red Sect’s plan to capture Jiangning County, a hatred he has always remembered.

Fortunately, he had been very busy during that time and had no time to take revenge, but he never expected Wu Yulong to step on a trap for him!

“To be honest, I’m really grateful to Wu Yulong.” Zhou Wuzhi fled with all his strength, and was secretly glad in his heart, and also observed a moment of silence for Wu Yulong.

“Don’t run away from that old friend of Red Sect, stop and let’s have a good chat.”

The voice suddenly came from not far behind Zhou Wuzhi.

He turned his head and saw that Qin Feng was only a few dozen meters away from him, and he immediately shrank!

“How is that possible! The Hall Masters of the three Yellow Turban Sects are blocking so much time? Trash!”


Lingcheng In the county, in an alley.

A dozen corpses were piled together, and the ground was overflowing with blood.

Lying under several corpses, Qin Zumin tried his best to control his breathing, making it as quiet as possible. His face and clothes were smeared with blood.

At this moment, although he is very panicked, scared, and wants to run, he knows that if he runs out, he will die faster!

“Fairy Wood”

at first he ran out with a group of Taoist priests, but soon he ran into a group of rebels.

Qing Chengzi and the others fought against the group of rebels, and then successfully took down the group of twenty or so rebels.

Then ran out four or five streets and encountered another group of rebels.

True Spring Dao Temple had quite a few Martial Artists, who took down this rebel team despite heavy casualties.

But in the next escape, Qin Zumin was only an ordinary person and couldn’t keep up, so he fell behind.

He happened to find the corpse pile in this alley, so he ran in and got into the corpse pile and pretended to be dead!

Suddenly, the footsteps of a team came from a distance.

And getting closer and closer, Qin Zumin’s little heart suddenly became nervous.

“Who is Qin Min! Your son Qin Feng is looking for you, come out quickly!”

The voice is getting closer.

And it came from this team.

“Are there any Taoist priests from Quanzhen Taoism? Come out quickly, our Hall Master said, we can let you out of the city.”

Hearing these two sentences, Qin Zumin slightly stunned.

What’s going on!

How do these rebels know their name and that of their son?

And this name was given a new identity and a new name in Myriad Immortals Dao Sect, which has been used until now.

β€œHow do these rebels know my name? Did Fourth Child join the rebels!” Qin Zumin suddenly thought of a only possibility.

“Would you like to go out?”

He was hesitating, after all, he had been frightened too much, and now he was a little flustered, causing his brain to temporarily short-circuit.

“Calm down, calm down!”

“Yes, a group of rebels definitely don’t know my name, they know my name, maybe the real son joined the rebels! Also It must be the Fourth Child’s request to let the Taoist priest of True Spring Dao Temple leave the city…”

Thinking of this, he climbed up from the pile of corpses and shouted: “I, I am Qin Min. !”

Yamen, on the roof.

Zhou Wuzhi, whose legs were broken, knelt on the roof with a long knife across his neck.

Qin Yi held a knife in one hand, and with the other hand, he found a manual of martial arts and a money bag from Zhou Wuzhi’s body.

“Hidden Dragon Art?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect to find a manual of martial arts from Zhou Wuzhi, which was really the first time.

He killed so many opponents before, but he never found a manual of martial arts!

When Zhou Wuzhi saw that Qin Yi took away the Ninth Stage martial arts Hidden Dragon Art that was awarded to him in his teaching, his heart was bleeding!


How long did it take him to get it?

He’s not finished yet!

This was handed over to others, and he found that the current self doesn’t seem to be much better than that Wu Yulong.

Not only is your life in the hands of others, but also Ninth Stage martial arts!

Crying dizzy~!

All around the Yamen, hundreds of archers of the rebel army all bent bow and place arrow, all aimed at Qin Yi and Zhou Wuzhi.

Hundreds of rebel soldiers surrounded the place.

However, no one dares to shoot arrows!

Because their Hall Master was threatened by Qin Yi.

“Branch Lord, Nas is distracted, should we let the archer let go of the arrow?” A subordinate whispered to Dong Haobo.

“no! That man can kill three Ninth Stages without getting hurt, our so-called archers, simply can’t help him, when the time comes if he angers him and kills our Hall Master, What should I do?” Dong Haobo glared at the other party.

He was picked up by Zhou Wuzhi alone. If Zhou Wuzhi was finished, he would not be able to sit for long as the Branch Lord.

“Yes yes yes…”

At this point.

There was a noise outside.

“Report to Branch Lord, we found a group of Taoist priests, a total of thirteen people.”

“Okay, bring people in!” Dong Haobo sullen.

Yamen, front yard.

Qin Yi watched as more than a dozen Taoists were brought in, with a trace of fluctuation on his face.

He also saw Qing Chengzi in the group of Taoists!

“Qing Chengzi Palace Lord!” Qin Yi shouted while standing on the roof.

Qing Chengzi looked up and immediately saw Qin Yi.


I got a daofather!

Kidnapping a rebel leader?


“Qin, Qin Feng?” Qing Chengzi couldn’t believe it.

This… big money master, so strong?

Didn’t you learn a Sixth Stage martial arts from your Junior Brother?

How did the other party kidnap the leader of the rebel army in the midst of the chaos?

“Have you seen my father Qin Min?” Qin Yi asked with a hint of anxiety.

“I didn’t see it. After we escaped from True Spring Dao Temple, when we encountered the rebels again, we got separated!” Qing Chengzi said truthfully.

“Abandoned?” Qin Yi frowned.

This is good news among bad news!

But this information made him very worried.

My father is a scholar who has no power to tie the chicken, and after the separation, bode ill rather than well!

“Let your people continue to search, look for details, and do a carpet search! I can’t find it, hmph! You can bury my father with you!” Qin Yi said with a gloomy face.

“Dong Haobo, you must search carefully!” Zhou Wuzhi said with a face full of resentment.

“Yes, Hall Master!”

After a quarter of an hour, seven or eight Taoists were brought in, but there was no voice from Father Qin Yi, which made his heart even more heavy stand up.

It’s another quarter of an hour later.

“Where is my Fourth Child? What is the position in your army?”

A familiar voice came from outside the door.

“Dad!” Qin Yi was overjoyed, looked outside, and saw a familiar silhouette covered in blood walking in.

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