Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 114

“Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art now has only two secret skills, which integrate more than a dozen doors, namely Dragon Elephant Power and Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!”

Dragon Elephant Power, Once Qin Yi uses this secret technique, any strike will have the power of a dragon and elephant, which is very terrifying!

And Shrinking the Earth into an Inch, this is the secret technique of movement method, you can tell by looking at the name, it’s not as fast!

“Try how much your strength has grown!” Qin Yi stepped out of the yard and began to test.

With the practice of Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art, there was a loud cracking sound in the courtyard!


There is a group of wooden stakes for martial arts in the yard, but these thigh-thick wooden stakes were touched by Qin Yi’s fist, and they were all thrown away. split up and in pieces.

“My secret skill’s attack power is 30% stronger than before!”

“Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!” Qin Yi stepped out and the silhouette disappeared.

β€œThe movement speed is also 20% faster than before!”

After ten minutes of testing, Qin Yi was satisfied!

“My “Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art” is definitely beyond the ordinary Ninth Stage martial arts!”

Although his physique has not been improved in essence, his secret skills Offensive output has indeed been maximized!

“But there is one flaw that I use the secret technique less often than before!” He had used the secret technique a dozen times just now, and his body felt faintly tingling.

It should be that this secret technique is stronger than the previous secret technique, and the load on the body is greater, which makes it easier to cause dark injuries!

β€œLiterary Art!” Qin Yi was lost in thought.


Golden Alliance headquarters.

Mission Hall.

Jiang Xinghe looked at his old friend Qiao Yuan and asked, “Old Qiao, is there something you need to call me?”

“There is something I want to tell you, maybe with The death of your discipline may have something to do with it.” Qiao Yuan said slowly.

“What? It has something to do with my discipline?!” Jiang Xinghe breathed suddenly.

His Disciple Wu Yulong is not only his most beloved discipline, but also one of his illegalimate child!

It’s just that others don’t know about it!

“Maybe, I’m not too sure, because you told me before that Qin Feng who killed your discipline seems to have some martial arts in Azure Dao Palace. Just a few days ago, Qing State had that. The side’s Master Hall Li disappeared, and happened to be defeated and captured by someone who knew Heavenly Power Claw! I remember, Heavenly Power Claw seems to be a Claw Art of Azure Dao Palace?” Qiao Yuan said.

“Yes, that’s right!” Jiang Xinghe’s face became gloomy and uncertain.

After his disciple died, he investigated Qin Feng from various channels, and also got information from Golden Alliance, the movement method used by the other party was the movement method of Azure Dao Palace.

When he arrived in Xiangzhou, he found that Qin Feng had long since disappeared!

The Azure Dao Palace was long overdue by the war in Jiangning County.

Now there is a person in Qing State who knows Azure Dao Palace martial arts, and his strength is very similar to that of Qin Feng.

Even if the person who appears in Qing State is not necessarily Qin Feng, but in order to kill the mistake, he will have to die!

“Who is this task assigned to now?”

“Because I think about your discipline, I haven’t decided yet. If you want to go, I can arrange it for you! “Qiao Yuan said.

On Qing State’s side, a Hall Master was defeated and kidnapped, and many strongholds and warehouses were in trouble. If you don’t send an Innate over, it’s probably difficult to get it done.

“According to the information passed back there, the person who defeated Li Tianyin is most likely the ultimate strength of the Ninth Stage of Zawu. He learned the Second Rate martial arts of Heavenly Power Claw, is he not? Opportunity to break through to West Innate!” Qiao Yuan analyzed.

“Well, you’re right. Although Li Tianyin has the strength of Ninth Stage Peak, which is similar to my discipline, there is still a certain distance from the limit of Ninth Stage! The limit of the Ninth Stage is really a genius!” Jiang Xinghe also had to praise.

However, Qin Feng or not, if that person hits their Golden Alliance in the face, he will have to die!

No matter how talented it is, it is in vain not to enter Innate!


second day.

At home.

β€œOld Liu, what happened in the Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce in the past few days?” Qin Yi asked.

“Gang Lord, I haven’t noticed any major movement for the time being. I found that their warehouses don’t seem to have any goods coming in and out. It seems that they are not doing business for the time being.” Liu Chongjie reported.

“en. ” Qin Yi nodded slightly. It seems that the other party was frightened by his series of operations, and the people from Golden Alliance probably hid.

“Old He, do you have any news in the past few days about Literary Art and dao chart?”

“Gang Lord, Literary Art has not inquired about any news for the time being. , dao chart I did buy quite a few back, it’s in this box, can you see?” He Hongjun said with a smile.

“Okay!” Qin Yi opened the box, and sure enough, he saw dozens of rolled up dao charts, and some incomplete ones.

He opened them one by one and looked at them.

After half an hour.

“Not what I want~” Qin Yi shook his head slightly.

It seems that in the past few days, he planned to go to the top of the Tai Chi mountain range in Qing State, to visit the ruins of the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the main vein of Daomen, to see if he could find anything.

In fact, he is not very hopeful!

After all, Imperial Court has this kind of compass to search for the relics of the Great Sect. It is estimated that the ruins of the Supreme Clear Dao Palace have been searched countless times inside and out. It is estimated that the discovery has long been taken away. !

“Gang Lord, you asked me to inquire whether the antique shops have antiques handed down from the Great Sect. I found that most of those antique shops are deceitful. But I inquired about a piece of news yesterday, That is, there is a small town called Bitter Bamboo Town 50 miles north of Qingzhou City. This town specializes in trading some unearthed artifacts. It is said that more and more tomb robbers distribute artifacts here this year, and many of them are from some The tomb was dug up, there should be a lot of antiques there, do you want to go see it?” He Hongjun asked.

“oh?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised.

A special place to trade ghosts!

“Tomorrow, you and I will come and see!” Qin Yi’s heart moved.

It’s good to try one’s luck, and it’s not too late to go to the Tai Chi mountain range for a day or two!

In the early morning of the second day, Qin Yi and He Hongjun set off on a carriage, moved towards Bitter Bamboo Town.

Near noon, the two finally came to Bitter Bamboo Town.

This town is quite big!

In addition to Inn and restaurants, most of them are antique shops, and many people even set up stalls directly on the street.

All kinds of antiques are dazzling, and some things are even stained with soil…

“It really is, the troubled times are coming, and the tomb robbery industry is getting better!” Qin Yi tsk tsk mouth .

He took out the compass in his arms and started searching.

But when he searched the whole town, he simply didn’t find the Great Sect relic!

“It seems that the Great Sect relic is really hard to come across!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.


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