Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 124

“Dragon Elephant Power!”

Fist, Palm, Elbow, Claw, Hook, Kick, Head, Bump, Throw…

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art is no longer limited to a certain offensive. Because it integrates more than a dozen martial arts, the attack methods are very diverse, and every style can use secret skills!

huhuhu โ€ฆ

In the courtyard, the sound of the air vibrating was like thunder.

With every time Qin Yi was overloaded with secret skills, he really felt the changes in his body!

Because of the overloaded use of secret skills, the collapse-style masochism began to appear on muscles, ligaments, skeletons, nerves, etc.

After using the secret technique fifteen times, Qin Yi felt that all the muscles, bones, tendons and meridians in his body were damaged by different degrees of load.

But at this moment, the ‘Qi’ of azure in his body began to repair these damages continuously.

The first day passed like this.

Second day, Qin Yi found out that the bits and pieces had been healed due to the overloaded use of secret skills yesterday.


For the next few days, Qin Yi was overloading the use of secret skills every day, destroying the muscles, bones, muscles and so on.

everyday all is in this forced overload breakthrough, then damage, repair, and so on.

After a few days, Qin Yi can clearly feel that he is breaking the limits of his body little by little, and his muscles, bones and muscles are getting stronger little by little!

“It turns out that this is the breakthrough Innate!” Qin Yi understood.

It’s like a piece of iron, hit until it is deformed, then deformed again, constantly hammers, hundred refinements, it will slowly become steel, steel, it is definitely stronger!

Now, Qin Yi is such a process.

And after the past few days, Qin Yi found that even if he had no secret medicine, he had nine Literary Art, a powerful life force, and the effect of special healing. Repair your daily damage.

If it is replaced by other Ninth Stage Martial Artists who have broken through their own limits without the assistance of the secret medicine, it is estimated that they will be carried up the mountain now to cool down!

In a flash, half a month has passed!

In the yard!

“Dragon Elephant Power!”

Slapped with one palm, a slate all split up and in pieces.

“Phew…” Qin Yi slowly drew back his palm.

“I should have completely become an Innate Martial Artist by now!”

Because he found that no matter how overloaded he used secret skills, his body never suffered internal injuries.

In other words, his current muscles, muscles, and internal organs have completely endured his infinite use of secret skills without internal injuries.

Because your powerful physique can fully support the normal use of secret skills.

Simply put, his physique broke his own limits and reached another level!

Of course, the premise is that your physical strength can support how many times you can play secret skills! impossible Unlimited use of secret skills.

“Now, even if I don’t need a secret skill, my might of a single fist is comparable to when I used a secret skill at the Ninth Stage. If I use the secret skill with Innate Realm’s strength now, the damage will skyrocket. More than twice!” Qin Yi secretly compared in his heart.

He now finally understands why Li Yayuan said before that Innate powerhouse, every gesture, has the formidable power of Ninth Stage Martial Artist’s secret skills, if you use secret skills, it will be even more perverted!

This is just the strength of Martial Artist of Innate First Rank, if it is Innate Fifth Rank, how strong is it?

“I don’t know how much damage I’ll suffer if I use my current Innate physique to use that forbidden technique, Seven Star Gathering?” Qin Yi touched the chin.

First of all, his physique is now stronger than before, and he can carry a larger output of secret skills, plus the nine Literary Art unity, as well as the special effect of healing.

Perhaps, this forbidden skill is now used in his hands, and the price that needs to be paid will be much smaller than before!

“Try it and you’ll know!”

Qin Yi squinted.


Begin to secretly mobilize the strength of the whole body.

Forbidden skill trigger!

โ€œSeven Star Gathering!โ€ Qin Yi loudly shouts.

Suddenly, the blood in the whole body became hot again, the skin of the whole body became red and black, the eyes were congested, and the upper body swelled suddenly, especially the right arm, which became bigger again several times.

Shoot out!


The sound of breaking the air came, and then it exploded!


In the yard, the airflow was surging, and even the doors and windows of the room were slightly blown.

Qin Yi turned pale and retracted his palm.

His right arm had a muscle tear, and his physical strength quickly dropped by half!

There are also several places on the body with tearing and soreness.

“Injured, but not serious!” Qin Yi came to the first judgment.

He has a healing physique, and now this injury is completely acceptable to him.

And after using a forbidden skill, he found that he could continue to fight, but his state strength dropped by about 20%.

“If I’m in peak state, I can use this move ban three times! But after three times, I’ll be exhausted and lose battle strength.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

However, compared to the previous use of a banned skill and being seriously injured, it has been countless times better!

โ€œNow that I have forbidden skills in hand, the general Innate First Rank is not necessarily my opponent.โ€ Qin Yi analyzed in his heart.

While thinking about it, I ran to take a shower, changed my clothes, found a restaurant, and thought about the next plan while eating.

“Now that I’ve been promoted to Innate, I have to think about the next step.”

The next step, of course, is to be promoted to Innate Second Rank!

I heard in auction before, Innate Realm is divided into 1 to Fifth Rank, Fifth Rank is definitely the strongest.

Innate Realm has a corresponding Innate Merit method for breakthrough.

“The Innate Merit Method…”

Now he has two paths!

First, at the auction held by Longevity Society, see if there is any Innate Merit sale! But the Innate Merit method is expensive, and now he doesn’t have enough money.

Second, join the Azure Lotus Sect to create certain value for the other party. It is certainly not difficult to want the Innate Merit method when the time comes.

The former is money, the latter is bondage.

“It’s better to choose the former!” Qin Yi made a decision in his heart.

In fact, he participated in the auction held by the Longevity Society last time, why there was a precious secret medicine that can break through Innate and the more precious Innate Merit method.

In the past, even Ninth Stage martial arts were very cherished, and money could not buy them.

Why do you even have these things now?

Actually, Hui Jing told him that it would be hard to get these things before.

But now that Great Yong is ready to die, many of these things have been left in the rivers and lakes, you don’t care if someone secretly takes it out and sells it, or some are robbed, or what, now these things flow to Among the rivers and lakes, slowly more than before.

This is indeed a boon for an unorthodox Martial Artist like Qin Yi!

Otherwise, as before, it is estimated that only by joining Great Sect will you have the chance to get these things!

“So, I still have to make money!”


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