Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 111

Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm: Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method: Perfection (Soaring Shift)

Azure Void Art: Fetal Breath


Energy: 11301

(Friendly reminder: Since the host’s energy points break through more than 10,000, do you choose to spend 10,000 energy points to upgrade the system? After the system is upgraded, there will be new function updates!)

Looking at the system The change of Qin Yi is somewhat unexpected.

This is the new use of system – upgrade system!

Qin Yi looked at the energy points above, without the slightest hesitation, he directly meditated in his heart: “Upgrade the system!”

At present, it is useless for him to ask for so many energy points. Since the system can be upgraded, there is no need for any consideration!

“Ding…This system upgrade will take an hour, please wait patiently…”

“Is it an hour? Very fast!” Qin Yi was looking forward to it at this time. After the system upgrade, what new features will there be?


Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce.

Li Hailin gloomy face, their Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce has been stolen!

All the medicine ingredients in the warehouse disappeared, not only that, but also a batch of food was gone.

What surprised him the most was that his confidant Yang Jinrong was actually dead.

Li Hailin looked at the dozens of subordinates in front of him, and complexion ashen said: “What are you all doing to eat? So many supplies are gone, don’t you notice anything? Say, tonight there are No abnormality was found!”

With so many things, it is impossible to move them away like this, and they must be taken away by carriage!


“Report to the shopkeeper, we, we really didn’t find anything! Our patrols didn’t find any suspicious people infiltrating, and we didn’t see the carriage coming in or out…” Luo Heng grimaced.

He is in charge of guarding the warehouse, and now that this happened, he is the most responsible!

“Are you sure?” Li Hailin’s face dripped gloomily.

“Really not!”

“Is it a ghost steal? Or is there a traitor among you?” Li Hailin glanced at everyone.

This group of people is sweating on their foreheads.

They are all members of the Golden Alliance and know how the rules of the Golden Alliance are.

Seeing the group of people below, not a single one dared to say a word, Li Hailin frowned.

“hmph! Hurry up and invite Hall Master over!”

“Yes yes yes.” Luo Heng busy nodded.

The Hall Master he invited was of course the Hall Master of their Golden Alliance. The Hall Master usually manages a state affairs.

As for the Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce, it’s just the skin they cover up.

After seeing Luo Heng go, Li Hailin personally went to the underground warehouse to see if there was any problem with that batch of weapons.

Late night, inside the Inn.

“Ding…system upgrade successfully!”

“hu~ finally upgraded successfully.” Qin Yi opened the system panel with a little excitement.


Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)—Can Be Fused and Deducted


Heavenly Pivot Palm : Perfection – Fusion

Lightshake Movement Method : Perfection (Soaring Shift ) – Can Be Fused and Deducted

Azure Void Art : Fetal Breath

Heavenly Jade Steps: Perfection (flash step)—Can Be Fused and Deducted

Heart Nurturing Art: Reborn


Energy: 1301

“cultivation technique Can Be Fused and Deducted?” Qin Yi touched the chin.

However, he found that there are a total of thirteen martial arts, twelve of which can be combined and deduced, and the last one, Golden Snake Thorn, cannot be combined and played.

In addition, those Literary Arts cannot be integrated and deduced!

“Could it be that all of my twelve martial arts are cultivated to Perfection, so I can integrate deduction? Golden Snake Thorn cannot integrate deduction because it is weapon-type martial arts, and other martial arts. It’s not the same type of martial arts, so it’s not possible to merge and deduce for the time being?

Maybe this Golden Snake Thorn needs a new Weapon Category martial arts to be able to merge together.

” And those Literary Art are all in the Third Layer, there is no Perfection, so they can’t integrate and deduce? “Qin Yi analyzed them one by one.

After thinking about it, he thought it might be like this!

“First try the fusion deduction and see what you will gain in the end! “

Qin Yi silently fused all the martial arts in his heart.

But he couldn’t fuse all of them, because the energy points were not enough! And there was a message in his mind that as long as the energy points were enough, Several martial arts can be fused together.

“For every two martial arts fused and deduced, one thousand energy points are needed? “Qin Yi touched the chin .

“Then, try to combine two cultivation arts first! “

“Choose a fusion game of Lightshake Movement Method and Heavenly Jade Steps!” “Qin Yi clicked fusion behind the two cultivation arts.

The next second.

The two movement method martial arts appeared on the system panel.

Lightshake Movement Method : Perfection (Soaring Shift )

Heavenly Jade Steps : Perfection (flash step )

——Fusion Deduction!

One thousand energy deducted Click.

The next second, a silhouette appeared in Qin Yi’s mind.

He sometimes rehearsed the Lightshake Movement Method, and sometimes rehearsed Heavenly Jade Steps…

The two movement methods were gradually rehearsed by him to their peak.

Then he began to try to remove the two cultivation arts and keep the essence, and knead them together!

Ten years have passed.

Twenty years have passed.

Thirty years have passed.

Fifty Years have passed…

I have to say that it is very difficult to create a Martial Cultivation Art in the world!

Because it comes from nothing.

It is difficult to create a martial arts without a generation of masters of the martial arts.

However, if you combine several martial arts, it is more difficult than creating a Martial Cultivation Art!

Because of the fusion of several different martial arts, it is very difficult to keep the essence, remove the dross, and make the fusion not conflict at one time.


Suddenly, it took fifty years for the one silhouette in my mind to finally fuse and knead the two movement method martial arts together.

Retaining the respective differences of the two movement methods Advantages, such as the flexibility of Lightshake Movement Method, and the fast linear acceleration of Heavenly Jade Steps!

“Ding… The fusion of new martial arts is successful! “

Jade Light Step: Getting Started+

“This new cultivation technique is called Jade Light Step? “

“Do you want to learn again? “Qin Yi is slightly surprised.

“Look up!” ”

“Upgrade to adept realm! “

“Deduct 10 energy points. “

“The energy points required to improve the cultivation technique are still not many, which is good news for me. ”

Ten minutes later.

It has been improved to a skilled realm, but Qin Yi found that his strength has not increased, but he has more skills in using the Jade Light Step in his mind. .

“Promote to Small Accomplishment! ”

It still hasn’t changed much, it’s just that he uses this new cultivation technique more fluently in his mind.

He doesn’t believe it, how could there be no change in his body?


“Ascension to the Great Accomplishment! “

Finally, this time Qin Yi felt his legs warm, as if there were some small changes in his legs.

“Ascension to Perfection!” ”

A heat flow appeared in the legs, and then spread all over the body.

Twenty minutes later.

Qin Yi felt his legs warm. The muscles and bones have undergone a lot of changes!

Jade Light Step: Perfection (Streamer)

“After the new cultivation technique Perfection formed by the fusion of the two movement methods, the new secret technique is [ streamer]? “

Qin Yi can’t wait to try it!

silhouette flashes and disappears in place.

A few minutes later.

” When I use the secret skill, the speed is faster than before! “Qin Yi is ecstatic!

And this Jade Light Step combines the advantages of the original Heavenly Jade Steps and Lightshake Movement Method, but the disadvantage is weakened!

“at first has not improved By the time of the Great Accomplishment, there is not much change. It should be that this cultivation technique is a fusion of my original two movement methods. I originally arrived at perfection realm with these two movement methods, so I didn’t feel any changes. , I will experience the change when I upgrade to Great Accomplishment! “Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

Also, he can clearly feel that his strength and speed have not been strengthened.

It should be this movement method that The previous movement method was better, and the speed of the output of the secret skill was faster, so the speed was improved.

To use an analogy, it is like the car in the previous life, the Nissan Teana has 243 horsepower, and the It is a garbage CVT gearbox, BMW three series, 184 horsepower, using the world’s top ZF gearbox, BMW is a little faster than the Teana!

Why is the Teana’s horsepower higher than the BMW 59 horsepower is still slower than BMW? The reason is that the gearbox is garbage, and it cannot efficiently convert the power output of the engine!

This is also the case with Qin Yi now. If the engine is compared to its own power and speed, Compare the gearbox to a secret technique.

A good cultivation technique, a good secret technique, can make your output bigger! It’s even more awesome!

This is why the previous Ninth Stage martial arts Even the secret skills of Seventh Stage Eighth Stage martial arts have greater formidable power.

“Unfortunately, the system has no energy points! If I can integrate all twelve martial arts, it will definitely improve my current strength! And it’s not too small! ”

Late night.

Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce.

Qing State Chief-In-Charge of Golden Alliance Hall Master Li Tianyin listened to Li Hailin’s report, and his face suddenly sank.

“Can’t find it? waste! ”

“My subordinates are guilty, please Hall Master punish!” Li Hailin knelt down immediately, sweating profusely.

“hmph! You must be punished for this crime, but now I ask you, are there any problems with the weapons in the underground warehouse? “

“Hall Master, I checked it out just now, and found nothing wrong, nothing was lost, just, should this batch of weapons be transferred? “Li Hailin said.

He is worried about being exposed!

“I can’t move now, the movement is too big, and I have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest! “Li Tianyin said solemnly.

“The most important thing now is to find out who stole the missing medicine ingredients and food! Impossible is stolen by ghosts, so there is only one possibility, or man-made! “

“I ask you, after you delivered the goods today, there will be no carry out, right? “

“No, absolutely not!” There are so many medicine ingredients and food, at least a dozen carriages can be transported away, but we have been guarded at the door, and we simply did not see the carriage in and out. Li Hailin said hurriedly.

“Oh, then, after the dozens of carriages we delivered today, do they all stay here after unloading? “Li Tianyin squinted.

“Uh, half of the carriage stays here, and the other half goes to the Western District warehouse, because tomorrow morning the Western District warehouse has goods to be shipped out of the city… …Could it be…”

“It seems that we have an inner ghost, or we have ourselves and outsiders digging our corners! “Li Tianyin said with a sneer.

“Hall Master is like a god, there must be something wrong with this link, I will immediately lead someone to investigate! If I find out who it is, I’ll peel him off! “

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