Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 121

Another two days have passed.

It’s finally time for the Longevity Society to hold an auction.

In the morning, under the leadership of Hui Jing, I came to an Auction House in the east of the city. This Auction House is called Fuli Auction House!

When I came to the counter, I saw eight young girls showing them professional smiles.

One of the young girls said to the two of them, “Are the two distinguished guests here for today’s auction?”

“Yes.” Qin Yi nods.

“May I ask if you would like to bid in the lobby or in the private rooms on the second floor? Choose the lobby and pay one hundred taels of admission per person, and the private rooms are three thousand taels. The number of private rooms is limited, and there are currently two remaining. .” The girl said.

As soon as Qin Yi heard it, he said: “The lobby is fine.”

“Okay, wait a moment.”

Soon, after the payment is completed, the other party will Qin Yi and Hui Jing were each given a mask.

Then the two of them walked from a passage to the auction hall deep inside.

“Three thousand taels in a private room is simply a robbery!” Hui Jing complained.

“But I can keep my identity a secret!” Qin Yi said.

“That’s true~ But we’re not shooting a heaven shaking, earth shattering baby, so we don’t need to spend this injustice.”

The two soon entered the auction. Inside the lobby on the first floor, as expected, the lobby is very large, and can seat two to three hundred people. The second floor is a private room. Qin Yi counted it, and it is only ten private rooms.

One after another, another group of people came.

After half an hour, the entire lobby is estimated to have nearly 200 people.

At this point, the auction finally begins.

On the stage, a beautiful woman with jewels and white gloves came up.

“VIPs, welcome to the auction held by our Longevity Society! Today, we have a total of fifty-three treasures of various colors to be auctioned. Without further ado, now we will start the auction of the first treasure. Bring it up!” The beautiful woman said in a very charming voice.

tone barely fell , and a young girl in a palace dress came to the stage with a tray and saw a white porcelain vase on the tray.

“VIPs, our first baby is called Ninth Stage Limitbreak Pill! As the name suggests, it is used for Ninth Stage Martial Artist to break through Innate. There are three in the bottle, just to help one. It is used by the Ninth Stage Martial Artist breakthrough Innate!”

As soon as these words came out, many people in the lobby exclaimed!

This stuff is absolutely priceless in Great Yong.

It is usually in the hands of those Great Sects or the Imperial Court, but I never thought that the Longevity Society would be put up for auction!

“The starting price is 10,000 taels, and each increase shall not be less than 1,000 taels!” The beautiful woman said coquettishly.

“11,000 taels!” shouted a burly one with a ghostly azure mask holding up a placard.

“13,000 taels!”

“15,000 taels!”


“The secret of breakthrough Innate All medicines have to be sold!” Qin Yi clenched his hands, surprised!

“Of course! It’s very expensive and hard to buy!” Hui Jing also stared at the medicine pill on the tray with bright eyes.

Qin Yi is also a little excited at the moment, do you want to shoot?

But when I think about the hidden dangers of my body that have not been solved, it seems that it is useless to ask for this thing.

In a short while, the price is getting higher and higher!

“Eighty thousand taels.”

“Eighty thousand taels.”

“One hundred and fifty thousand taels!”

This At that time, someone in the third private room made a sound.

Suddenly, this price made everyone stop bidding.

150,000 taels!

Too high!

“Is there anyone bidding for 150,000 taels?”

The lobby is a little quiet.

“Congratulations to the distinguished guests in the third private room!” The beautiful woman said with a smile.

“Now, start the auction of the second treasure.”

At this time, another young girl presented a tray, Qin Yi saw that there was a cheat book on the tray .

“VIPs, the second treasure is a book of Innate Merit! It’s called “Hansha Yin Yang Gong”, and it is a book of Innate Merit that can break through to Innate Second Rank!”

โ€œEveryone should be clear that after Ninth Stage Martial Artist breaks through Innate, if you want to break through Innate First Rank and enter Innate Second Rank, you have to continue to break your own limits, and this “Han Sha Yin Yang Gong” can make After you have cultivated to the limit of Innate First Rank, let you have the secret technique to break your own limit again and enter Innate Second Rank!”

“The starting price is 100,000 taels! Each increase shall not be less than 3,000 taels. !”

“120,000 taels!”

“130,000 taels!”


auction, many Everyone was bidding, and Qin Yi was a little shocked by the information he heard.

“Innate has Innate’s cultivation technique?”

“Of course! Didn’t your Master tell you?” Hui Jing next to him asked in surprise.


“After the Ninth Stage Martial Artist breaks through Innate, it is Innate First Rank. If you want to break through Innate First Rank to Innate Second Rank, you need to break the physical limit again. , then Innate Second Rank breakthrough Innate third rank, do you still have to break the human body limit?” Qin Yi looked towards Hui Jing and asked.

“Yes! Once Innate reaches Fifth Rank, First Rank is harder than First Rank! Every time you break through, you have to break your own limit! Every time, it is extremely dangerous, more dangerous than Ninth Stage breakthrough Innate. That’s it!” Hui Jing said with a hint of awe.

“Innate Merit!” Qin Yi looked towards the secret book on the stage, and towards Hui Jing.

“Do you know the difference between Innate Merit and Ninth Stage martial arts? How does it break through Innate Second Rank, third rank?”

“Xiao Seng doesn’t know the specific situation Well, the little monk just knows that there is an Innate Merit method~” Hui Jing put his hands together.


Qin Yi knows that Ninth Stage breakthrough Innate is the crazy use of secret skills to overload and kill the output, in order to break through its own limit a little bit.

After arriving at Innate, physique has already surpassed Ninth Stage. If Ninth Stage martial arts are used to break through, it is estimated that there will be no effect, so there is the Innate Merit method?

Of course, this is just his guess. He doesn’t know how to break through.

In the end, this Innate Merit method was directly bid up to 220,000 taels, and was bid away by the No. 5 private room.

Next, Qin Yi saw a lot of strange things auctioned, as well as a lot of Great Sect relics auctioned.

Finally, after waiting for an hour, he finally saw what he wanted!

See you, on stage.

The beautiful woman said coquettishly: “The next item to be auctioned is still a Great Sect relic, a broken Taoist relic. After our Appraisal Master’s appraisal, it should be a Literary Art. Visualization Picture, there is also a text on it that may be Literary Art, but these texts are not the text of Great Yong, nor the text of the former building dynasty, but the text of the Xuanhan Dynasty.”

“Okay, the auction price starts at 5,000 taels!”

Qin Yi looked at the dao chart on the tray, and he was very excited.

Because, this is the mutilated part of the dao chart in his arms!

“Fortunately, it’s a broken Great Sect relic. The starting price is not high!” Qin Yi thought to himself, and said directly: “Six thousand taels!”

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