Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 128

Then Qin Yi called Liu Chongjie in again, and after giving him some instructions about the gang, Qin Yi said: “Old Liu, there is one more thing you need to do!”

“Gang Lord please speak.” Liu Chongjie smiled hehe.

“Send someone to keep an eye on the auction of the Fuli Auction House in the city to see if there is an auction with the Innate Merit method. If so, let me know in advance!” Qin Yi instructed.

The rich Auction House, which is the Auction House he went to last time.

This Auction House now has auctions held every day, but they are all small auctions. Like the last auction with many heavyweight treasures, there is only one auction per month or only one auction every few months. .

“Ok Gang Lord, I will send someone to pay attention.” Liu Chongjie nodded.

“Well, let’s go.”

second day afternoon.

Qin Yi is practicing the Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art in the backyard of the Dragon-Tiger gang.

Suddenly, he seemed to feel as if he was idle!

Since crossing, he has been avoiding military disasters and has been eager to become stronger.

Up to now, finally being promoted to Innate, can be regarded as having a certain self-protection power.

Now it can be considered far away from the disaster of war, and it can be considered that the troubled times can arbitrarily control his own life.

“Gang Lord, your invitation!” Liu Chongjie eagerly ran in and handed a gilded invitation.

Qin Yi took a look at it, and the signature was the invitation card of that Xing Wei Ma Shaohui!

Opening the contents is that the other party invited Qin Yi to dinner tonight at the Heavenly Immortal building in the city.

“Gang Lord, are you going? Could it be a feast at hongmen?” Liu Chongjie said.

β€œIs it a feast at hongmen, you will know if you go there?” Qin Yi laughed.

Actually, he doesn’t think this Ma Shaohui dares to feast at hongmen, unless he is not afraid of death and wants to fight with himself!

Into the night.

Qin Yi took Liu Chongjie to the Heavenly Immortal building.

Heavenly Immortal Building is said to be the largest restaurant in Yun Prefecture. It is said that Boss is a retired royal chef, and the dishes he makes are absolutely superb!

Qin Yi came to the box named Shuiyunjian.

Knock on the door.

“But Gang Lord Qin is here? Come in!”

In the box, Ma Shaohui’s voice came.

Qin Yi opened the door, and sure enough he saw Ma Shaohui!

However, he also saw another person beside Ma Shaohui!

He is a middle-aged man with a strong face and no anger.

“I have seen Mr. Ma.” Qin Yi came in, cupped the hands.

“Haha, Gang Lord Qin doesn’t need to be polite, sit down quickly.” Ma Shaohui greeted warmly.

As for Liu Chongjie, he was waiting outside the door.

“deference is no substitute for obedience.”

After sitting down, Qin Yi looked towards the man next to Ma Shaohui and asked, “Master Ma, I don’t know who this guy is. Is it?”

“Gang Lord Qin, let me introduce to you, this is my cousin Ma Shaopeng, who joined the army in Yun Prefecture.” Ma Shaohui introduced.

“Brother, this is the Qin Sheng Gang Lord Qin I mentioned to you before.”

“It turned out to be Lord Jun! I’ve seen Lord Ma.” Qin Yi narrowed his eyes , smiled and bowed his hands again. No wonder he felt an extremely strong energy looking at him as soon as he came in.

It turned out to be the Yun Prefecture military officer!

This is Yun Prefecture’s pivotal figure!

And, an Innate! This is the news Qin Yi inquired before.

After Ma Shaopeng looked at Qin Yi, he had already confirmed in his heart that the person in front of him was definitely Innate! Because, when he was looking at the other party just now, he suddenly felt a sense of danger.

Ninth Stage Martial Artist, can’t give him that feeling.

This kind of intuition is an instinctive talent formed by him fighting for many years on the battlefield.

“Gang Lord Qin, I heard my cousin talk about you before, saying that you are already an Innate expert at a young age. When I see you today, Heroes come out from the Youth!” Ma Shaopeng said with a smile.

When Ma Shaohui next to him saw that his cousin had confirmed that the other party was Innate, he secretly squeezed sweat in his heart.

Although his cousin is an adult who joined the army in Yun Prefecture, he is also a peer-to-peer fellow in the face of Innate of the same rank.

Next, the two sides were all talking about business for a while.

“Gang Lord Qin, I don’t know where your apprenticeship is?” Ma Shaopeng asked very curiously.

The other party looks like he’s only in his twenties, but he has the strength of Innate. This enchanting innate talent cannot be justified if he is not a direct descendant of a certain Great Sect!

“There is one scattered person in Xiajianghu.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

“Gang Lord Qin doesn’t want to say it or not. I just think that you have already set foot in Innate at such a young age. I thought it was Disciple, the direct descendant of a hidden Great Sect!” Ma Shaopeng couldn’t believe it. Qin Yi’s words. He asked people to investigate this person named Qin Sheng. Due to the lack of time, he only knew that they were from Qing State, and he didn’t know the rest.

“I’m really a straggler. It’s just by chance that I got a Ninth Stage martial arts, and I’m able to break through Innate after practicing.” Qin Yi said half true half false.

Breakthrough after practicing…

This made Ma Shaopeng and Ma Shaohui twitch at the corners of their mouths.

fuck ……

Ma Shaopeng he is now forty-five years old, he has had a breakthrough innate for five years, he is forty years old and a breakthrough innate, he thinks he is already an innate talent is evil.

But look at this guy in front of you…

constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry!

Looking at the expressions of the two, Qin Yi said sincerely: “Really, I didn’t lie to you, I heard that Mr. Ma is also an Innate, I would like to ask some information about Innate! I don’t know. Sir Ma, can you explain a thing or two to this Qin?”

“You ask~” Ma Shaopeng frowned, not knowing whether the other party was telling the truth or a lie.

“What’s the difference between Innate Merit and First Rate martial arts? I heard before that breakthrough Innate Second Rank requires Innate Merit. Is this true?” Qin Yi asked.

Seeing Qin Yi’s serious face and not appearing to be lying, Ma Shaopeng was a little surprised.

In fact, he is also considered an unorthodox breakthrough Innate!

His father was originally a general in the frontier army, but later died in battle. Because of the great credit, the Imperial Court awarded a Ninth Stage martial arts to their family.

Ma Shaopeng has been a Ninth Stage martial arts of cultivation since he was a child.

Six years ago, he made a great contribution, so he exchanged a secret medicine for breakthrough Innate from the Imperial Court, so five years ago, with his talent, he successfully broke through Innate!

And, three months ago, he caught an Innate Merit from an auction held by the Longevity Society! Before it was changed, he didn’t dare to think about it.

Because you want to get an Innate Merit method from the Imperial Court, you don’t have to get a lot of credit?

“This is true, in order to break through Innate Second Rank, you must have Innate Merit method to support breakthrough! As for the difference between Innate Merit method and First Rate martial arts? That is, Innate Merit method can break through To Innate Second Rank, even the high-level Innate Merit method can break through to Innate Fifth Rank, while First Rate martial arts, breakthrough to Innate First Rank, is useless.” Ma Shaopeng introduced.

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