Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 127

In the entire Yun Prefecture government system, his cousin, Innate, knows very well how powerful the Innate expert is!

Innate expert, don’t mess with it!

Unless you can kill him, if you let him escape, then you will face endless targets.

Your family, your clansman, and even you, can’t escape his revenge!

If it is in the field and on the flat ground, Innate expert is also at risk when facing the army besieged.

But the Innate expert is in the city, there are too many houses and too many obstacles, the most effective bow and arrow siege against the Innate expert, for them, the formidable power is greatly weakened. People can use these houses and alleys to hide, and they can avoid most of the arrow rain.

After you rushed in, they moved to other places with ease.

As for the high city wall at the feet of others, it is like walking on the ground, just leave if you want!

Therefore, when he faced Qin Sheng, who was most likely Innate, he would not be evil!

Even, we have to make friends!

The Dragon-Tiger gang is nothing but a tool for him to make money, and Huang Longhu is just one of his dogs, he will die if he dies.

No harm to him!

Qin Yi saw that Ma Shaohui was so knowledgeable, he was not good at continuing to overbearing.

Mixing the rivers and lakes is the way of the world.

“Then I will borrow Mr. Ma’s auspicious words!” Qin Yi smiled faintly.

“Then, this Qin will go back first, and Dragon-Tiger will help you in the future, everything will be business as usual!”

“Haha, good good! I meet Young Brother Qin It’s too late, if there is a chance, let’s have a meal together another day and have a good chat.” Ma Shaohui saw Qin Yi also back down, which made him calm.

To be honest, he was afraid that the other party would end him just now.

This kind of expert, kill him and then run elsewhere, who will avenge him?

Since everyone is making money now, of course this is the best!

“Okay!” Qin Yi nodded, tiptoe a little, and disappeared in place.

After seeing that Qin Yi was gone, Ma Shaohui hurried over to check the injuries of his two guards, and found that they were both fainted and not dead.

“It seems that someone should be sent to investigate this Qin Sheng!”


In the Dragon-Tiger gang headquarters.

A Vice-Gang Leader, eight Hall Masters, and sixteen deacons are all here waiting for news.

“Vice-Gang Leader, you said that the strongman went to find Lord Xingwei, did he have his forehead caught? I really don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!” said a Hall Master.

“Whether he is mentally ill or not, it is undoubtedly the best news for us.” Vice-Gang Leader Liu Zhitang said solemnly.

“Yes, no matter what the result is later, as long as we don’t jump out, everything is fine!”

A group of people are discussing in a low voice.

But they all thought that the person who went to see Master Xingwei was simply courting death!

Suddenly, one silhouette fell in the courtyard of the main hall.

It immediately attracted the attention of countless people!

“It seems that the top management of the Dragon-Tiger gang is here. Yes, they are very obedient.” Qin Yi said lightly.

“Your Excellency is…” Liu Zhitang walked out quickly and asked.

He didn’t see Huang Longhu’s appearance, he responded quickly and looked humble.

At this time, everyone’s expressions suddenly changed.

This person can come back safely from the prison officer, and Huang Longhu, who went with him, did not come back, so the result can be imagined!

Dragon-Tiger gang, things are really going to change!

“My name is Qin Sheng, and from now on, I will be your new Gang Lord! As for Huang Longhu, I have already solved it, and Lord Ma is also very supportive of me being the Gang Lord of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. , so, now what do you think of me being the new Gang Lord? Who is against it?” Qin Yi looked at everyone with a smile.

After everyone got the final confirmation, they all had different expressions.


They are all shocked by unity!

“Pay respects to Gang Lord Qin!” Liu Zhitang responded the fastest, kneeling down to show his loyalty.

The rest of the Hall Masters scolded the old fox for being really quick when they saw this, but they all knelt down to meet Qin Yi one by one.

β€œpay respects to Gang Lord Qin!”

Everyone knelt down to pay homage to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi is very satisfied to see this!

No one will use his own life to test his bottom line!

In the face of strength, all crafty plots and machinations are useless.

Soon, Qin Yi let in Old He and Old Liu who were waiting outside.

In the lobby.

β€œFrom today onwards, this He Hongjun and this Liu Chongjie are your new Vice-Gang Leaders. As for Liu Zhitang, you should be an Elder, and the rest of the senior positions will remain unchanged. From now on, if I’m not in the gang, all orders are obeyed by these two Vice-Gang Leaders, do you understand?” Qin Yi said solemnly.

“I understand!” Everyone said in unison.

The three new officials took office, and they didn’t dare to pick on them.

Next, Qin Yi briefly understood the industry chain of the Dragon-Tiger gang.

In addition to the more profitable casinos and hook bars, it is not bad to do business of escort bureaus.

The entire Dragon-Tiger gang, with thousands of gang members, has quite a large monthly flow of funds, but also a lot of expenses.

After deducting the salaries of the gang members, the dividends of the top members of the gang, and various expenses within the gang, the money that finally fell into the hands of the original Huang Longhu every month was about 20,000 or two a month.

Among them, 10,000 taels will be given to honor that Ma Shaohui.

That is to say, when the time comes Qin Yi will have about 10,000 silver tael in his hands in a month!

In fact, more than 10,000 taels a month is a lot.

But since I went to the Longevity Society’s auction, it’s always 70,000, 80,000, 100,000, 200,000, which is really not a lot!

“Fortunately, we have collected 120,000 taels from Huang Longhu’s private treasury, and the remaining 20,000 taels of Dragon-Tiger’s help this month, excluding the need to give that Ma Shaohui 10,000 taels of dividends. , plus I originally had more than 10,000 taels left, and now I am close to 150,000 taels! After saving for a while, I can also bid for an Innate Merit method!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

The last Innate Merit method was auctioned for 220,000 taels!

In other words, if he encounters the Innate Merit method next time, he will have to prepare at least 200,000 taels before bidding.

“Old He, come in, there is something you need to do.”

“Gang Lord, what’s the matter?” He Hongjun asked.

“Ask the people in the gang to inquire. Does anyone in Yun Prefecture understand the script of the Xuanhan Dynasty? Immediately report the news to me.” Qin Yi said.

He didn’t forget that his own dao chart still had hundreds of words of text from the Xuanhan Dynasty. I don’t know if it was Literary Art cultivation technique or something else.

He always has to figure it out!

Now that I have time, of course I have to do some research!

“Okay Gang Lord, I’ll do it now.” He Hongjun resigned and went to arrange it immediately.


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