Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 119

He felt like there wasn’t a part of his body that wasn’t in pain!

Especially his entire right arm. The overloaded power output caused the muscles in his entire arm to be stretched, and even broken bones in many places.

Many parts of the body have cracked injuries, whether it is muscles, bones or internal organs, after several times of overload, various internal injuries have occurred.

“pu~” Qin Yi spits out mouthful of blood again, and said in a weak voice: “Old Liu, go check if that person is dead!”

“Uh, Oh oh oh…” At this moment, Liu Chongjie reacted, cautiously looking towards the backyard along the wall with a big hole.

He only saw that in the backyard, the man’s chest had collapsed, and he looked like he had farted!

But cautiously, he picked up a large piece of green brick and smashed it at the head of Jiang Xinghe who was a dozen meters away.


No movement!

Seeing this, Liu Chongjie picked up seven or eight yuan in one breath and turned his head to smash it.

After seeing that there was no response, he ran over very quickly and stepped directly on the opponent’s head!

peng peng peng!

Brains splattered.

“It’s dead!” Liu Chongjie wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, then remembered that his own Gang Lord seemed to be injured, and hurried back.

Returning to the house, he found that Qin Yi had fainted!

“Gang Lord!” Liu Chongjie turned pale in fright, quickly picked up Qin Yi and moved towards a clinic and ran.


One month later.

Bitter Bamboo Town.

In a small courtyard.

Qin Yi finished playing “Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art” and spit out one mouthful of impure air.

It has been a month since Jiang Xinghe was killed, and his injuries are finally healed.

He passed out shortly after that move [Seven Star Gathering].

It took seven days for him to wake up.

According to Liu Chongjie and He Hongjun, Liu Chongjie sent him to the best clinic in the city shortly after he fainted.

But the famous doctor at that time thought that Qin Yi would definitely not survive after a diagnosis.

Many bones and muscles on the body are broken, the internal organs are seriously injured, and the blood of the whole person is rapidly declining.

But at that time, Liu Chongjie threatened the famous doctor and must try to save him.

Second day, Liu Chongjie and He Hongjun discussed it. In order to avoid enemies from coming to the door, they sent Qin Yi out of Qingzhou City at dawn and came to Bitter Bamboo Town.

They thought Qin Yi couldn’t take it anymore, but they didn’t expect that after being dazed for seven days, he would wake up.

Then Qin Yi cultivated half a month!

Actually, Qin Yi was able to survive such a serious injury at this time, and he believed that his five Literary Art had a lot to do with it.

Because when he woke up, he found that the five strands of ‘Qi’ in his body were running around his body, as if he was warming up and repairing his injuries.

This feeling is very wonderful!

It’s a bit like the healing internal strength in the martial arts novel of the previous life.

“This time I can kill an Innate because of my forbidden skill [Seven Star Gathering]!”

This forbidden skill exploded with triple his attack power, formidable power is really strong!

In addition, Jiang Xinghe didn’t expect Qin Yi to hit such a terrifying punch, so he blocked it with his hands, so he was hit.

Actually, with the speed of Jiang Xinghe Innate’s strength, he can actually dodge. As long as he dodges, Qin Yi will die.

But he absolutely didn’t expect Qin Yi to have this killer move!

“Unfortunately, my body does not have the breakthrough limit. Forcibly using this forbidden technique will definitely kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred.” Qin Yi secretly sighed.

At this time, Liu Chongjie saw that Qin Yi had finished practicing, eagerly came out with a pot of tea and poured a cup for Qin Yi: “Gang Lord, are you really healed now?”

“It’s more than half done.” Qin Yi took over the tea and said with a smile.

“You are really heavens helps the worthy!” Liu Chongjie gave a thumbs up.

To be honest, both he and Old He thought Qin Yi couldn’t survive because the injury was too serious.

I didn’t expect that after a month, there were good bits and pieces.

I can’t believe it!

In fact, what surprised them the most was that Qin Yi killed an Innate!

It’s terrifying!

They also heard about Innate for the first time! This made them all very happy, and they all felt that they were holding the right thigh.

Gang Lord can kill Innate at this age. In the future, hehe, he will not be able to go to heaven!

“Okay, stop filming flattery, let me see if you have improved this month after practicing “Eight Extremes Art”!” Qin Yi said.

“Hehe, Gang Lord, tap your hands later!”

Just after the two had practiced for a while, footsteps could be heard outside the small courtyard.

โ€œen? Two people!โ€

Qin Yi frowned, is that Hui Jing here?

He made an appointment with Hui Jing before. If Hui Jing comes back to Qing State and wants to see him, he can be at the gate of Bitter Bamboo Town on the first day of every month. He will send someone to town on the first day of every month. Wait for him there for a day.

Sure enough, He Hongjun came in with a monk after a while, isn’t it Hui Jing!

“Did you get the broken dao chart I wanted?” Qin Yi couldn’t help asking when he saw Hui Jing.

“No, but I have found news about it!” Hui Jing said.

“Any news?” Qin Yi was overjoyed.

Better than no news at all!

“Speak in the house!”

Soon, the four entered the house.

In the house, Hui Jing poured herself a cup of tea and drank it all in one gulp, before saying, “After a lot of inquiries from the little monk, I finally found out where the incomplete part of your dao chart is. !”

“Where? Why didn’t you bring it back?” Qin Yi frowned.

“The little monk wants to take it too, but his strength doesn’t allow it!”

“This thing is currently in the auction of the Longevity Society, and it will be in Yun Prefecture after half a month The city has an auction, there is no way to rob it, so I have to go to the auction. Unfortunately, the little monk doesnโ€™t have much money and silver, so I can only tell you the news, when the time comes. If you get it, can the jade stone Buddha be given to the little monk? “Hui Jing said.

“Oh yes, this is the Literary Art you want, four doors, I found it for you!” Hui Jing took out four Literary Art books and four matching dao charts from the bag. Come.

Qin Yi looked at the four Literary Art in front of him, slightly happy, secretly said in one’s heart, this monk’s efficiency is really good!

It seems that there are really many channels for the other party.

“You said the Longevity Society possesses such great magical power? Not even the Great Yong? This Great Sect relic is forbidden by the Imperial Court. Once discovered, it will be cleaned up by the Forbidden Martial Hall. They dare to blatantly Auction?” Qin Yi asked.

โ€œAmitabha, Great Yong is about to collapse at any time now. In fact, in the past few months, many Great Sect relics have flowed out from Imperial Capital, gossip, many are secretly sold by the high-level executives of Forbidden Martial Hall! Above, I have no energy, no time to control, and I canโ€™t control it anymore!โ€ Hui Jing said.


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