Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 129

“Actually, there are two very important prerequisites for breakthrough Innate Second Rank!” Ma Shaopeng said solemnly.

“What conditions?” Qin Yi suddenly became curious.

“This is also the information I saw on the cultivation technique after I bought the Innate Merit method. First, Literary Art had better break through to the Golden Core Realm and then hit the Innate Second Rank. And the cultivation technique A senior above recorded that the higher the Literary Art cultivation base than the Golden Core Realm, the higher the impact Innate Second Rank success rate! Because the Innate stage, the later the realm, the higher the breakthrough failure rate, said To be honest, Ninth Stage breakthrough to Innate First Rank is the easiest!”

“Second, Innate First Rank breakthrough Innate Second Rank still requires a secret medicine to assist breakthrough, this secret medicine is called Innate Limitbreak Pill! The better the grade, the better the effect.”

Qin Yi’s heart moved after hearing this.

Sure enough, Innate breakthrough still needs the assistance of secret medicine.

As for the rigid requirements of Literary Art, Qin Yi actually has a guess now that Literary Art can guarantee and protect the body, so the higher the Literary Art cultivation base, the more favorable it is for breakthrough.

His previous Ninth Stage breakthrough Innate First Rank was because of the integration of nine fifth layer Literary Art, and even the secret medicine was successful, which is a good proof!

“The above are the differences between the Innate Merit method and the breakthrough Innate Second Rank. There is another difference between the Innate Merit method and the Ninth Stage martial arts, which is that the Martial Artist of Innate First Rank has two strengths. The first, is the Ninth Stage Martial Artist breakthrough to Innate First Rank, without the cultivation Innate Merit method, the strength is relatively weak in the Innate First Rank.”

“The other is Innate with the cultivated Innate Merit method. , Because of the cultivated Innate Merit method, their physical limit will get a small breakthrough limit again, plus the secret skill in the Innate Merit method has greater formidable power, so the strength is stronger!” Ma Shaopeng said.

Qin Yi was both surprised and delighted when he heard it.

It seems that he used the forbidden technique to make his physical limit reach a small breakthrough limit again. That is to say, his current physique is definitely the existence of Peak in the Innate First Rank.

What is missing, is the secret skill of Innate Merit method?

However, he has forbidden skills!

In other words, he is now among the Martial Artists of the Innate First Rank, very strong!

“many thanks Mr. Ma for clearing up this Qin, I’ll give you a toast!” Qin Yi picked up a glass of wine, opened the mouth and said.

As the so-called three-person walk, there must be my teacher, and this time’s thanks to him is sincere.

“Haha, Gang Lord Qin is very polite, let’s go!” Ma Shaopeng also raised his glass with a smile.

Through the conversation at this time, he knew that maybe this Qin Sheng was born from unorthodox. Thinking of this, they both have something in common.

Wine has three dishes and five flavors.

β€œMaster Ma, how much do you know about the Longevity Society?” Qin Yi asked.

“Longevity Society?” Ma Shaopeng’s face suddenly became serious.

“To be honest, I have also investigated, but there is no news from the investigation. It seems that it has only appeared in the past year. Have you been to the auction held by it?”

“I’ve been there.”

“Anyway, it’s mysterious!”

The two chatted for a while, and after the meal was over, the two of them had a good conversation.

It was late at night.

In the room, Qin Yi sorted out the information he had inquired about today, and he felt that he had gained a lot.

“Breakthrough Innate Second Rank, it’s better to reach Golden Core Realm! I am the realm of Golden Core now, not the normal Golden Core! But if I want to break through Innate Second Rank in the future, if not then With the support of Innate Limitbreak Pill, my Literary Art realm is far from enough!” Qin Yi slightly frowned.

Because he doesn’t dare to gamble! At least, at least Nascent Soul starts, if it can be higher, it will be even better.

“But I only have fifth layer in Literary Art now, and the cultivation is over…”

“But there is an unknown cultivation technique in my dao chart that hasn’t been translated yet, in case Is it the follow-up of Literary Art?”

The translation thing has already been searched for, I believe it is only a matter of time.

But the Innate Merit method, at present, can only pass the auction of Longevity Society!

But for money!

According to the last known price, an Innate Merit method would cost more than 200,000 yuan.

He is still a shortfall of about 100,000 taels.

Now Dragon-Tiger helps him get more than 10,000 yuan every month.

It takes half a year to save!

“It’s too long, I can’t wait that long.” Qin Yi touched the chin .

The key is to wait until he saves enough money, what if there is not necessarily an Innate Merit auction?

He wouldn’t dare to gamble!

So, the sooner you can get money, the better.

β€œRob the rich to help the poor?”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered the Golden Alliance.

Since Xiangzhou and Qing State have their strongholds, it stands to reason that Yun Prefecture should have them too. After all, they are for business and impossible.

Then the question is, how can we find them?

These Golden Alliance’s businesses are all secretly controlled, and he can’t go to the shops to ask questions! How many shops are there in the city?

“Wait a minute, although Golden Alliance does a lot of smuggling business, the business is ultimately inseparable from warehouses and caravan logistics. If I look for these two aspects, say There may be clues!” Qin Yi divine light flashed.

Before, he was found and hunted down.

Now, he should also take the initiative!

He doesn’t have any psychological burden for robbing the enemy’s money.


second day.

Qin Yi called the leader of the gang, Old Liu Zhitang.

“Elder Liu, how many large caravans are there in the Yun Prefecture city?”

“Large caravans?” Liu Zhitang was taken aback.

“Yes, there seem to be three or four, I don’t pay much attention to this aspect, I, I will send someone to inquire about it?”

“Yes! There is another one If you want to do things, that is to ask people to find out how many large Trading Company warehouses there are in the city, and after inquiring clearly, let them record them for me.” Qin Yi instructed.

“Yes, yes, I will definitely do it as soon as possible.” Liu Zhitang patted his chest and assured.

This trivial matter, he must do it well and quickly, and it will definitely leave a bad impression on the Gang Lord.

“Well, let’s go.”

In the evening.

Liu Zhitang respectfully came to Qin Yi with a piece of paper.

“Lord Gang, I have asked you all about it, and it’s all written down on the paper.”

“Well, Elder Liu has worked hard.” Qin Yi took the paper.

“It’s not hard, it’s not hard.” Liu Zhitang waved his hand hurriedly.

“If you have nothing to do, you should leave first.”

“Yes, Lord Gang.”

After the other party left, Qin Yi looked at up.

There are three large caravans in the city.

These caravans are caravans that pass through the county and the state, and there are also many shops in the city of Trading Company.

In addition, there are more than 20 large warehouses in the city…

“I’ll check it out tonight, I hope it won’t be useless.” Qin Yi put away the paper, secretly said in one’s heart.


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