Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 122

“Seven thousand taels!”

“Eight thousand taels!”


Although this incomplete dao chart is better than the previous auctions It’s not that precious, but there are still many people bidding!

“Thirty thousand taels!” Qin Yi raised his placard again!

Finally, after the bid reached 30,000 taels, no one continued to bid.

There are a lot of good things at this time auction. This kind of incomplete Great Sect relic is not so important. Many people save money and want to see what other good things can be auctioned. !

Because there have been four or five complete Great Sect relics auctioned before, this is the hottest item.

“Is anyone else offering a higher price?” the beautiful woman said coquettishly.

After five seconds of waiting, no one in the field continued to bid.

“Okay, congratulations to the VIP No. 58 in the lobby for getting the dao chart for this gate!”

Next, Qin Yi didn’t have the time to watch the next auction, and directly followed the The folks at Auction House started paying and delivering.

Ten minutes later, Qin Yi saw the remnant of this dao chart.

Qin Yi touched it with his hand, and sure enough, he felt a cold touch!

“Let’s go!” Qin Yi said to Hui Jing.


Soon, the two hurriedly left the Fuli Auction House before the auction was over.

After leaving, the two of them forgave for a lot of times, and after making sure that no one was following, they found another Inn to live in again.

In the room.

“Amitabha, congratulations to Qin donor for getting your Literary Art dao chart.” Hui Jing put his hands together, but his eyes were looking at Qin Yi.

Seeing the other party’s expression, Qin Yi laughed, took out the jade stone Buddha with the severed head out of his arms, and threw it to the other party: “Here it is! This time I still need your help, or I will also I don’t know when I will find it!”

Hui Jing took the jade stone from the Buddha with a look of joy: “Amitabha, the little monk is also very grateful to the donor Qin!”

The two exchanged business with each other. After blowing it for a while, Hui Jing said with a serious face: “Master Qin, the little monk plans to leave early tomorrow, so he may not be able to accompany you back to Qing State.”

“It’s okay, you go. Yes, see you in the future!” Qin Yi nodded.

Actually, the Hui Jing Little Monk people are pretty good.

But everyone got what they wanted, and both sides have their own business to be busy with, so it’s good to separate!

“Okay, we’ll meet by chance!”

The two chatted for a while, and Hui Jing said goodbye and went back to the room to rest.


In the room.

Qin Yi took out these two incomplete dao charts and put them together on the table.

“The dao chart is complete!” Qin Yi was overjoyed.

“As expected, there are characters on it!”

He looked at them, and he did not recognize these characters.

According to the auction, the above hundreds of words are very likely to be a Literary Art, of course, the possession may not be, and there may be other cultivation techniques.

But Literary Art has the greatest probability!

β€œWriting from the Xuanhan Dynasty?” Qin Yi touched the chin .

The Xuanhan Dynasty was actually a dynasty before the Great Xia Dynasty, which was separated by three or four dynasties from now.

“Forget it, let’s use this dao chart to meditate on Cultivation first!” Qin Yi looked at the dao chart on the desktop very seriously, and then began to meditate on one of Cultivation’s Literary Art – Azure Void Art.

Breathe, close my eyes and meditate on the dao chart I just read… calm, focused, unified…

In my mind, this complete dao chart emerges .

Once again, Qin Yi felt the ‘Qi’ of Azure Void Art within himself become very active! It’s like the excitement of a cat seeing a fish.

Then, the complete dao chart that was meditating in my mind suddenly emitted a ray of light!

Not only that, Qin Yi felt that the dao chart in his mind began to emit a large amount of cold mist after it emitted a ray of light, sweeping over his whole body, shrouding his entire body in Inside the cool mist.

The qi in the body, no, all the qi became more active one after another!

cultivated After a few great circulations, Qin Yi opened his eyes and found that his Azure Void Art’s ‘Qi’ had grown a little bit. Although this increase is minimal.

But compared to the previous promotion to the Third Layer, no matter what the cultivation has not made any progress, it is definitely a good news!



Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)


Azure Void Art: Fetal Breath +

Heart Nurturing Art: Rebirth

Quiet Profound Art: Xing Qi


Energy: 3189

“Sure enough! My previous guess was right! Previously, Azure Void Art and eight other Literary Art could only cultivate to the third time, because the cultivation technique was incomplete. , No, it’s the Visualization Picture problem to be exact! Now I have only cultivated Azure Void Art once, and it can continue to improve!” Qin Yi felt that the sky was clear.

“Cultivate the rest of the Eight Sects Literary Art once again!” Qin Yi once again carefully visualized the dao chart on the desktop, and then started the cultivation Heart Nurturing Art!

In a flash, most of the night passed.

Qin Yi replaced all the rest of the Eight Sects Literary Art with the visualization object and replaced it with this dao chart on the desktop for meditation cultivation.



Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Azure Void Art: Fetal Breath +

Heart Nurturing Art: Rebirth+

Quiet Profound Art: Xing Qi+


Energy: 3189

“Eight Sects Literary Art, all can be upgraded!”

“Upgrade Azure Void Art first!” Qin Yi recited in his heart.

Next second…

Fourth Layer!

The fifth layer!

Then Heart Nurturing Art, Quiet Profound Art…

An hour passed.

Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Azure Void Art: Perfection (inner core) – Can Be Fused and Deducted

Heart Nurturing Art: Perfection (Xuanzhu) – Can Be Fused and Deducted

Quiet Profound Art: Perfection (Entrance) – Can Be Fused and Deducted


Energy: 3189

Nine Literary Art, all Perfection, are the realm that have reached the fifth layer!

Qin Yi feels that the nine strands of ‘Qi’ in his body are several times thicker than before!

Not only that, he can clearly feel that his state is many times better than before. Not only does he feel that his mental state has reached a very high level, he can also clearly feel that the internal The dark wounds are all healed!


All done!

In other words, now he has no hidden dangers or problems in his body.

“Phew…I finally solved the hidden dangers of the body.”

Nine Doors Literary Art, Nine Doors Fifth Layer Literary Art!

β€œNot only my hidden injury has been resolved, but my life force is very strong now! If I get injured next time, my recovery ability can reach a terrifying level.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“Will you cut yourself and try it?”

The idea came up, and he couldn’t help but want to try it madly.

“Forget it, I’ll talk about it later, now the nine Literary Art have reached the fifth layer, and they have all reached their Perfection Realm, and they can also be fused. Try the nine-door fusion and see, it will happen What kind of change!” Qin Yi was looking forward to it.

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