Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 108

Because he has cultivated so many Second Rate martial arts before, even if he has First Rate martial arts now, he can learn and improve to Perfection. But the dark wounds on his body were already deeply ingrained.

So learning Ninth Stage martial arts again will not change the result that the body is already full of dark wounds.

Otherwise, Li Yayuan would not have said that he was a pity.

“I can only entrust this Literary Art!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“Elevate “True Unity Art” to the point where it cannot be upgraded!”


A cool breeze appeared in his mind again.

The one silhouette in my mind has unfolded for ten, twenty, thirty years of cultivation.

Finally, one day, the Third Layer is reached – the truth.

Qin Yi opened his eyes and found that he was much more energetic than before, and vaguely felt a wisp of ‘gas’ in his body again and again.

At this time, he already has five strands of ‘Qi’ in his body!

They live peacefully in the dantian, which is very magical!

“Try to improve the martial arts!”

Qin Yi didn’t plan to upgrade to Perfection all at once, but to upgrade layer by layer. When he found something wrong, he stopped immediately.

“Upgrade Hidden Dragon Art!”

A warm current appeared in the limbs, and then moved towards the whole body.

After the ascension, Qin Yi found that there was no abnormality in his body for the time being!

“Continue to improve!”

Finally, after half an hour.

Qin Yi has improved one after another and finally reached the Perfection Realm!

In the mountainside of Taoist Temple, Qin Yi began to test.

“My strength has increased by 10% again, and my speed is 10% faster than before. It is indeed Ninth Stage martial arts!” Qin Yi was overjoyed.

“Use the secret technique to see if the body will sting!”

Qin Yi used the secret technique more than ten times in a row. At that time, I felt a tingling in many parts of my body!

If he continues to use one or two more secret skills, it is estimated that when the time comes, his whole body will sting!

“It seems that the Five Literary Arts still haven’t eradicated my dark wounds, but only temporarily suppressed my dark wounds.” Qin Yi frowned.

However, this time when he learned this Ninth Stage martial arts Hidden Dragon Art, his original foundation was repaired!

Because when he practiced just now, he clearly felt that his body was different from the previous one, the use of secret skills was smoother, and the formidable power was greater!

That is to say, he is no different from those Martial Artists who learn Ninth Stage martial arts, even stronger, because he has learned a lot of Second Rate martial arts in addition to Ninth Stage martial arts, The strength of one suit is even more extreme than the Ninth Stage of the same order. It can be said to be thousands hammers, hundred refinements.

The only difference is that the Martial Artists of other Ninth Stage martial arts at first are the ones who learned Ninth Stage martial arts, the foundation is good, from the very beginning, the body can withstand the use of secret skills, so the body is injured. Very subtle, not too big of an impact.

But his current body injuries, if not for the five Literary Arts to suppress the deterioration of the dark injuries, it is estimated that he would have collapsed and died!

“Try to improve this Eight Extremes Art again!”

It’s half an hour later.

Eight Extremes Art Qin Yi also made a near miss to Perfection.

But Qin Yi found that when he raised the Eighth Stage martial arts of Eight Extremes Art to Perfection, he found that his strength, speed and physique were only marginally improved.

cultivated is the same as no cultivation!

“It should be like what Li Yayuan said, I have already tapped my potential to the limit and can’t advance.” Qin Yi analyzed in his heart.

To put it bluntly, his bowl of water is already full and can’t fit in!

“The next step is to attack the Innate!”

“However, I don’t have a secret medicine, and I am wounded all over my body. The impact on the Innate is almost courting death.”

“First solve the problem of dark wounds. As for the secret medicine, there is a way to join the Azure Lotus Sect.” But he is very clear that if the dark wounds on his body are not solved, he will not be able to attack Innate!

“Sword Comes”

But no matter whether he can hit Innate or not, his strength is now stronger than before, which is a good thing.



Quan Zhenzi accompanied Qin Yi on the sightseeing trail of Divine Night Dao Temple.

“Jushi Qin, are you really leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes, I have some things to deal with at home, so I’ll go back temporarily, and come back here when I’m free Continue to learn “True Unity Art” with Palace Lord.” Qin Yi said sternly.

“Okay, our mountain gate will be open for layman Qin at any time!”

“When the time comes my father lives here, I will trouble the Palace Lord to take care of him.” Qin Yi cupped his hands and said. .

“Don’t worry, Lay Qin, I will definitely take good care of your father!” Quan Zhenzi patted his chest and said.

“Then many thanks!”

“By the way, Palace Lord, have you ever visited the ruins of the Supreme Clear Dao Palace in the main line of Daomen?” Qin Yi curiously asked .

Soon, he plans to go there himself.

“Of course I’ve been there! I went there with my Master when I was young. Our main line of Taoism, Supreme Clear Dao Palace, is at the top of the Tai Chi mountain range…” Quan Zhenzi’s face was full of writing Memories.

“Then, how’s that place?”

“Hi~ Hundreds of years have passed, except for some broken walls, what else is there? Snow, but the scenery is really great! If I hadn’t been able to withstand the cold all year round, I would have moved the Divine Night Dao Temple.” Quan Zhenzi said seriously.

“Has someone ever dug up some handed down martial arts secret skills or a Literary Art dao chart, or something hidden?” Qin Yi asked again.

“I haven’t heard of this… It’s been hundreds of years. It’s estimated that something was buried on it, and it was dug up hundreds of years ago.”

“This is…”

Second day, Qin Yi went down the mountain early in the morning.

When parting, Father Qin’s eyes were wet, but he also knew that if he followed his son to Qingzhou City, he would only drag his son down, so he still knew how to behave.

He went to Qingzhou City for two reasons. First, to see if he could find a broken dao chart in those antique shops, painting and calligraphy shops in the city.

After all, Qing State here is the Place of Origin of the Daomen main vein, and the chance of finding the incomplete part of the dao chart is higher! Even if the dao chart cannot be found, what if you can find some Literary Art from other Taoist branches?

Second, to go to the Tai Chi mountain range, you must also pass through Qing State.

More than 100 miles is not too far for Qin Yi, he can reach it within today!

On the way, Qin Yi took out the compass he grabbed from Guo Hu from time to time.

He did this all the way from Xiangzhou.

No way, some crazy!

This thing can search for the existence of the incomplete dao chart within a certain range, and the dao chart is very likely to be of great help to Literary Art! Literary Art is very likely to solve its own physical hidden dangers.


What if, in case, it happens?

Even at the Divine Night Dao Temple a few days ago, he spent a morning walking the entire Divine Night Dao Temple, even the mountains in front of the mountain… Finally, he found that the compass hair didn’t move!

“Phew! Finally arrived at Qingzhou City!” Qin Yi looked at the towering fortified city in the distance and was about to put away the compass in his hand.


He actually saw the needle on the compass move!

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