Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 118

“Who is Qin Ming?” Jiang Xinghe looked at the two people in the room and said plainly.

“I am, what are you looking for?”

Qin Yi was slightly tense, because he felt a faint murderous aura!

“Kill you!”

“en?!” Qin Yi’s expression remained motionless, and the floor under his feet suddenly cracked.

He has already turned into a light and shadow, rushing towards Jiang Xinghe!

β€œDragon Elephant Power!”

As soon as he shot, Qin Yi used all his strength. The old man in front of him gave him a great sense of crisis.

In the middle of the courtyard, Jiang Xinghe motionless.

When a huge fist was still three inches from the center of his eyebrows, it was gently pushed aside by his right hand, which came first.

The other hand sprang out like a python shadow, and took Qin Yi’s chest!

Qin Yi pupils shrank , hair stands on end , because he was about to block, but found himself a beat too slow!

“Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!” Qin Yi staggered slightly, dodging the key as far as he could.


The edge of the right rib is still rubbed, the flesh is flying, and the wound is hot and painful!

Injured just after the fight stimulated Qin Yi’s ferocity.

“Come again!”

Qin Yi pushed his strength and speed to the limit.

dang dang dang!

The two silhouettes are fighting fast.

The collision between the two sides is like the sound of hitting a metal object, which makes people’s ears have a sense of echo.

Qin Yi’s expression darkened with each attack.

Although he has maxed out his strength and speed, and uses Shrinking the Earth into an Inch to shift position to find the opponent’s weak spot shot.

But his every attack can be blocked by the opponent’s latecomer first!

Not only that, he found that the opponent’s strength and speed were much stronger than him!

Between every move, it’s like using a secret skill!

In just a few short fights, his hands were numb and bruised.

“You are Innate?!” Qin Yi was shocked by the opponent’s move, and his face changed.

“The old man is indeed Innate, but you, Qin Ming or Qin Feng?” Jiang Xinghe asked with squinting eyes.

Qin Yi’s pupils shrank slightly. Could it be that the other party is from the Golden Alliance?

How can the other party find you!

“Sure enough, you are Qin Feng!” Seeing the subtle changes on the other party’s face, Jiang Xinghe suddenly laughed out loud.

“Yulong, I finally found your murderer!”

Qin Yi’s eyelids jumped.

Innate expert!

It’s that Wu Yulong’s Master!

“Qin Feng, you are indeed very strong! Even stronger than some Ninth Stage limits! I don’t know how you did it. However, today is your death anniversary next year!” Jiang Xinghe gently One step out, moved towards Qin Yi.

Each step is very light, like an old man who doesn’t practice martial arts.

But every time he took a step closer, Qin Yi’s face became solemn!


It is estimated that there is no escape!

Then there is only death battle!

“You know what? Yulong is very likely to hit Innate in five years, but because of you, everything is because of you!”

“I’ll let you feel it Despair for Innate!” At first Jiang Xinghe’s face was calm, but at the end, his face had already revealed a terrifying hideousness!

“Pai Shan!”

Jiang Xinghe disappeared in place, and his figure appeared in front of Qin Yi at an unknown time.

The muscles of Jiang Xinghe’s entire arm swelled slightly, and the blood vessels of the epidermis burst out suddenly, just like protruding pipes stuck under the skin.

“So fast!” Qin Yi hair stands on end, wanting to raise his hand to block.

However, this momentum is big, power is deep palm, so fast that before he raised his arm, the palm was printed on his left shoulder!

If it wasn’t for a critical moment, he frantically ran Shrinking the Earth into an Inch, twisting his body, and staggering slightly.

This is his chest!


Qin Yi flew out and crashed into the room behind him.


The doors and windows collapsed and the inside was a mess.

Liu Chongjie in the living room saw here, involuntarily swallowed saliva and said.

The Gang Lord of his own home only lasted under this old man for less than half a minute and was defeated!

“If you don’t enter the Innate, you are all ants!”

The voice came from the yard.

In the room, Qin Yi was lying on the ground, the bones of his left shoulder were broken, and the entire left shoulder and left arm were useless!

He was injured by just one trick!

“Desperate, right?”

“When Yulong faced you, he should have been desperate, so this time I will make you even more desperate!” Jiang Xinghe gently One step out, moved towards swept into the house.

He wants to kill Ling Chi from the other side to relieve the pain of losing his son!

He is in his 80s this year, and he only had this son in his 50s!

The culprit who made him see one’s child die before oneself will pay the price in blood!

The silhouette just swept into the house.


A large piece of lime powder exploded in the house, and immediately spread throughout the room.

Jiang Xinghe figure stopped, eyes closed, all five senses open!

At the Innate level, the five senses are very strong!

“This kind of rude means is useless to me!” Jiang Xinghe sneered.

Suddenly, one silhouette appeared behind.

“Seven Star Gathering!”

Qin Yi’s whole body became hot with blood, his eyes were bloodshot, and his entire upper body swelled suddenly.

Especially the arm of the right hand, which has grown several times!

The palm of earth shattering came suddenly!

“Oh, it’s just Final Struggle!”

Jiang Xinghe responded very quickly.

Turn around.

Raise your arms.


Last dispatch, first come, in one go!

Qin Yi’s palm also hit Jiang Xinghe’s arm, which was horizontally blocked in front of him.


With the palm of Qin Yi’s triple strength offensive, it collided on Jiang Xinghe’s arm!

Houses shake, smoke billows.


The force of the palm broke the arm.

The entire arm is concave.

The palm of his hand pushed the concave arm and forcibly hit the chest behind the arm.

Jiang Xinghe’s eyes widened, and an unbelievable expression appeared on his face.

He watched helplessly as his opponent’s strong palm like a hot knife through butter pushed his sunken arm onto his chest.

The severe pain in his body finally woke him up. He was not delusional, because his chest had collapsed!

The whole person flew out and hit the wall.

Break through the wall.

Jiang Xinghe fell into the backyard like a broken kite.

He wanted to speak, but the blood in his throat kept gushing out, gagging his mouth…

“Impossible! He is obviously at the limit of the Ninth Stage, how can he play Such a terrifying palm?” Jiang Xinghe’s inner mad question! Although he is more than 80 years old, although only the strength of Innate First Rank. But he is Innate in the end!

The opponent’s palm is even stronger than when the Innate uses his secret skills!

How did this person do it? !

Not reconciled!

Slowly, Jiang Xinghe fell into eternal darkness…

In the room, Qin Yi fell to the ground as soon as he finished this slap.

Blood was pouring out of his mouth.


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