Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 123

“But with so many Literary Art fusions, my current energy points are not enough for now!” Qin Yi looked at the only 3,000 energy points left, and seemed to continue to recharge.

Now he has more than 20,000 silver taels left, more than enough.

Second day early in the morning, Hui Jing came to say goodbye and left.

Qin Yi also went out and rented a small courtyard. He plans to stay in Yun Prefecture for a while!

Mainly, he has already exposed his identity in Qing State. Before Innate came to kill him, he did not want to appear in Qingzhou City for the time being. It’s still very safe, and he doesn’t need to worry about it for the time being.

After renting a small courtyard, Qin Yi began to purchase batches of medicine ingredients, and asked those pharmacies to deliver the medicine ingredients to the small courtyard he rented.

Two days later.


Qin Yi:


Energy: 15089

Flower 10,000 tael of silver purchased many medicine ingredients, and all of a sudden, more than 10,000 energy points skyrocketed!

“Integration of Nine Literary Art!” Qin Yi said silently in his heart.

Soon, after deducting the energy points, a silhouette appeared in my mind, which began to try to integrate the Literary Art of the nine doors cultivated to fifth layer Perfection.

Ten years.

Twenty years.

Thirty years.

Sixty years…

“Ding…the fusion of the new Literary Art “Supreme Bright Cycle Art” is complete!”



Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch.[Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Beginner+

Energy: 7089

“The picture is much simpler!” Qin Yi looked at the system panel above, very pleasing to the eye.

“Upgrade Supreme Bright Cycle Art to Perfection!”

The next second, Qin Yi found that the nine strands of ‘Qi’ in his body began to merge and devour each other…


In my mind, it was like bathing in a world of ice fog, very refreshing.

After half an hour.

Qin Yi felt that in his dantian, the original nine wisps ‘Qi’ disappeared without a trace, and now it is replaced by an azure ‘Qi’!

This Qi seems to automatically run through the whole body. Every place it flows, it can make Qin Yi’s body more life force!

“After the fusion, I feel my mental state is more than doubled!”

This is Qin Yi’s most intuitive feeling!

In addition, although he doesn’t know whether his lifespan has increased, he can clearly feel that his Essence, Qi, and Spirit have become more vigorous.



Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)


Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Perfection (Golden Core Realm [Special effect: Healing])

Energy: 6819

“en? There is a healing special effect?” Qin Yi looked at the system panel with a look of astonishment.

Originally he thought that after the Literary Art of the fifth layer of the nine doors was fused, maybe a new Literary Art would bring it up a level, for example, to reach the realm of Nascent Soul.

But at present, it is still the fifth layer of Literary Art – the realm of Golden Core.

It’s just one more special effect – healing!

He doesn’t know if other Literary Art cultivation has special effects or anything, but he has now obtained a healing special effect!

“Healing means that after I am injured, it heals faster?” Qin Yi secretly guessed.

How fast is that?

This is an experiment worth testing.

Qin Yi picked up a sharp dagger and slashed at his arm.


A pain came from my arm.

Qin Yi opened a wound three centimeters long and half a centimeter deep.

Blood gushed out immediately.

Right now!

Qin Yi was surprised to find that the azure qi in his body began to mobilize itself and poured into his arm frantically.

Then he found that the pain in his arm began to gradually weaken, and there was also a cold feeling in the wound.

After half a minute, the wound stopped bleeding.

“Is this the healing effect?” Qin Yi clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

It looks really good.

Of course, there was no perverted scene where naked eyes healed. After the wound stopped bleeding, nothing too surprising happened next.

However, after twelve hours, Qin Yi found that the wound had scabbed over.

Scab is a stage in the wound healing process, generally speaking, it takes at least ten days for this kind of large wound to scab! If it was infected, it would have been longer, but now Qin Yi’s wound has scabbed over in just twelve hours.

Second day Early in the morning, Qin Yi found that the wound had healed! The hard scab on the wound fell off as soon as it was torn off, leaving no scar!

“It seems that with a small injury like mine, it can be completely recovered in one day, which is so terrifying!” Qin Yi rejoiced.

If it’s a serious injury, maybe it will be better in five or seven days.

Of course, this is only his unilateral analysis and guess.

“With my current healing ability and strong life force, even if I don’t have the secret medicine to impact Innate, I should be able to!” Qin Yi began to analyze.

The secret medicine for impacting Innate is actually ‘life-saving’.

When the Ninth Stage Martial Artist hits the Innate, he will use the secret skills in an overloaded manner, constantly pushing his own limits. Such overloaded use of the secret skills will cause internal injuries to the body, and even damage to the body. die.

This is why hitting an Innate is such a dangerous thing!

And the secret medicine is used to make you hurt when you hit the Innate and heal the internal injuries of your body!

But now Qin Yi has nine Literary Art in one, and special effects healing, he thinks he can give it a try.

If it doesn’t work on the way when the time comes, just stop.

He had inquired with Li Yayuan before, and the impact on Innate was not a one-step process, but a process of water grinding.

The physical limit needs to be broken a little bit!

“Let’s start now!”

Qin Yi came outside the yard and started practicing the Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art!

“Dragon Elephant Power!”

At present, his physical condition is that he can use the secret technique 30 times a day in a row. If he exceeds 30 times the secret technique, he is overloaded with the secret technique, and the overloaded use of the secret technique will cause his body to suffer internal injuries and dark injuries. .

Even those who are cultivated Ninth Stage martial arts do not dare to overload the use of secret skills, because when the time comes, once the secret skills are overloaded, internal injuries and dark injuries will also occur.

When the time comes, even if these are Ninth Stage Martial Artists who cultivated Ninth Stage martial arts, their fate will be the same as those Martial Artists who cultivated Ninth Stage martial arts and Qin Yi before, Covered with dark wounds and even death.

But now hitting Innate, that’s what it’s going to do!

Only in this way can you break through the limits of your body a little bit by using the secret skills overloaded!

“Thirty times!” Qin Yi slapped it with one palm, having used the secret technique thirty times in a row.

With my stamina, I can also play the secret skill fifteen times in a row!

But these 15 times will cause internal and hidden injuries to my body!

However, this is also a first step to break your own limits.


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