Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 130


It was late at night.

Dragon’s Might Caravan Headquarters.

In a study.

“Master Xu Hall, this time we want to buy 5,000 sets of armor, 1,000 bows, 100,000 arrows, 3,000 lances, and 5,000 standard long knives, you can buy within half a month. Send to Nandu County in Yun Prefecture?” Gu Fengyan asked indifferently.

Xu Zhichen looked at the Innate expert of the Yellow Turban Sect in front of him, his face was neither humble nor arrogant: “Senior Gu, I’m afraid this is a bit difficult, we are out of stock in several nearby states. Your sect is going to be in Yun Prefecture. To buy so many weapons, we can’t transfer the goods, we can only ship them from the Siron Empire on the west side, it is estimated that it will take two months at the earliest!”

In fact, what he said was true. .

There are rebels everywhere in Great Yong now, and these are their big clients.

In addition, many Great Families and wealthy people are also hoarding weapons to protect themselves.

Therefore, the current weapons category is really in short supply!

Even some ambitious people have come to the door to buy a batch of weapons.

“Two months?” Gu Fengyan brows tightly frowns.

“Yes, Senior Gu.” Xu Zhichen said with a smile.

Just when Gu Fengyan was about to speak again, suddenly his ears moved and his eyes looked towards the courtyard outside the study, indifferently said: “Master Xu Hall, your Golden Alliance has an Innate expert in Yun Prefecture? “

? ? ?

“No! Generally, our Golden Alliance does not hold major events, and generally there is no Innate expert coming to sit in a certain state!” Xu Zhichen looked astonished, could it be…

” It seems that the visitor is not good!”

Gu Fengyan had already drifted outside before he finished speaking.

In the courtyard.

Qin Yi and Gu Fengyan looked at each other.

Gu Fengyan looked at the black clothed person with his face covered, and asked coldly, “Who is Your Excellency? Why did you break into this place without authorization?”

“Isn’t this the Zhou Mansion? “Qin Yi was taken aback.

“No!” Gu Fengyan squinted.

“Excuse me, I’ve made a mistake in the house, I’m leaving!” Qin Yi turned around and left.

Just as Qin Yi turned around and took a step, a cold voice came from behind him.

“I heard our conversation just now, do you still want to leave? Why don’t you stay!”

The sound of banging and breaking the air came from behind.

“I knew you would sneak attack!” Qin Yi turned around like lightning and shot it with one palm!


“Dragon Elephant Power!”


It’s like two big bronze bells colliding , made a deafening muffled sound.


Qin Yi, who was shaken by a huge force, stepped back, leaving seven or eight deep footprints.


The back was against the wall before he stopped.


The wall behind him has cracks in the spider web.

A short head.


A palm sank into the wall where his head was just now, and when he pulled it out, the gravel splashed and the wall collapsed.

“Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!”

Qin Yi quickly moved to one side.

But that silhouette is still like a shadow.

Boom bang bang!

The long wall was all beaten up by Gu Fengyan.


Qin Yi was shaken back again, his palms were numb.

“So you are a little Innate who hasn’t cultivated the Innate Merit method! It seems that you won’t be able to leave tonight.” Gu Fengyan showed a grim smile on his face.

Through just a few fights between the two sides.

Gu Fengyan has come to the conclusion that the opponent’s secret technique formidable power is several times worse than the secret technique of Innate Merit!

This is also the reason why he can stabilize Qin Yi at first!

Qin Yi complexion sank.

It is true that the other party’s analysis is correct!

When he fought just now, he could clearly feel that his strength and speed were similar to the opponent’s.

But the opponent’s secret technique formidable power is much stronger than his secret technique formidable power, so he suffered a loss at the first move. After the First Move fell behind, he fell into the disadvantage again and again!

“Innate!” Xu Zhichen ran outside the house and saw two people fighting in the yard, pupils shrank.

In the field.

Qin Yi frequently used the movement method secret technique, trying not to take the opponent’s attack hard.

If he hits hard at every move, it won’t take long for him to get hurt!

At this moment, he finally knew the strength of Ma Shaopeng Innate, the gap was a bit big.

This is still the level of his physique and the physique of the enemy in front of him.

If he is the kind of ordinary Ninth Stage breakthrough to the physique level of Innate First Rank, it is estimated that he will be abolished if he can’t hold ten moves.

“You can’t hold dozens of tricks in my hands without the cultivation Innate Merit method. This is the first time I’ve seen it. But do you think you can hold on forever?” Gu Fengyan joked.

Gu Fengyan took a deep breath, his eyes widened, and his two arms swelled up suddenly.

Especially the two palms, as if blowing up a balloon!

“2nd layer destroys the heart!”


The eight palm shadows completely blocked Qin Yi’s retreat!

Qin Yi’s eyelids jumped!

Can’t hide!

Then face the wind!

“Seven Star Gathering!”

Qin Yi stepped back with his right foot, the floor shattered suddenly, and he moved towards the opponent and slammed into it.

His upper body suddenly swelled up, and his arms suddenly grew as big as the other!

The palm shadows on both sides are interlaced and then dissipated.

Next moment, the palms of both sides have been imprinted in each other’s palm prints at some point!


It was as if two trains collided, making an eardrum tingling sound.

The air centered on the two of them seemed to have been shaken into a vacuum to resist, only the periphery of the courtyard was all around, and there was a dusty picture.


Gu Fengyan felt a pain in his arms, he found that his arms had been bent, he felt like his palms were hitting an iron wall, and this iron The wall also moved towards him pressing down!


Gu Fengyan was smashed and slid backwards.

The soles of the feet were suddenly flattened and broken, and the bare feet were plowed on the slate, the slate was broken, and the soil was dug out.

“How is it possible!”

In that confrontation just now, he was injured! He felt that his arms were fractured and bent, and his body was also sweetened by the huge impact’s throat, and blood almost spurted out, but he forcibly swallowed it.

“Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!”

While he’s sick!

Gu Fengyan, who hasn’t slipped to stop, saw Qin Yi bumped again, he pupils shrank!

He stabbed the ground behind his feet, forcibly stopping his figure.

But Qin Yi also posted it in front of him!

“Seven Star Gathering!” Qin Yi’s upper body and arms swelled again, and the palm shadow of death enveloped Gu Fengyan again!

“2nd layer destroys the heart!” Gu Fengyan gritted his teeth and used his secret technique again.

But due to his hasty holding back, and his body and arms were injured to varying degrees, this move Innate secret skill is at least 30% weaker than before!


Palm shadow staggers.


Finally, the originally curved arms were finally punched into a concave shape by Qin Yi’s palm!

Gu Fengyan was finally unable to resist this enormous force, and forcibly was smashed and flew out!


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