Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 110

Then Qin Yi opened more than a dozen boxes in one go, and found that it was either a standard lance or a standard sword.

“Where is the thing I’m looking for?” Qin Yi frowned as he looked at the hundreds of boxes.

Then he opened seven or eight more boxes, and in addition to some weapons, there were actually armors, and even a few sets of heavy armors!

“It’s not an option to remove it like this, it’s a waste of time.” Qin Yi said with a sullen face.

After a while, Yang Jinrong, who was asleep on the ground, was awakened by the water.

When he woke up, in addition to feeling pain in his hands and feet, and after his chin was removed, he was also thankful that his face smelled of urine!

“I ask you, are the hundreds of boxes in the warehouse here all weapons? Is there anything else?” Qin Yi said, and put the dagger against the opponent’s neck. , and then reset the opponent’s chin again.

At this moment, Yang Jinrong already wanted to kill the person in front of him 10,000 times, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face, he still licked his face and said, “It’s all weapons, all weapons, nothing else. something.”

“Are you sure?” Qin Yi sullen.


“Then you have another batch of goods today, what is it? It won’t be another weapon, right?” Qin Yi squinted.

β€œNo no no, those are some Chinese medicine ingredients, salt, and a batch of unearthed artifacts.”

Medicine ingredients and salt are quite profitable in this era , especially the current medicine ingredient as the tide rises, the boat floats in the era of war.

But when Qin Yi heard the following sentence about the recently unearthed underworld artifact, his heart moved.

Underworld artifacts are actually antiques, just a term for tomb robbers.

“Maybe the Great Sect relic may be in that pile of newly unearthed artifacts!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“Which faction do you Chamber of Commerce belong to? Tell the truth, I don’t want to listen to lies!”

“We do not belong to any force, we are just ordinary Trading Company .” Yang Jinrong flattered.

“Haha…” Qin Yi sneered in his heart.

Ordinary Chamber of Commerce smuggling salt and iron is not without it.

But do you think the heavy armor can be obtained by ordinary Trading Company?

There are a lot of weapons inside!

“Golden Alliance?” Qin Yi squinted.

“What Golden Alliance?” Yang Jinrong’s eyes shrank slightly, but he immediately pretended not to recognize him.

However, Qin Yi noticed the other party’s expression.

It’s the Golden Alliance again!

The smuggler!

It appears that the Golden Alliance may have a presence in every state!


Qin Yi stunned the opponent again, and moved towards another warehouse with Yang Jinrong.

After a while, Qin Yi came to the second warehouse.

In addition to some boxes, there are also many sacks of goods.

Sure enough, he found a lot of salt and medicine ingredients here.

After searching for a while, he really saw seven or eight large boxes containing antiques that had just been unearthed.

There are even some antiques stained with mud.

“Bronze ware, porcelain, jade stone, some calligraphy and painting, and some carved antiques…”

Qin Yi looked at the boxes one by one, but he quickly His face turned bad, because he didn’t find the missing part of the mutilated dao chart!

There is no trace of any dao chart!

Seven or eight large boxes, Qin Yi once again carefully picked them up and checked them one by one.

I still don’t see the shadow of the missing part of the dao chart!

β€œen?” Suddenly Qin Yi picked up a palm-size Buddha. This Buddha had no head, it looked like it was broken, and the head didn’t know where it went. Anyway, it was in the box. Can’t find inside.

The body of the Buddha is also engraved with many characters that he cannot understand!

This didn’t make him curious, because the Buddha had a warm feeling as soon as he got his hands on it!

The jade stone of this Buddha is tan yellow.

“The jade stone is hot? This is the first time I’ve seen it!” Qin Yi was slightly curious.

“Wait a minute, my dao chart seems to make me feel icy cold… Is the headless Buddha a relic of the Great Sect?” Qin Yi boldly guessed and thought.

“Put it away first, and take it back to verify it.”

Then he checked every antique again, and after confirming that there was nothing to gain, he I took some gold and silver jewelry and put it in my pocket.

“Wait a minute, since this Chamber of Commerce belongs to the Golden Alliance, and the Golden Alliance and I are mortal enemies, if I don’t harm each other, I’ll be sorry for myself!” Qin Yi looked towards these in the warehouse Stacks of medicine ingredients.

Go over and start to check these medicine ingredients.

He found that the medicine ingredients packed in sacks are ordinary medicine ingredients, and the medicine ingredients packed in boxes are all precious medicine ingredients, otherwise ginseng, Spirit Mushroom, Fleeceflower Root, etc…

“Free energy points, don’t give it for nothing!” Qin Yi would not be polite to Golden Alliance at all!

“Charge!” Qin Yi put both hands on the medicine ingredients, thinking frantically in his heart.

The crazy recharge lasted for one hour!

No way. When recharging, he needs to let his hands touch these medicine ingredients. The difference can be recharged.

He recharged all the medicine ingredients in the entire warehouse!

Except for some medicine ingredients that the system does not accept.

After recharging, he looked at Yang Jinrong, who was still dizzy and asleep on the ground, and he gave the other party a joy! Let him go to see the bliss world.

“Look to see if other warehouses have medicine ingredients or food.” Qin Yi’s silhouette flashed and disappeared.

When he checked the other warehouses, he found that one warehouse had hundreds of bags of grain!


It’s another time of recharging, and another hour has passed.

“Not good! The medicine ingredients in the warehouse are gone!”

Suddenly, there was a shouting outside.

“en? Someone patrolling the warehouse?”

“Forget it, it’s almost done, let’s go first.” Qin Yi taking advantage of the night, stealth in the shadows.

After a while, he left this place.

The reason why he didn’t burn this place, he planned to see if he could use Golden Alliance as a long-term meal ticket!

If it doesn’t work when the time comes, it’s never too late for the scourge!


Find an Inn to live in.

Qin Yi took out the compass in the room.

“Sure enough! The Great Sect relic found by the compass at this time is this incomplete Buddha in my hand!” Qin Yi watched, not knowing its specific function!

After he left the warehouse for a while, he took out the compass and looked at it, and saw that the compass was no longer pointing in the direction of the warehouse.

And now, the pointer of the compass is pointing at the area of his Inn, no doubt, it is this thing in his hand!

“Unfortunately, it’s not the dao chart I want!” Qin Yi sighed.

However, the reason why this Great Sect relic appeared in the Golden Alliance caravan, it is estimated that the caravan people themselves do not know, after all, this is a group of things just unearthed, people who do not understand, just think It’s just a buddha with a strange jade stone.

“Green Gourd Sword Immortal”

“Look at how many energy points I got this time!”

When Qin Yi opened the system, he was shocked!

Because he discovered that after the energy point reaches a certain number, there are other functions!

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