Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 126

Huang Longhu connected his feet and quickly swept towards Qin Yi.


How fast he rushes, how fast he can fly back!

Huang Longhu just felt that he had just rushed in front of the enemy, he felt a blur, and then he flew out backwards!

When I fell to the ground, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.

“Ninth Stage? Still!” At this moment, Huang Longhu was filled with fear.

I am the strength of Eighth Stage!

One move is defeated!

The whole place is quiet!

None of the gang members dared to step forward to help Huang Longhu.




Qin Yi walked towards Huang Longhu step by step, Huang Longhu struggled and moved back in horror.

“You, don’t come here! You, don’t kill me, say something nice, the backer behind me is Lord Xingwei! If you kill me, you won’t be able to eat and walk around!” Huang In a hurry, Longhu immediately moved out of his backer.

In Yun Prefecture City, many forces, who will not give Feng Shaohui a little face to Xingwei Lord!

However, Qin Yi, as if he didn’t hear it, walked over and picked up Huang Longhu: “Tell me, where is the money from your Dragon-Tiger gang?”


ka-cha ~

Huang Longhu broke an arm, and he screamed.




Huang Longhu screamed again, cold sweat soaking his back.

β€œMy patience is limited!” Qin Yi said indifferently.

“Right, right inside, right inside, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” Huang Longhu no longer had any fears, and the person in front of him was simply hob meat.

He was scared!

Soon, Qin Yi walked in with Huang Longhu.

In a dark compartment in a study, he took out about 120,000 taels of silver.

“Is there any money hidden elsewhere?”

“No, really no more!” Huang Longhu said hurriedly.

“Really gone?”

“I swear, it’s gone!”




Huang Longhu’s hands and feet were broken again.

“ao…!” The scream resounded throughout the Dragon-Tiger gang hall again.

Qin Yi tortured him again, only to let him go after realizing that the other party really didn’t lie.

“Call all the senior members of your gang, and say that the Dragon-Tiger gang is going to change to a new Gang Lord, let them all come over, or take responsibility for the consequences!” Qin Yi said.

“Yes yes yes…”

Huang Longhu was mentioned outside by Qin Yi, he said with a decadent expression: “Come here, call me all the senior members of the gang. Come, the Dragon-Tiger gang starts today, and this hero will inherit the new Gang Lord, whoever does not come, take responsibility for the consequences!”

At this time, he did not dare to be clever, Just do what Qin Yi says obediently and honestly!

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the yard suddenly had different expressions.

“Okay, since you said that your backer is Lord Xing Wei, then you can take me to visit him. I believe he doesn’t mind that Dragon-Tiger has replaced the Gang Lord!” Qin Yi said loudly.

His words were heard by all.

At this time, Huang Longhu’s face became strange when he heard it, but his heart was excited!

Yeah! This person is really too arrogant. He was thinking just now that if Master Xing Wei received wind, when would he come to arrest this daring person, and save himself by the way. He didn’t just arrive, and he wanted to hit the gun himself. mouth!

“Okay, okay, I’ll go with you…”

Qin Yi didn’t know what the other party was thinking?


He mentioned Huang Longhu, jumped up, landed lightly on the roof, and disappeared into the night.


After a while, most of the senior members of the Dragon-Tiger gang came to the main hall of the Dragon-Tiger gang.

Originally, as soon as they heard that Gang Lord was defeated by the strongman and wanted to become the new Gang Lord, they were more or less reluctant to come, and no one knew whether they would kill people, so they planned at first. Wait and see, because they know that the Dragon-Tiger gang is not really powerful, Lord Gang, but Lord Xing Wei behind him.

But when they heard the gang who came to report that the strongman brought Huang Longhu to find Lord Xing Wei, they were not calm.

No matter what the strongman wants to do, there are only two results at this time. First, that person angered the lord and was killed by the lord Xing Wei. Huang Longhu is still Gang Lord.

Secondly, the strongman convinced Lord Xing Wei that he became the new Gang Lord.

So, they just waited quietly in the main hall for the result.

It’s not good if they don’t show up in this situation!


In a mansion.

Ma Shaohui was planning to fight mosquitoes with his new concubine in the study just now, but he didn’t expect such a good mood to be disturbed!

Someone from the Dragon-Tiger gang came to report that someone had defeated Huang Longhu and threatened to be the new Gang Lord of the Dragon-Tiger gang.

“It’s really trash!” Ma Shaohui cursed angrily.

He’s going to have one of his guards take someone to the Dragon-Tiger gang!

Just as he was about to speak, a voice came from far and near.

“Dragon-Tiger helped Gang Lord Qin Sheng come to visit Ma Shaohui!”

“So brave! How dare you break into Xing Wei’s house at night, and dare to call our family a secret name , it’s really courting death!”


peng peng peng!

Ma Shaohui in the house listened to the conversation outside, and then he listened To the outside speed collision sound.

However, after three beeps, there is no more movement outside!

“Have your two personal bodyguards dealt with the coming?” Ma Shaohui secretly said in one’s heart.

He didn’t expect that this guy named Qin Sheng would dare to spy on his Dragon-Tiger gang, and he dared to come to his door. He was really daring!

He walked out quickly and saw a scene that stunned him!

My two personal bodyguards, Li Er and Li Sanliang, were lying on the ground at this time, not knowing whether they were alive or dead!

You must know that these two guards were given to him by his cousin Ma Shaopeng. They are not weak in the Ninth Stage. It seemed that they were solved in just two strokes? !

“Quick, come and protect Mr. Xing Wei!”

At this time, the nurses in the front yard were all rushing in with those weapons. However, when Ma Shaohui stopped him, he knew that these nursing homes were useless in the face of such experts.

“It seems that you are Ma Shaohui, Mr. Ma, right? I introduce myself, my name is Qin Sheng, I heard that Huang Longhu is your man, but he was accidentally killed by me, starting today Dragon-Tiger helps me to be the new Gang Lord, don’t you mind?” Qin Yi threw Huang Longhu’s head in front of Ma Shaohui, indifferently said.

Ma Shaohui’s eyelids twitched, he has never seen such a strong person!

This person in front of me clearly knows that he is Lord Xing Wei, and that his cousin is still an adult who joined the army. He dares to come to do this. It seems that the other party is very confident and has no fear!

This Qin Sheng just took care of his two Ninth Stage guards just now. Could it be that…

Is it Innate?

It was the pressure the other party put on him. He only felt it from his cousin, because his cousin was also Innate!

Thinking of this, a smile suddenly appeared on his face: “Of course I don’t mind, I believe the Dragon-Tiger gang will be better under your leadership, Young Brother Qin!”



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