Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 117

“Have you seen any relics of the Taoist category?” Qin Yi asked.

“It’s very rare, and it’s not your dao chart!” Hui Jing thought.

“Your dao chart should be the Visualization Picture of Literary Art, right?”

“Yes!” Qin Yi nods and continues: “The channel you came into contact with the Great Sect relics. What channel?”

“An organization called Longevity Society is very mysterious and powerful!” Hui Jing thought for a while.

β€œLongevity Society?” Qin Yi remembered the name.

“Does Qing State have their channel?”

“This little monk is not sure, but Imperial Capital has a channel for their channel, but there is no acquaintance. Don’t go in.” Hui Jing shook her head.

“The monk’s name is Hui Jing, what’s the name of the donor?”

“Qin Ming!” Qin Yi said.

“Donor Qin, your request just now was too high, can you reduce one condition?” Hui Jing said weakly.

I can’t beat it and I can’t beat it, and my things have been snatched away. It’s too difficult!

Looking for those Literary Art may have a chance to find, but this dao chart is incomplete, and he doesn’t know if there are those channels that he knows.

The world is so big, who knows where this incomplete part is hidden? In case it is included in the Forbidden Martial Hall headquarters, you let him steal it? Isn’t it courting death!

“No!” Qin Yi shook his head.

“…” Hui Jing was very sad to hear it.

“Then give me a copy of this dao chart, and if I come across it, I can compare it!” In the end, Hui Jing chose to compromise.

Although he had given up hope, he probably had to wait for his breakthrough Innate to come back and snatch it back, but he still asked for a copy of the dao chart.

“Okay, go back to town to draw!” Qin Yi said.

In the evening.


Qin Yi is still surging in his heart when he recalls the information he heard today.

“I didn’t expect Literary Art to have a Twelfth Layer! And the Transcending Tribulation monster can live for more than 500 years…”

Although he didn’t know that Literary Art cultivation was right for proven Whether strength helps, but Literary Art is a thing in Great Yong, and most Martial Artists don’t pay attention.

For example, they don’t pay much attention to Literary Art, such as the Nine Vessels of Taoism. The first one is that many senior cultivation with innate talent cannot go on cultivation after reaching the Third Layer. This is the main reason.

Second, at least the current Third Layer doesn’t seem to be of any help to the strength!

This is another reason why many Martial Artists are not interested in Literary Art.

After all, most Martial Artists are generally innate talent, and one or two martial arts will occupy most of their life. Where can there be time for such a ‘useless’ Literary Art?

Even if you know that culture Literary Art may live longer for several years or even more than ten years.

But for ordinary Martial Artists, if they spend a lot of time on cultivation Literary Art, then the time for martial arts cultivation will be reduced and their strength will be weak.

You can’t even live well, what do you want to live a long life?

So many Martial Artists prefer to focus on cultivation martial arts!

Martial power and longevity, most people choose the former!

At least have a certain strength, relying on martial power, can still make life better.

However, Qin Yi believes that this is the idea of most ordinary Martial Artists. For Martial Artists with better innate talent, it is estimated that Literary Art also pays more attention!

And in our conversation with Hui Jing today, this Hui Jing Little Monk said that Innate powerhouse attaches great importance to the cultivation of Literary Art!

This is easy to understand, Innate powerhouse, which one is not innate talent? Their strength has reached this point, and they will definitely want to live a long life!

In the early morning of the second day, Hui Jing left in embarrassment, while Qin Yi and Old He returned to Qingzhou City.

At home.

Liu Chongjie reported to Qin Yi the situation at the Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce.

“There is still no movement over the past two days?”

“Yes Gang Lord.” Liu Chongjie nodded.

“Well, you should be careful anyway, just observe from a distance and don’t touch them.” Qin Yi warned.

“Don’t worry, Lord Gang, I’ll save it. By the way, Lord Gang, do you want to hear some news about our hometown in Xiangzhou.”

“What news?”

“The news came out yesterday afternoon that the entire territory of Xiangzhou has been occupied and has been completely occupied by the rebels!” Liu Chongjie sighed, fortunately they all left Xiangzhou ahead of time, otherwise it would be hard to imagine what would happen what!

“The whole territory has fallen?” Qin Yi touched his chin.

Actually, everyone knows the situation in Xiangzhou.

“There is even worse news. Didn’t the Northern Origin iron cavalry besiege Imperial Capital some time ago? These days, there have been rebellions in several states. There are currently rebels in five states. I don’t know. Can Great Yong survive?” said Liu Chongjie.

“It’s hard to estimate!” Qin Yi heard from the Hui Jing Little Monk yesterday, Great Yong will definitely be finished when the old monster falls down!

Although there is no chaos in Qing State now, it does not mean that it will be safe in the future!

After Liu Chongjie left, Qin Yi sighed: “I originally thought that the strength of Ninth Stage would give me a certain amount of self-preservation, but now in troubled times, it’s still a drop in the ocean.”

” Innate…”

Qin Yi secretly planned to go to the top of the Taiji mountain range in Qing State tomorrow, to see the ruins of the main vein of Daomen, and see if you can find anything!

Second day, I said hello to Old He and he rode a horse moved towards the Tai Chi mountain range and set off.

The Tai Chi mountain range is about seven or eight hundred miles away from Qingzhou City.

But the riding speed is very fast, after three days.

Qin Yi came to the foot of Tai Chi mountain range.

Looking at this majestic and endless mountain range, Qin Yi felt that it was a match for the Kunlun Mountains in his previous life.

I took out the map and looked at it in detail.

“It’s written on the map that Supreme Clear Dao Palace is on top of the main peak of the Tai Chi mountain range!” Qin Yi roughly determined the route up the mountain, and then began to climb the mountain.

In a flash, another three days have passed.

One silhouette finally appeared on Tai Chi Peak.

Above Tai Chi Peak is actually a large flat land, as if part of the top of a pointed peak was cut off, and then such a flat land was created, which is estimated to cover an area as large as thousands of acres.

At a glance, the snow is white, and some broken walls can be vaguely seen in the snow.

“This building complex is really big enough!” Qin Yi sighed slightly after looking around.

There must have been a lot of people living in Dao Palace, the main line of the year!

There are not thousands but thousands!

Taking out the compass, Qin Yi started looking.

But to Qin Yi’s disappointment, the compass in his hand didn’t respond at all.

“Sure enough, about the same with my guess, this place must have been searched by the Forbidden Martial Hall many times. I want to leave the relics of Daomen, but they almost don’t exist.”

Then Qin Yi searched among these ruins.

See if you can find anything else.

But many ruins are buried under heavy snow, and it takes time to pick them up.

“Hey, there seems to be a stone tablet over there!”

Qin Yi ran over to take a look. The stone tablet was very large and tall, more than 30 meters high.

But it seems to be cut off from the middle.

Some words are engraved on it, but most of them are crossed out.

After expanding the scope to search for one day and one night, Qin Yi had almost eaten the dry food and was forced to go down the mountain to return.

“It’s too slim!”

Qin Yi felt helpless.

Maybe he’s going to the Imperial Capital side or even the northern states next.

Even if you can’t find the incomplete part of the dao chart, you need to look for Literary Art from several other Taoist branches.

Four days later.

Qin Yi returned to Qingzhou City.


In Qingzhou City, a Golden Alliance stronghold.

Li Hailin kneeled respectfully in front of Jiang Xinghe.

“Your Hall Master, is there any news yet?” Jiang Xinghe’s expression was not very good.

“My subordinates are incompetent, so far there is no news of Hall Master.” Li Hailin said ashen-faced.

“How about the black clothed person who defeated your Hall Master and robbed you?”

“That person came and go without a shadow or trace, belongs to My subordinates have not been able to investigate any specific information about him for the time being. However, my subordinates have sorted out his information.” Li Hailin said hurriedly.


“This person visited our Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce and other warehouses twice in total. In addition to kidnapping Hall Master, he also killed a few of us. Apart from being a person, he acts strangely. He stole several batches of our medicine ingredients and some food, but he is not interested in other things. The subordinate has an idea, for example, if we transfer another batch of medicine ingredients and food, can we Lead him out?”

“Also, you asked us to investigate the news about Qin Feng, I, we haven’t found this person yet.” Li Hailin said embarrassedly.

“But we found a more interesting thing.”

“Some time ago, there was a person named Qin Ming who bought a lot of medicine ingredients in the city! This person seems to be I just came to Qingzhou City, and I didn’t do business. Why did I purchase so many medicine ingredients for no reason… Could this be related to the person who patronized our Treasure Gathering Chamber of Commerce? And after our investigation, this person and his The accents of the two friends are from the Xiangzhou side!” Li Hailin said.

β€œQin Ming? Xiangzhou accent!” Jiang Xinghe frowned.

To be honest, he is very sensitive to Qin people now.

“No matter whether there is any doubt, the old man will find out if he asks him personally!” Jiang Xinghe squinted.

Now, he hates Qin so much!

β€œWhere does this Qin Ming live?” Jiang Xinghe said solemnly.

“Just live at No. 22 Black Tortoise Street!”

“Well, the old man went for a while, by the way, you can immediately bring a batch of medicine ingredients and take a look Can we draw out that black clothed person!” Jiang Xinghe thought for a while and said.

Actually, he is not very suspicious of Qin Ming, but now that there are no specific clues, he still has to investigate!


At this time, it is almost night.

Qin Yi is eating at home, and Liu Chongjie is also there.

The two of them are mostly bachelors, and they are too lazy to cook. Usually, Liu Chongjie goes to the restaurant to pack meals and come to eat together.

Suddenly, Qin Yi raised his head and looked towards the door.

I don’t know when an old man stood in their yard!

How did the other party come in, he was unaware just now!



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