Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 131

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Gu Fengyan, who fell to the ground, vomited blood, but still struggled very quickly, trying to escape!

Although he is injured, he still has the ability to escape!

However, Qin Yi will not give him this chance!

Just when the other party just fell to the ground, Qin Yi had already posted it again.

Gu Fengyan, who had just jumped up, was hit by Qin Yi’s back vest.


Gu Fengyan turned his face to the ground, sliding fiercely on the floor for a long distance, pulling out a long bloodstain!

The next second, a foot stepped on his calf.


“ao!” Gu Fengyan’s scream resounded throughout the Dragon’s Might caravan headquarters!

After a while, Gu Fengyan’s limbs were interrupted by Qin Yi, making the other party lose the ability to move.


Xu Zhichen saw that Gu Fengyan, who had the upper hand, was suddenly knocked to the ground by three or two blows, making him unable to react!

This reversal is too fast!



Xu Zhichen turned and ran without the slightest hesitation.

Just as he had just escaped several dozen meters, a strange voice sounded behind him.

“Can you escape?”

Innate’s speed and Ninth Stage’s speed are simply not the same level!

The voice behind made Xu Zhichen hair stand on end.

Escape, there is no escape!

He clenched the teeth, turned around, and shot.

“Twin Dragons Rise From The Sea!”

His fists turned into two shadow beams, hitting the shadow behind him like a cannonball.

However, the next second his face changed suddenly!

Because, it’s empty!

At this moment, a palm suddenly appeared in his sight.

“Not good!”

Raise your hand.


However, his consciousness kept up, but his hand speed didn’t keep up.

The palm of his hand seemed to be fast-forwarding, crossing space and time, and a light palm was printed on his shoulder.

That’s a creepy feeling!


Ripped shoulders and broken bones.

Xu Zhichen smashed into a warehouse.

Just landed.


He felt like his legs had been broken!


Qin Yi mentioned that Xu Zhichen came to Gu Fengyan, who was beaten up, and left him aside.

At this time, the little guys at the Dragon’s Might caravan headquarters saw that their Hall Masters were all crippled, and they all scattered like birds and beasts.

Although Gu Fengyan was seriously injured and his limbs were crippled, he still did not die. The physique of Innate Martial Artist is much stronger than that of Ninth Stage Martial Artist.

“What is the secret technique you used just now? How could it be so strong!” Gu Fengyan gnashing teeth asked.

That blow is almost as formidable power as Innate Second Stage expert’s blow.

He doesn’t believe how an Innate First Rank can trigger such a blow!

“A secret skill!” Qin Yi grinned.

“Could it be that you practiced the advanced Innate Merit method and deliberately hid your clumsiness?” Gu Fengyan thought of a possibility! For example, the other party has a high-level Innate Merit method that can cultivate to Innate fourth rank or Fifth Rank. The secret skills of this Innate Merit method are often stronger than the general Innate Merit method!

“I don’t have time to tell you this, now, you’d better tell me your Innate Merit method obediently and honestly, or I’ll make you regret coming in this world!” Qin Yi showed an expression of harmless to humans and animals.

“hmph, the old man is now defeated in your hands, you can kill or cut it as you please, but you can’t get anything of value from me!” Gu Fengyan finished speaking, a pair of Eyes closed waiting to die.

“Well, it’s very tough, I hope you can be so tough later!” Qin Yi escaped from the two daggers and started the ancestral deboning operation again.


“Stop it! Give me a treat!”

“You bastard, stop it!”

“I’ll tell you, even if you delayed me, I won’t tell you!”

At this time, Xu Zhichen, who was lying on the side, saw such a cruel scene, his face changed. Shi Bai, I was afraid that the other party would do this kind of operation to me later.

But when he thought about it, he didn’t seem to have any good cultivation techniques, so he couldn’t help but relax.

Five minutes later.


Qin Yi suddenly found that he was deboning and tickling, and suddenly this person stopped moving!

He reached out and touched the other’s heart.

No more.


He pried open the other party’s mouth, but he didn’t find any poison sac or anything!

“How the hell did it die?” Qin Yi brows tightly frowns.

He recalled the deboning process just now. It seemed like a minute or two ago, this man’s face suddenly turned red and black!

At that time, he thought that the other party’s face turned red and black because of the pain, and it was estimated that there must be something strange!

“Self-broken heart?”

He checked again and found that this probability was the greatest.

But Qin Yi, he is also Innate’s strength now, and he can’t cut his heart by himself!

Or does this person have any secret technique to cut off the heart?

Anyway, now an Innate Merit method is gone!

Actually, Qin Yi didn’t find the secrets of the Innate Merit method on the other party just now, so he knew that it would be difficult to obtain the Innate Merit method from the other party.

Forcing the cultivation technique is different, it is impossible to get started with cultivation without knowing whether it is true or not.

A few wrong words will make this cultivation technique incomplete!

At this time, when Xu Zhichen saw Qin Yi turned his head and looked towards him, his face turned green!

“Big brother, hero, hero, spare your life! I, I don’t want to die, I’ll tell you anything you want to ask!” Xu Zhichen’s desire to survive was very strong.

If it wasn’t for his hands and feet being crippled, he probably would have knelt down for Qin Yi.

“You are from the Golden Alliance?” Qin Yi squinted.

The Innate who just died should be an Innate from a certain teacher.

“Yes, yes, I’m the Hall Master from the Golden Alliance Yun Prefecture. My name is Xu Zhichen.” Xu Zhichen said hurriedly.

“Who taught that Innate just now?”

“His name is Gu Fengyan, from Yellow Turban Sect.”

“Well, very good, Tell me, how many banknotes do your Golden Alliance have in the city, and where are they hidden? How many warehouses does your Golden Alliance have in the city, and what are they holding?” Qin Yi said solemnly.

I didn’t expect to hit a big fish tonight!

I believe that the harvest tonight will not be small.

“Master, after I tell you, can you spare my life? I, I am willing to be a henchman for you!” Xu Zhichen said flatteringly.

“Look at how frank you are, if I gain a lot, I don’t mind spare your life and let you follow me.” Qin Yi said softly with a smile.

“Xie Daxia, Xie Daxia, I still have the current liquidity of Yun Prefecture Golden Alliance…” Then Xu Zhichen told everything he knew without omission and in detail.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to get the money first!” Qin Yi took Xu Zhichen and left.

After half an hour.

Qin Yi successfully got the bank note of 150,000 taels. This is still half a month ago Golden Alliance shipped a batch of payment to the headquarters, otherwise Qin Yi is estimated to get more!

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