Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 115

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Put away the compass, Qin Yi intends to take a good look around the Bitter Bamboo Town. He mainly checks to see if there are books. Some things, in case there is Literary Art, isn’t it?

“Old He, let’s split up and find out if there are any Literary Art books about Taoism.” Qin Yi said to He Hongjun.

“Good Gang Lord.”

The two then split up.

The two spent the whole afternoon looking for each other in the various booths, or went to those calligraphy and painting shops and antique shops to ask.

However, to Qin Yi’s disappointment, he searched around and found nothing!

Looking at the sky, it was already four or five in the afternoon.

Meet He Hongjun.

“It’s getting late, let’s go back to Qingzhou City tomorrow morning.” Qin Yi said.


“Let’s go to a restaurant for a meal first!”


Visitor restaurant.

In the lobby on the first floor, Qin Yi and Old He took a seat by the window.

“Little Er, serve a roast chicken, three catties of beef in sauce, another mutton pot, and a large plate of rice.” Old He ordered while looking at the menu hanging on the wall.

It’s the end.

“Gang Lord, do you want to order anything else?”

“Add the sauce beef to five kilograms, and add an extra roast chicken and a large plate of rice!” Qin Yi said.

“Okay! The two guests wait for a while and have a cup of tea first.” The little two shouted.

Right now.

A blue-robed youth who had endured the hardships of a long journey walked in.

As soon as I came in, I found a place to sit down.

Little Er eagerly ran over: “This guest, what would you like to eat?”

“Bring me a bowl of plain noodles.” The youth said.

“Do you want anything else?”

“No more.”

When the second heard this, his face suddenly became less enthusiastic: “guest wait a moment. .”

The young man directly picked up the teapot and opened it, and the gu lu gu lu drank it. He had traveled all day and was really thirsty.

As soon as he took a few sips, he felt that the thing in his arms was hot! His eyes suddenly became strange, and then he glanced at the seven or eight diners in the hall on the first floor.

After a meal, both Qin Yi and Qin Yi ate their mouths full of oil.

Checkout and leave.

After the young man watched Qin Yi and the two walk away, he felt the heat in his arms plummet!

“It’s the two of them!” The youth quickly followed along.

It’s not far from the restaurant.

“Two, please hold your steps!”

Qin Yi and Old He both turned around and saw a young man calling out to them.

This young man seems to be eating at the restaurant just now!

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yi glanced at the other party and said sternly.

“Two, why don’t you take a step to speak?” The young man said with a smile.

“Speak quickly.” Qin Yi was impatient.

“Do you have a broken jade stone Buddha on your body? I want to buy it at a price!” said the young man straight to the point.

Once he said this, Old He was stunned. He didn’t have it on him, could it be the Gang Lord?

Qin Yi’s face is expressionless, but his heart is slightly surprised. How does the other party know that the jade stone Buddha in his bag belongs to him?

The people at Forbidden Martial Hall?

It can be seen that the other party’s behavior is different! If it was replaced by someone from Forbidden Martial Hall, it is estimated that they would do it directly.

“Don’t sell!” Qin Yi squinted, does the other person also have that broken jade stone Buddha?

“Sin, I’m sorry, you two, I don’t want to, then I can only be rough!” The young man moved towards Qin Yi and rushed over!

“courting death, how dare you do something to my Gang Lord!” He Hongjun stepped out and greeted him!


Old He, who had just taken a step, suddenly found that a hand appeared in front of him at some point, grabbed his clothes, threw him away, and fell to the ground!

Next second.


The two silhouettes collided.

The fist and shadow are staggered.

It makes a muffled sound similar to a wet cloth strip.

The two sides fought more than a dozen moves at once!

Qin Yi was slightly surprised that the guy in front of him was actually quite strong!

Is it the Ninth Stage limit?

Actually, Hui Jing was even more shocked at this time!

At first he thought they were two people who could easily beat him, but he finally convinced them to buy what he wanted, but he didn’t expect the person in front of him to be so strong. Could it be that the other party is also Ninth Stage limit?

“Dragon Elephant Power!”

A palm shadow rushes!

“Powerful Vajra!” Hui Jing is also busy with explosive secret skills.


An extremely loud muffled sound came.

Hui Jing felt a huge force pouring into his entire right arm, and the whole person flew out!

In the air, Hui Jing clenched the teeth, forcibly twisted his body, landed with a flip, without the slightest hesitation, turned his head and ran!

That person is a pervert!

He was clearly at the limit of the Ninth Stage, but he was injured with a single trick! His entire arm was paralyzed!

Hui Jing frequently used the movement method secret skills, and soon he was swept out of the town.

“Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!”

The voice goes from far to near.

“Run for what?”

“eat my palm again!”

“Dragon Elephant Power!”

Feeling what’s behind With the sound of breaking the air, Hui Jing had to grit his teeth and turn his left hand to punch.

“Vajra Vajra!”


Hui Jing was swayed upside down by Juli again.

It’s over!

both of his hands lost their battle strength!

His secret skill, Vajra, is already very powerful, but he never expected to meet someone more perverted than him!

This time Hui Jing could still fall to the ground stably, but looking at Qin Yi who continued to rush over, he hurriedly shouted: “I didn’t mean anything just now, I apologize to you, it was me who was reckless. It’s gone!”

answered him!


Hui Jing was knocked flying by Qin Yi’s palm, and fell to the ground, her hair flew out to one side, revealing a bald head with a burnt ring scar!

“It turned out to be a monk?”


Hui Jing spurted out a mouthful of blood, feeling that the internal organs were displaced.

“I surrender, I surrender, don’t kill me, I really had no ill intentions just now!” Hui Jing hurriedly begged for mercy while coughing blood.

Qin Yi stopped and did not choose to kill the opponent.

He really didn’t feel that the opponent had murderous aura just now, and when the opponent dealt with Old He, he just threw Old He out lightly and didn’t hurt Old He.

However, he still gave the other party a punishment just now!

“You should have the incomplete part of the jade stone Buddha on you, hand it over and I’ll spare you from dying. Should I search it myself or do you take it out?” Qin Yi said.

“Donor, it’s useless for you to ask for this Buddha. It’s not very precious, it’s actually just a Literary Art that records Buddhism!” Hui Jing hurriedly explained.

“Take it out!” Qin Yi’s tone became cold.

“I’ll take it, I’ll take it!” Hui Jing looked at Qin Yi’s piercing gaze and immediately confessed.

In the end, he could only resentfully took out a Buddha head carved from jade stone!

Qin Yi took a look at it, and it seemed to match the fracture of the jade stone Buddha in his own baggage!

“Are you a Buddhist?” Qin Yi asked.

“Yes.” Hui Jing nodded.

“Buddhism withers away, how could there be an expert like you?” Qin Yi squinted.

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