Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 106

“Fourth Child!” Qin Zumin saw his son on the roof and put a saber around a man’s neck.

No matter how stupid he is, he can see the clue!

He knew his son was strong.

This article thought it was my son who joined the rebels, but now it seems that my son is coercing the leader of the rebels to find him!

At this time, Dong Haobo, who was standing behind Qin Zumin, also held a saber on Qin Zumin’s neck: “Qin Feng, can we release our Hall Master now?”

“Yes, yes, let me go, your father found it!” Zhou Wuzhi said with tears in his eyes.

“Send us out of the city first! We’ll exchange when the time comes.” Qin Yi Dandan said.

Seeing that his father was all right, he was relaxed in his heart.

“It’s not good!” Dong Haobo frowned.

“Okay, okay, why not, hurry up, let them out of the city!” Zhou Wuzhi said hurriedly.

Soon, Qin Yi, holding Zhou Wuzhi and more than 30 Taoist priests from True Spring Dao Temple in one hand, walked in front and moved towards the direction outside the city.

Behind, Dong Haobo led seven or eight hundred soldiers and followed Qin Zumin.

After one hour.

A dozen or more li outside the city in front of the mountains.

“Palace Lord, you take your people to evacuate first, go as far as you can, and see you later.” Qin Yi said to Qing Chengzi next to him.

“This… what about you and your father?” Qing Chengzi asked with concern.

“It’s fine, I’ll exchange with them later.”

“Okay.” Qing Chengzi knew that they were just a burden to stay here, so he He took people, moved towards the forest, and got into it.

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On the field.

Only Qin Yi was left holding Zhou Wuzhi to confront each other.

“Can we exchange now?” Dong Haobo looked impatient.

“Yes, let my dad come over and I’ll let him go.”

“No, what if you make a bad move? I’ll ask someone to go over and carry our Hall Master back. , you stay away from our Hall Master six battles away! I’ll let your father go at the same time.” Dong Haobo thought for a while.

“No, only three feet!”

“Yes!” Dong Haobo could only grit his teeth and agree.

Three battles, that’s about ten meters away.

Qin Yi put Zhou Wuzhi on the ground and stepped back.

At the same time, Dong Haobo gave a man a wink, and the man moved towards Qin Yi.

Qin Zumin was also released, he tried his best to move towards Qin Yi and ran over.

When Qin Zumin was ten meters away from Qin Yi, the person Dong Haobo sent over also picked up Zhou Wuzhi and turned around and ran away.

“Let the arrows, kill them!” Dong Haobo exploded Hah!

The man holding Zhou Wuzhi moved towards Dong Haobo’s side and ran back, very fast, at least Seventh Stage speed!

Take a break!

Hundreds of archers fired arrows.

“Sure enough!” Qin Yi stepped out, moved towards the father ten meters away and rushed!

“flash step ·Moontread!” Qin Yi uses the movement method trick continuously.

The distance of ten meters took less than one fifth of a second!

Two daggers were thrown out from the hands.

Pick up and run back!

puci, puci!

At this time, the two poisoned daggers stabbed at the back of the person holding Zhou Wuzhi who had just run back ten meters, and the exposed dagger by Zhou Wuzhi. on the head.

If Zhou Wuzhi was still conscious, he would probably scold this damn Princess hug! Showing up!

Take a break!

“Soaring Shift ·flash step!”

Finally, the rain of arrows fell, and some of the rain of arrows fell just a few meters behind Qin Yi, and he was already holding his father and got into the In the woods!

Part of the arrow feathers shrouded the small forest in front, but the trees blocked most of the arrow feathers. Qin Yi in the forest dashed left and right to dodge easily.


Too fast!

Both sides are plotting against!

However, Qin Yi wins!

Ten days later.

Qin Yi was driving a carriage. Inside the carriage, Father Qin’s face turned pale as he was shaken by the bumping of the carriage.

Parking, Qin Yi took out the map and looked at it: “After this town, it is the border between Qing State and Xiangzhou.”

“Another eight days, It should be able to reach the Divine Night Dao Temple in Kunshan Mountain in Qing State.”

At present, the entire Qing State is peaceful, without any rebels.

After one hour.

Outside Renjia Town.

Qin Yi looked at the sky, the sun set behind the western hills.

“Dad, let’s rest in this town tonight and leave tomorrow.” Qin Yi said to the old man in the car.

“Listen to you!”

After entering the town, Qin Yi found the only Inn in the town and moved in.

Daddy Qin was fatigue, ate a few bites of food in a hurry, and then fell asleep.

Qin Yi returned to his room, took out the “Hidden Dragon Art” from Zhou Wuzhi, and continued to read it.

He had the time to study this martial arts secret the day before yesterday.

Look at it and discover that this is actually a Ninth Stage martial arts!

This surprised Qin Yi a little.

In addition to a copy of Eighth Stage martial arts from Li Yayuan before, he now has two First Rate martial arts, especially this Ninth Stage martial arts, which is absolutely precious!

“The research is almost done, let’s start practicing!” Although Qin Yi drove a pegasus car, he was still in great spirits.

The superposition effect of the four Literary Art is not a blow!


second day Early in the morning, Qin Yi and Qin Dad had breakfast in the Inn lobby.

“Help, Gang Lord!?” He Hongjun, who came downstairs, looked at the silhouette of one in the hall and was stunned.

Qin Yi turned his head and was slightly surprised to see He Hongjun’s family of three.

“Old He, how is it you?”

“Gang Lord, it’s really you!” He Hongjun trotted over with a look of ecstasy.

Meeting a fellow in a foreign country, both sides have some feelings.

“Gang Lord, are you planning to go to Qing State?” He Hongjun couldn’t help asking.

“Well, it’s in this direction.” Qin Yi nodded. He didn’t expect to meet He Hongjun here.

“You too?”

“Yes! Xiangzhou rebels are rampant, I plan to stay away from Xiangzhou and go to Qing State at first!” He Hongjun said honestly with a smile .

But next moment, his face became a little dignified: “But yesterday I heard that Northern Origin was like a hot knife through butter in the north a few days ago, and Northern Origin’s iron cavalry has come to the outside of Imperial Capital city, I I’m afraid that the entire Great Yong will be in chaos soon…”

“Northern Origin iron cavalry coming to Imperial Capital?” Qin Yi was surprised!

Originally, the Great Yong Imperial Capital is relatively north, and it is only three states away from the Northern Origin. I didn’t expect…

It seems that Great Yong is about to end!

“Where did you get the news?” Qin Yi asked curiously. For the past ten days, he has been busy on the road and has not asked for any news.

“When I passed by a county yesterday, I heard the news! It’s all gone crazy!” He Hongjun said.

“The sky is falling and there is a tall man on the top. At worst when the time comes, I just need to find an old forest in the deep mountains to hide.” Qin Yi said.

“What Gang Lord said is, by the way, Gang Lord, can we go to Qing State together?” He Hongjun looked at Qin Yi with a look of hope.

“Yes.” Qin Yi didn’t refuse either.

“Thanks Gang Lord!” He Hongjun was overjoyed.

“By the way, that Liu Chongjie is also with me, that bitch hasn’t got up yet, I’ll call him to get up and see you!”

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