Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 116

Buddhism and Daomen are not Great Sects nowadays, and even among the many sects of Great Yong, they are only low-level.

The other party has the ultimate strength of Ninth Stage, which is much stronger than Wu Yulong and others he met before!

In addition, during the confrontation just now, he could feel that the martial arts used by the young monk were not the Third Rate martial arts.

“The little monk is the genius of Buddhism once in hundreds of years!” said Hui Jing half true half false.

Qin Yi’s face turned gloomy: “Speak human words, Buddhaism doesn’t have Ninth Stage martial arts, don’t let me be rough!”

Hui Jing’s face suddenly turned white, Embarrassed: “Amitabha, it was the little monk master who discovered a Ninth Stage martial arts in the tomb of a deceased Buddhist senior in his early years, so he passed it on to me.”

“You are lucky.” Qin Yi believed three points.

The Daomen does not have Ninth Stage martial arts, and Buddhism should also break the inheritance in this respect, otherwise Buddhism will not be the same as Daomen, and the Sect will wither.

So this Ninth Stage martial arts of the other party is really possible to get from somewhere!

Seeing that Qin Yi didn’t want to kill, Hui Jing braced oneself and said: “This benefactor, this jade stone Buddha recorded a Buddhist Literary Art, in fact, it is useless if you want it, you might as well sell it to me. How? You make an offer!”

Qin Yi did not speak.

“I believe in your ability, and you should have studied Literary Art. In fact, Literary Art can’t practice different factions, otherwise there will be conflicts. So this thing is useless to you.”

“Where did you get the incomplete part of the Buddha? It should be your Buddha’s Great Sect relic, right? You carry it on your body like this, and you are not afraid of being discovered by the Forbidden Martial Hall?” Qin Yi solemnly asked.

“The little monk got it in a channel!

“Donor, didn’t you take it with you? Now that Great Yong’s Transcending Tribulation monster has no life essence, he is dying at any time, and the Northern Origin iron cavalry is besieging Imperial Capital, hehe, Forbidden Martial Hall is expected to cease to exist soon! Afraid of what? “Hui Jing sarcastically.

“Transcending Tribulation boss? What’s the meaning! “Qin Yi moved a question and answer in his heart.

“It is the founding emperor of Great Yong! It is also the Sect Master of Colored Glass Sect. “

“Hi…” Qin Yi took a breath, he seemed to have heard a message that subverted all his previous perceptions!

The founding emperor of Great Yong?

Great Yong is now more than 500 years since the founding of the country, which means… This Great Yong, the first emperor, has lived for more than 500 years?

This monk said that the life essence of this old monster is not much…


Rethinking the Great Yong internal trouble and outside aggression for more than a year, could it be that the source of Great Yong’s turmoil is the first emperor who is ready to burp, and all influence begins to stir?

“Transcending Tribulation, refers to his strength? “

“Yes, no, didn’t your Master tell you?” “This time it’s Hui Jing’s turn to be stunned.

“My Master…”

“I didn’t tell me! “Qin Yi’s face darkened.

Damn, he was a monk halfway through, and the masters all ran away. Along the way, they were either running or running. Where did the fuck go to find out?

“Transcending Tribulation is actually a very high stage of Literary Art. There are many Great Sects and forces, Literary Art First Layer to fifth layer corresponds to: Consecration, Lingxu, Heart, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core! “

“Sixth Layer to 12th-layer corresponds to: Nascent Soul, Out of Body, Distraction, Quiet, Fusion, Transcending Tribulation, Great Ascension. “

“Of course, not all Literary Art has a Twelfth Layer! Only those super Great Sects can cultivate to 12th-layer Literary Art! Hui Jing explained.

These knowledge were recorded in some books in the tomb of the senior monk by his Master.

After listening to Qin Yi , the whole person is full of thoughts.

Literary Art!

There is actually a Twelfth Layer!

Then only the fifth layer is what he is practicing Taoism!

No, it may not only be the fifth layer, it may be the inheritance!

“How does this Literary Art help the strength? Qin Yi asked. At this moment, he had a vague guess in his heart.

“This, Xiao Seng doesn’t know either, but I just heard from the Master, “cultivation Literary Art, live long, look at that.” Great Yong’s old monster, lived to be more than 500 years old! “Hui Jing said with envy on his face. To be honest, when he heard the Master talk about this secret, he was also shocked.

“Where is your Master? I want to visit him! Qin Yi said with a serious face, he really wanted to ask the master of the monk to learn about Literary Art.

“Master Xiao, passed away, he has been lurking in the Forbidden Martial Hall all these years. Inside, I didn’t expect an incident a few years ago, and died in the hands of Forbidden Martial Hall! “Speaking of this, Hui Jing’s eyes were lightly red.

Qin Yi was silent for a moment after hearing this.

He untied the bag he was carrying and took out the broken piece from the inside. The jade stone Buddha, he was surprised to find that this Buddha jade stone was very hot in his hand!

It was a different feeling than the first time I touched it before, it was the first time I touched it. It’s a touch of warmth.

It’s hot now!

He also found that the jade stone Buddha’s head, which was taken from the monk’s hand, was also hot.

Could it be that these two things are similar, so strange things can happen?

The other party is also because of this person who thinks he has jade stone Buddha?

After all, he The Buddha was thrown into the bag, and there were several clothes in the bag, so I didn’t feel the heat.

“It’s it, it’s it! “Seeing these two remnants of the Buddha, Hui Jing’s eyes lit up with excitement on his face.

Qin Yi closed the Buddha and found that the heat was gone and replaced with warmth.

“I didn’t find anything magical either! “After Qin Yi was merged, I didn’t find any changes.

“Donor, you make an offer, Xiao Seng really wants to get it, it’s useless to you. “Hui Jing looked at Qin Yi pitifully.

Qin Yi pursed his lips and began to think.

To be honest, Li Yayuan also told him before that Literary Art could not be repaired. Learn from different factions.

Now this monk has also said it, it seems that he wants to practice other Literary Art, and he does not dare to take risks for the time being.

This thing is currently for him, It’s really useless!

However, this Buddha should be a Great Sect relic with the mutilated dao chart in his arms, and it should be very precious!

“It’s not impossible if you want , but I have a condition! “Qin Yi said.

“Donor, say it!” “Hui Jing looked delighted, mountain road twists around each new peak!

“Help me find Supreme Profound Dao Palace, White Cloud Dao Temple, Seven Stars Dao Temple, and Righteous Unity Dao Palace Literary Art for me! In addition…” Qin Yi said, took out the box in his arms, opened it, and took out the broken dao chart.

“And find the broken part of this dao chart, I just To this Buddha you! “Qin Yi opened the mouth and said, since the other side’s Buddha can be found in one channel, maybe the other side has a wider way to find the relics of the Great Sect than him. But he didn’t have any hope, he just refused to give the Buddha to the other side in disguise. !

Even if he doesn’t use it, he won’t just cheapen others! If he wants it, he has to pay the equivalent price!

Hui Jing’s face suddenly collapsed Come down: “You are two conditions! “

“Hey, are you a Taoist relic? “Hui Jing was surprised! The other party is a Daomen Disciple?

“Yes! “

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