Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 113

Now he has nearly 60,000 silver notes in his pocket, enough for him to squander for a while.

The top priority is to find Literary Art and incomplete dao charts.

Prepare for the shock Innate!

“Old Liu, I have a task for you. If you are free, keep an eye on a Trading Company called the Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce.” Qin Yi said to Liu Chongjie. This long-term meal ticket still needs to be paid attention to, and if there is a chance in the future, you can go to the wool.

“Good Gang Lord!” Liu Chongjie nodded.

β€œOld He ~”

β€œWhat has Lord Gang ordered?” by He Hongjun chuckled.

“As usual, you can inquire in Qingzhou City to see if there are any Literary Art of Daomen. If there is, you can collect some, whether it is incomplete or not. Another one is to inquire about the territory of Qing State. Are there some tombs of famous Taoist priests, or some relics related to Taoist gates, as well as some antiques handed down from the Great Sect that I like, you can also pay attention.” Qin Yi said.

He thinks that the broken jade stone Buddha that he obtained in Golden Alliance before should be the relic of some Great Sect, it was unearthed from a tomb, maybe the missing dao chart is very likely also. In a certain tomb?

Looking like this is better than searching aimlessly!

“Okay, I’ll find out about this.” He Hongjun said.

“This is an Eighth Stage martial arts “Eight Extremes Art”, you two can try cultivation, or pass it on to your descendants.” Qin Yi took out the book from his arms. I got this First Rate martial arts from Li Yayuan and handed it to He Hongjun.

These Old He and Old Li can be considered to have done some things for him, and they can be regarded as the kind of people who work hard and never complain, and he can give them some sweetness appropriately.

“Hey…Eighth Stage’s First Rate martial arts?!” He Hongjun’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Next to Liu Chongjie was also stunned!

First Rate martial arts, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it!

A thousand dollars is hard to buy!

My Gang Lord gave them generously like this.

And Eighth Stage martial arts!

“Gang Lord, this is too precious, we dare not ask for it.” He Hongjun stuffed it back with trembling hands.

“Yes, yes, we can’t have it.” Liu Chongjie also quickly declined.

“Just take it for you, need not decline, just do things for me in the future.” Qin Yi waved his hand.

The two were moved for a while, and no longer refused, and it would be hypocritical!

“Yes, Gang Lord!” The two said in unison.

On the second day, Qin Yi rented a house on the same street as Old He.

Next, Qin Yi began to frantically purchase medicine ingredients from major pharmacies in Qingzhou City to recharge the system!

He is very much looking forward to what kind of miracle will happen if the remaining eleven martial arts are fused together!

In a flash, three days have passed.

At home.

Qin Yi sat on the chair and opened the system.

Qin Yi:

Xuan Tianbu: Perfection (Streamer)β€”Can Be Fused and Deducted

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor )β€”Can Be Fused and Deducted (omitted below)

Heavenly Pivot Palm : Perfection

Azure Void Art : Fetal Breath

Heavenly Power Claw : Perfection ( Wood Penetration )

Heart Nurturing Art : Rebirth

Golden Snake Thorn : Perfection (Swallowing Whale )

Meteor Chasing Moon Step : Perfection (Moontread )

Giant Elephant Strength: Perfection (Sky)

Quiet Profound Art: Xing Qi

Golden Swallow Art: Perfection (Volley)

Giant Spirit Art: Perfection (shaking the sky)

Return To Sea Art: Perfection (unification)

Lightwatch Art: Wuzhen

True Unity Art: Return to truth

Eight Extremes Art: Perfection (Eight Extremes, Eight Extremes, Extreme Step)

Hidden Dragon Art: Perfection (Dragon Bite, Crazy Dragon Break, Long Teng)

Energy: 13545

Qin Yi saw that all eleven martial arts except Literary Art and the Golden Snake Thorn could be fused!

Especially Hidden Dragon Art, which is Ninth Stage martial arts, has a complete set of three secret skills!

“Fusion!” Qin Yi clicked [Fusion Deduction] after all the eleven martial arts!

“Ding… deduct 10,000 energy points! Start the fusion deduction!”

one silhouette reappeared in Qin Yi’s mind.

He began to practice these eleven kinds of martial arts, each of which reached its peak, and he began to try to integrate these eleven kinds of martial arts.

Ten years have passed.

Twenty years have passed.

Fifty years have passed.

Eighty years have passed.


One hundred and twenty years have passed.

Finally, one day, he suddenly sudden enlightenment, began to simplify complex, a set of mysterious martial arts in his hands to practice.

“Ding…the new cultivation technique “Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art” has been successfully integrated and deduced!”

“Successful!” Qin Yi’s face showed a trace of excitement and anticipation.

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Getting Started+

“It also needs to be upgraded again!”


Qin Yi down I saw it in a second, and 20 energy points were directly deducted.

Instant upgrade to skilled realm!

In his mind, Qin Yi has a comprehensive understanding of this cultivation technique.

It includes fist palm, movement method, Claw Art, leg method, various attack methods, and it is a very comprehensive martial arts!

At the same time, it also absorbs the advantages of the above eleven martial arts, strengthens the advantages, and eliminates their weaknesses.

“Keep improving!”

After twenty minutes.

A stream of heat flowed through Qin Yi’s body, and he noticed that many parts of his body began to change, such as muscles, bones, blood and so on.

Small Accomplishment Realm!

“I seem to have comprehended a brand new secret skill – Dragon Elephant Power!”

One punch and one palm, all have the mighty power of a dragon elephant!

“Ascension to Perfection in one breath!”

After about half an hour.

The one silhouette in Qin Yi’s mind is frantically rehearsing the Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art.

After practicing, I reached the Perfection Realm and reached the peak to build the Extreme Realm…

Suddenly, one day, a sudden enlightenment, earth shattering’s move suddenly hit, Heaven and Earth Discoloration!

The picture in my mind shattered.

Qin Yi opened his eyes and was covered in sweat!

“That move just now… so scary!” Qin Yi recalled the move just now, still shocked!


Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Azure Void Art: Fetal Breath

Heart Nurturing Art: Rebirth

Quiet Profound Art: Xing Qi

Lightwatch Art: Wuzhen

True Unity Art: Return to Truth

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Energy: 3245

“So the last trick turned out to be a brand new martial skill?!” Qin Yi looked at the system panel, shocked.

“Forbidden skills?”

He didn’t know what a forbidden technique was, and had never heard of it.

But the one silhouette in his mind just now came out, heaven shaking, earth shattering!

This move is a forbidden skill, which stimulates and squeezes the potential of the whole body and gathers the strongest ultimate power in the whole body. Once it is used, no matter whether the enemy is dead or not, after using it, it will definitely be seriously injured! Because it is overloading the output!

If you use it when your body is injured or in a bad state, it is very likely that you will die when you use it up!

“No wonder the system is named a forbidden technique, it is indeed not a critical moment and cannot be used!”

Qin Yi could feel from the picture in his mind just now that this move Seven Star Gathering After using it, his attack power will be increased by more than three times, or even higher!

Now he doesn’t dare to use it rashly, and it’s best not to use it for the rest of his life!


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