Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 120

“so that’s how it is!” Qin Yi slightly nodded.

Now that Great Yong is about to die at any time, there must be many people in the group of henchman who have different ideas or other ideas.

Some people take the opportunity to make some money and run away!

Anyway, the above can no longer be controlled, and it is not unusual for this situation to occur.

“Your news is true?” Qin Yi confirmed again.

“It’s absolutely true! I definitely didn’t lie to you!” Hui Jing said with a serious face.

“Next.” Qin Yi took out the jade stone Buddha’s severed head from his arms and threw it to the other party.

Hui Jing took over the jade stone Buddha’s head that belonged to him.


“After this is done, I will give you the rest of the jade stone Buddha!” Qin Yi Dandan said.

“Donor benevolent and righteous!” Hui Jing put her hands together with a smile on her face.

“Yun Prefecture is separated from Qing State by a state. If you ride a horse, you should be able to reach it in seven or eight days. When are you going to leave?”

“It’s not too late, we will leave tomorrow. Right.” Qin Yi thought for a while.

“By the way, is this auction difficult to enter?” Qin Yi asked again. This monk said before that the hall of the Longevity Society cannot be brought without an acquaintance.

“This time is different, Longevity Society’s auction, you can go if you have money!”

“That’s good!”


In the room, Qin Yi took out the four Literary Art that Hui Jing found for him.

The four Literary Art are Supreme Profound Dao Palace, White Cloud Dao Temple, Seven Stars Dao Temple, and Literary Art of Righteous Unity Dao Palace.

“If I have learned all four Literary Arts, then I have learned all the Literary Arts of the nine Taoist veins!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“I hope it can help me!”

He looked towards these four Literary Art, which are called “Supreme Bright Thought Art”, “Internal Nourishment Art”, “Eight” Consciousness Return To Origin Art, Bright Jade Cycle Art.

Second day, Qin Yi and Hui Jing moved towards Yun Prefecture.

He didn’t let Old He and Old Liu go with him, but let them wait for him at Bitter Bamboo Town.

Along the way, Qin Yi discovered many refugees, many of whom migrated from the north to the south.

Many also came from other rebel-infested states.

On the road, I even saw some corpses abandoned in the wilderness from time to time!

After seven or eight days, Qin Yi finally arrived in Yun Prefecture.

At present, Yun Prefecture is the same as Qing State, and there are no rebels yet.

Because there were still seven or eight days before the auction, the two found an Inn to live in and waited quietly.

Qin Yi has more than 50,000 taels of silver notes in his pocket, and he doesn’t know if it’s enough to bid.

In a restaurant.

Hui Jing watched Qin Yi’s dishes occupy more than half of the table, roast chicken, Red Braised Pork, braised pork trotters, sauce beef, roast lamb chops…

He looked again Looking at the bowl of plain noodles I was eating, I couldn’t help but swallowed saliva and said.

“Amitabha, Don Qin, don’t ask Xiao Seng to join you next time you go out for dinner. Next time, you can help Xiao Seng pack a bowl of plain noodles and come back to the Inn.” Feeling a little lack of appetite.

“You can eat meat if you want, you don’t have to endure it! The Sect Founder of your Buddhism said that the wine and meat pass through the intestines, and the Buddha’s heart will stay!” Qin Yi smiled and said.

“Did the Sect Founder of Monk’s Buddhism say that?” Hui Jing raised his head and was stunned.

“Of course I said it, maybe you read few Buddhist scriptures and haven’t seen it!” Qin Yi laughed.

“Really? You can’t deceive the monk!” Hui Jing looked serious.

“I, Qin Ming, vowed to lie to you as a puppy!” Qin Yi raised his hand, solemnly vowed.

“If you didn’t tell me sooner, you made me endure all the way!” Hui Jing rolled up his sleeves, grabbed a pig’s trotter and ate it.

“pu~ ”

“What is the donor of Qin laughing at?”

“It’s nothing, you can eat it, if you don’t have enough, eat more!” Qin Yi grabbed a burnt The chicken starts to eat.

Actually, he believes that no matter if you are cultivating Buddhism or Taoism, as long as you have a good idea, you don’t need to stick to the rules! Anyway, Daomen can marry a wife, and there is no problem.

Some things, some rules, are often just some sick rules left by some predecessors.

“Hui Jing, I found one thing, why did Red Sect, Yellow Turban Sect, Azure Lotus Sect and Daomen Buddhism be suppressed by Great Yong, but Daomen Buddhism all inherited in the territory of Great Yong, On the contrary, the above Great Sects do not have inheritance on the surface? Do you know this?” Qin Yi asked.

Although Daomen and Buddhism must have been suppressed hundreds of years ago, why are there still nine Daomen and Buddhism?

There are even Taoist and monks! This is the Imperial Court’s recognition of Taoism and Buddhism.

On the contrary, the Red Sect, Yellow Turban Sect, etc., are almost all street rats. For hundreds of years, they have not dared to show up on the surface in the Great Yong territory. They can only cross the street rats.

“The old master of this little monk seems to have told me that he saw a record in the tomb of that senior monk. It is said that our Buddha’s sect master vein also disappeared overnight, leaving behind Some sporadic Disciples. As for why Buddhism was not completely eradicated by Great Yong, the senior monk guessed that the founding emperor of Great Yong had an agreement with Buddhism, or was afraid of our Buddhism, so he did not deal with it like he dealt with Red Sect. We, of course, may also be the Red Sect and other Great Sects and the Great Yong are more hostile, so they are targeted! Presumably your Taoism is similar to our Buddhaism.”

“Well, these few Either situation is possible.” Qin Yi nodded.

Inn, Qin Yi picked up a copy of “Internal Nourishment Art”, hung the matching dao chart on the wall, and began to sit and meditate.

In the past seven or eight days, he has been traveling during the day, and at night, he has been studying Literary Art in cultivation.

Only three hours of sleep at night!

In a flash, another five days have passed!

This evening.

Qin Yi opened his eyes with joy on his face.


Qin Yi:


Supreme Bright Thought Art: Getting Started+

Internal Nourishment Art: Getting Started+

Eight Consciousness Return To Origin Art: Getting Started+

Bright Jade Cycle Art: Getting Started+

Energy Points: 3245

“Finally, all the four Literary Arts have entered, not worth the cultivation of neglect sleep and forget about food these days!”

“All promotion!” Qin Yi thought silently.

After half an hour.

Four Literary Art, all upgraded to Third Layer!

Qin Yi felt that nine strands of ‘Qi’ appeared in the dantian!

And he felt that after four more Literary Arts this time, the ‘Qi’ in his body was slowly repairing the dark wounds in his body.

The previous five Literary Arts can only suppress most of the dark wounds, and cannot be repaired.

Now, there is actually a trace of slowly repairing some of the dark wounds.

“If it goes on like this, even if I can’t completely repair all the dark wounds in my body, it’s a good thing for me to be able to repair some of them!” Qin Yi secretly rejoiced.


Now he has nine Literary Art and nine ‘Qi’ in dantian!

If he uses the forbidden skill [Seven Star Gathering] next time, maybe the injury won’t be as severe as last time, and it won’t take a month to recover!

Maybe after using [Seven Stars Convergence], if the injury is not too serious, there is still a certain ability to move!

Of course, all this can only be known after he uses [Seven Stars Convergence] again.

However, this forbidden skill, you can try it or not.


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